Wake Up Shift Is Happening TV – EP#22 Defining The Spiritual War vs The Battle For Our Souls 

 January 29, 2021

By  ScottyB

LIVE Show Details: Friday, January 29, 21 U.S. 1pm PST / 4pm EST / UK 9pm
Sean Morgan spontaneously joined us on the show because of the rapidity with which the GameStop, Robin Hood, Wall Street story has been building since we talked with him in Show #20.

Sean’s take has evolved with the additional information that has come forth from so many angles: this is a coordinated attack on Wall Street. We pondered where this story will go over the next few days because it is explosive, and we will keep watching.

The discussion ran on from Wall Street shenanigans to changing the entire financial landscape for the good of humanity. Deborah then shared general thoughts on the GCR for the first time on the show and talked about the humanitarian projects this will lead to.

The community became animated as people shared their passions and vision to be immersed in work for the betterment of humanity, which was the perfect lead into a new development from Transcend The Matrix, the We The People Task Force. Watch this space.

“Wake Up… Shift Is Happening TV!” 
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We are delivering a different perspective on the SHIFTS that are occurring AND the evils that are being revealed. The “storm is upon us” in so many ways and as our world shifts, so must you. We bring a uniquely high level conversation that is a combination of what’s happening in the world of current events while bridging them with a spiritual, high vibe perspective. We are deeply entrenched in the Great Awakening Transition and the anchoring of the New Earth Paradigm. Right now the most imperative aspect of this Shift of the Ages is the anchoring of authentic freedom, Free Will and individual and country sovereignty. 

First aired in 2009 and 2012 both for short runs, the iTV show, “Wake Up… Shift Is Happening TV!” is back on air. Creator, producer and host, Deborah Pietsch has re-launched her show just in time for the revealing of the paradigm shift. This time it’s with 2 awesome co-hosts, hubby Scott Bartle and UK Patriot Christopher. At a time when everything, literally everything, is in flux, transitioning and shifting, the hosts endeavor to bring insight, wisdom, heart, soul and time sensitive knowledge to create transformation for their audience. 

Deb and Scott are also spiritual teachers, warriors and leaders of the New Earth Paradigm. They offer powerful, effective solutions to assist people through this Great Awakening Transition with experiential tools, retreats, courses and bootcamps.

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