Wake Up Shift Is Happening TV – EP#14 Shining A Light On Modern Day Segregation 

 January 19, 2021

By  ScottyB

LIVE Show Details: Tuesday, January 19, 2021 U.S. 1pm PST / 4pm EST / UK 9pm.
We paid homage to Martin Luther King Jr the day after his birthday, but timely given the guidance Deb received about the peaceful transference of power taking the US back to a Republic. Would this mean Trump will be the 19th President of the Republic? At which point we had Donald J Trump guesting on the show as it was at this precise moment, he chose to begin his farewell address to the world as POTUS 45.

Once again his words stirred many emotions and it created the most active, engaged and supportive interaction from our fabulous community between themselves in the “chat” during the show. We thank you all for being such committed torch bearers for peace of mind and in peace in our time.

DC and the remarkable number of troops now positioned there was discussed again and when we disclosed intel we had received about British troops moving into hospitals potentially across the UK, we debated just how wrong these actions look. Just optics? Or something far more active…is this all about intervention and the beginning of the end for the DS?

Paul Harvey’s piece “If I were the Devil” made for chilling and breathtaking listening as we played his warning from 1965. The timeline that began two years earlier from the assassination of JFK and which ends, we hold the field for, with Trump is a remarkable, prophetic commentary on how the Globalists have controlled the masses.

The community was set on fire again in the chat from both this recording and the way Deb brought the show to an end talking about Q. We referenced a Robert David Steele recording from earlier in the day where he defended others sharing their information with good intention, about Q in particular, and Deb and Scott expressed that Q had played a transformational role in enlightening so many people. A point very clearly agreed with by several bright souls in the community chat once again.
Bring on the 20th!

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