Transmuting Satanic Ritual Super Bowl Halftime Show With First Time Ever Aired Siobhan O’Brien’s Song America and Nick Alvear’s Song The Wonder God Wins Super Bowl 2022 With Scott Bartle & Deborah Pietsch 

 February 13, 2022

By  ScottyB

Segment 4 of 6 for "God Wins Super Bowl 2022 ~ Humanity Goes On The Offense" Shiobhan O'Brien Allows Us to Air For the First Time Ever, Her New Song, "America"! And Nick Alvear Shares His Song, "The Wonder"! 

ENERGY is a vitally important element of our existence to pay attention to. We must look at the vibration and frequency of everything at this point, and utilize our deep discernment - with out personal filters and beliefs - in order to really grasp the ESSENCE of something. So much is distorted and being used as TRICKERY and DISINFORMATION. The energy of a dark arts ritual has a low density vibration AND much more.  How we're going to move out of all of this dark agenda throughout the world is with Light and Love... Love is the most powerful force / energy on the planet. So during the halftime ritual we are gathered as a Unified Field of Light & Love to Counter the darkness as a protocol of Light!

During the Halftime show we engaged in prayer, transmuting of energies, music and Activating Light Codes. 

Deb does a prayer to transmute the energies of the dark forces, casting out the evil and an Activation of Light. She also talks about the different ways people open a prayer and why she includes the Divine Feminine and not just Divine Masculine. The expression of Love from the purity of one's heart is the most important element, which is what Jesus has communicated with her recently as part of a book she's writing. "I want people to create an echo chamber of love". That's more easily said than done right now as there are so many divisive measures and technology being used to separate us from each other, as well as trying to usurp God and replace that with a dark agenda of Satanic worship. 

Overall Description of the 5 hour Live Broadcast "God Wins Super Bowl 2022"

It’s Time… For Humanity to go on the OFFENSE with all of the Evil that is perpetrated against Humanity, the animals and Mother Earth.

Regardless of whether you know this yet or not, the Super Bowl Half Time Performance has been a Satanic Ritual Ceremony since at least 1991. Currently it is the 2nd largest public televised display of this kind of ceremony. The Olympics Opening Ceremony being the largest public Satanic Ceremony. It’s also one of the biggest weeks for human and sex trafficking.

Why should you care?

Because this ceremony is used, to anchor incredible amounts of powerful dark arts, black magic and occult in the way of spells and curses that are interfering with:

  • Your Free Will 
  • Your Daily Life
  • Our Collective Free Will
  • God’s Will
  • Our ability to manifest God’s Divine Plan

and this is just the beginning of a long list

It’s Time…

For Humanity to go on the OFFENSE in regards to all of the evil that has infiltrated most or all aspects of our infrastructure globally.  

Enter “God Wins Super Bowl 2022” Live Broadcast being Produced & Created by Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle of Warriors of Light Ministries.com and TranscendTheMatrix.com

This live broadcast event is going to be an expanded version of what we produced in 2015 as a Counter Protocol of Light Live Broadcast. You can watch that event here. We got the Guidance to do this 10 days before the 2015 Super Bowl and with God’s Divine Alignment, we put together an amazing team of “decoders” and “symbolism” experts. We unpacked all sorts of information during the time of the game.  Then during the half time show, we engaged in PRAYER, INVOKING JESUS AND GOD, TRANSMUTING ENERGIES and ACTIVATING LIGHT to “COUNTER” the darkness.

It's Time... And This Is JUST The Beginning!

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