Waking Up With Deb Newsletter ~ Feb 02 2016 

 February 2, 2016

By  Deborah

Waking Up With Deb - bannerHello Beautiful Being of Light!

Last year at this time, Scott, myself and our team member Helen were preparing to go live with our first Counter Protocol of Light Event for the SuperBowl / Super Bowl Half Time Show. The 3 hour showed with an amazing panel, and the Half Time Clearing & Transmuting of energy was very powerful!

Our focus this year, and especially since I was called to spend time in the States, specifically in RENO, has been to keep our “eye on the ball” of the GCR / RV… and some other “things” we’ve been working on in the background to energetically “assist” the GCR into a “revealing” in this dimension. Thank you for continuing to be a part of the SHIFT in your heart, mind and soul… we shall see the evidence here shortly…

With the completion of that energy work in the States, I have returned to Sydney. The decision was made about a month ago, to not engage in the Superbowl Half Time Show as a show this year; which doesn’t mean you can’t do your own TRANSMUTING of the ceremonial energies that will be revealed during the Half Time Show…

I look forward to having the “space” energetically to stay in touch more in the near future… after we take a bit of break for the next couple of weeks to “regroup”. It’s been a full out / non stop and major swirl of activity since late July 2015 for Scott, myself and our team… there is revamping happening behind the scenes as (much needed) upheaval has taken place.

Also, there are many short videos that I did back in September that I still haven’t even made public … and the only reason has been because of time and details that needed to be completed, so be on the look out for them! The best way to receive notification of any videos “going live to the public” is by being a subscriber to the YouTube Channel … that info is below.

Hang in there… we are IN THE TRANSITION … !!!

Live GCR & Great Shift Show #10 ~ w/ Deb only ~ Sunday, Feb. 7th @ 6pm PST

GCR : RV Activation Conference Call #10 Feb 07 2016Join Us LIVE Sunday_
Live Show
February 7th @ 6pm PST

Due to the sensitive nature of things in GCR / RV world, Sean will not be joining me (Deb) on this call / show.

I will be sharing details about the current “upheavals” that are all a necessary part of this Great Shift that the GCR / RV is the epicenter of. Just like when 9/11 occurred, our world has never been the same; so is the same with this GCR. You may already be experiencing the separation upheaval in your life that is a necessary part of this WAVE of shifts… more details during the show.

Sean has provided some great and important articles that are be posted on the main Waking Up With Deb site… here’s how to find the articles that I’ll reference in the show:

1. go to www.WakingUpWithDeb.com
2. In the menu / navigation bar go to “ITV Shows / Calls”
3. The drop down menu with images provides you access to all of the shows & calls via an clickable link – based on chronological time
4. go to Show #10
5. Scroll down past all of the call / show details and the articles are listed in a section called: Background and Useful Articles

It’s Time to bridge the pragmatic details of this GCR – Global Currency ReSet – with the spiritual and New Earth Creation more esoteric meaning of this re-distribution of wealth… including your REVALUATION of Self… 🙂

Remember – You, as the audience that calls in for the Live Q & A, are the “guests” as your direct and drive the conversation…

All details can be found here: http://wakingupwithdeb.com/lets-talk-rvgcr-deb-sean-show-10-upheaval-gcr-betterment-humanity-timeline-begunwhat-might-look-like-life-big-picture/

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HelpDeskMay your heart be filled with the vibration of LOVE, JOY and WONDERMENT as we move through this SHIFT of the AGES!

Remember – We ARE In This Together!


Deborah Pietsch


Telepathic Communicator, Activator, Spiritual Teacher, iTV & Radio host, Author & Award Winning Producer. Founder of I AM Awakening Academy and Owner of Mt. Shasta Ascension Spiritual Retreat Center, Partner & wife to Scott Bartle and guardian/Mom of two long haired Dachshunds; Bodhi & Princess Sunshine!


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