Wake Up… Shift Is Happening TV! Ep2 NYE 2020 with Spiritually Raw and James Rink 

 December 31, 2020

By  Deborah

2020 has been a year of vision, a year of “eyes wide open” for many. A year to see the shadows, the evil and the people that are vehicles for these dark forces and hidden agendas playing out in our reality. It’s been the year that many are seeing the players that are truly “enemies of the people”. It’s also been the year that incredible discernment must be engaged because of the information and disinformation warfare. Then there’s been all of the pandemic issues; the double standards, the riots, the politicians and certain police organizations showing their true allegiance and colors. Yes, It’s been a very challenging year for many people. Together we will sift through the good, the bad and the ugly, so to speak. 

2020 has also been a year of revelations, with amazing people stepping into leadership roles as they take a stand for Truth, Transparency and FREEDOM. It’s been a year. It’s also been a year of vision to see more clearly than many have EVER seen… That is the Great Awakening!

See Show #3 post for the remainder of the show description...

“Wake Up… Shift is Happening TV!” is making it’s relaunch debut with 2 awesome co-hosts … my hubby, Scott Bartle and dear friend, UK Patriot Christopher!

This New Year's Eve Show is with 2 sets of guests:

  • Segment #1 is with April & Jay Matta of Spiritually Raw
  • Segment #2 is with James Rink of video series from 2011, Change Is On the Horizon.

We are so excited to be getting out in the public again!

We ended each show with guests sharing their heart's desires and intentions for what they wanted to see and to anchor in the New Year of 2021.

Remember my 1,2,3’s from many years past:

  1. We Are In This Together - (LOL Scott literally just was searching for a clean version of the 'show song' for this show that I've been utilizing from permission of the artists since 2010... He found some of the info need in my old Blogtalk account from 7 years ago... AND he took a screen shot because I have in the description of the show "We Are In This Together... and that these words may come to mean more to you in the future..." literally that's what I wrote back then! I love the confirmations of the insights that come through! BTW the Artists are "Jayla" and the song is called NOW!
  2. We Will See This Through
  3. The Most Important Relationship Is A Loving Relationship with YourSelf - and then, yes spread it out from there!

Much Love to You!!
Deb (& Scott AND Christopher)!


Telepathic Communicator, Activator, Spiritual Teacher, iTV & Radio host, Author & Award Winning Producer. Founder of I AM Awakening Academy and Owner of Mt. Shasta Ascension Spiritual Retreat Center, Partner & wife to Scott Bartle and guardian/Mom of two long haired Dachshunds; Bodhi & Princess Sunshine!


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