Warrior Up With Deb To Transcend The Matrix~4 People’s Lives Forever Changed With Transformation Still Progressing – Pt1 of 2 

 May 10, 2021

By  Scott Bartle

Tonight’s show features participant’s from the Mount Shasta Earth Day Retreat that Deb and Scott had at their Retreat Center a couple weeks ago. They are coming on the show to share about their individual transformative experiences and how their lives have changed forever! We can talk about people taking deep dives at the retreats and having amazing results, but it’s another for you to hear it directly from them—and how it has impacted their lives. It’s easy to see the comradery and the new friendships that formed within the group.

Shellie: Is an RN who has always worked using her intuition, with compassion and empathy. Integrity is her driving force. She experienced a traumatic injury as a nurse that unexpectedly changed her life trajectory.

D-Raye: Raised in a the military and living all over the world, she was been witness to the “deep underbelly” of darkness. She’s been on a spiritual journey for a while. As a clinician therapist, she deals with law enforcement on a regular basis working with the “toughest of cases”  to resolve family conflicts.

Julio: Has been on a spiritual awakening process since 2008. He has had nefarious infiltration attacks since he was a child, and has learned how to clear dark energies. He has also worked as a coach in the mental health field.

Brandi: A single mother of twins and is a 26 year recovering addict. She’s gone from living on the streets (and shared that she should have died several times), but was able to get back on her feet. She is a small business owner. She says her heart is her shield, and she is an intuitive warrior, ready to conquer for her higher purpose.

Deb:  Where were you physically, emotionally, spiritually before the retreat?

Shellie: Said she had the proverbial 2 x 4 over the head and sustained a serious neck injury. And that being single, she had to fight her way back from that to support herself financially. Then she got “the mack truck” experience, where she reinjured her neck at work and is now at a point where she can’t physically go back to her nursing job. So she has been in an inner fight trying to figure out what path to take, like looking into holistic modalities. She shared that people have always said she is “weird” but that she likes to think of it a “wired” spelled differently. She felt that the retreat popped up at just the right time.

Brandi: Said she knew she wanted to “level up” but didn’t know how. She’d always heard about Mt. Shasta being a magical place, and then she heard about the retreat and decided to pick up and go on a mission! She says she felt like there were all these gaps within herself…that she needed her compassion reset…that she needed to be recalibrated to her higher self. There have been family issues that keep pulling her back, but now she wants to spread her wings and fulfill her higher purpose;

Julio: Deb and Scott tell us that when someone even makes the commitment to come to the retreat, the process begins then. Julio said about 2 weeks prior to the retreat he really started looking at changing his living situation with his family and how it was affecting him. He had been following Deb for about 10 years previously and had been doing internal and clearing work.

D-Raye:  Talked about how her grandmother was very psychic and would often take her to Mt. Shasta and talk about the Lemurians. She shared that in 2011, she ended a 20 year marriage where they grew apart, and it was devastating, but necessary. She experienced her spiritual awakening when she moved into a place by herself and lost her zest for life and found her way back. She always wanted to go back to Mt. Shasta, and through a series of synchronicities, she found her way to the retreat.

Deb: Is this retreat for the “mamsy pamsy?”

D-Raye: Not for someone who is just dabbling or curious. Also not classroom style, but spirit lead and guided.

Shellie: Not a “fluffer” course.

Deb described the retreat as an inflection point to move into your life’s purpose..to move into a more powerful vibration…to release that which no longer serves. To get yourself back on-line and catapulted into leadership. And the center allows a beautiful and safe place to be vulnerable, while being supported.

Scott:  There are many “tour bus retreats” offered in the area because of the energy around Mt. Shasta. At this retreat, Deb will kick your butt in a very loving way.

If this resonates with you, check the website for more information about the next Solstice Retreat on June 10th.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where the participants share their transformations since the retreat!


We’re In A Spiritual War Transitioning From A Deceptive & Evil Reality To A New Timeline Of True Freedom, God & Love. You Must Engage & Activate All Aspects Of Being A Powerful Warrior Of Light To Successfully Make This Transition Of The Great Divide. You are being “called” to engage in ways that you may never have engaged and now is the time to roll up your sleeves and proactively engage with your journey of Awakening as if your life depends on it – why? Because it does! You Are At Choice Point – Choose Wisely

We are in a Spiritual War of dark vs light, love vs. hate, good vs. not good; a battle of God vs. Evil that wants to take control of our soul. It sounds intense because it IS! You at At Choice Point at this Great Divide of the Great Awakening, to constantly make choices about who you are and how you are willing to move forward. Warrior Up with Deb to Transcend the Matrix is hosted by award winning producer and multi-dimensional spiritual teacher, Deborah Pietsch.

We will be “tuning in” about things in general, as well as having people call in to be “in the Hot Seat” or to share in the dialogue. We will also be engaging in “things” at the energetic level as well.

You are being “called” to engage in ways that you may never have engaged in your life and the macrocosm of our country, the United States and the rest of the world. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and proactively engage with your journey of Awakening as if your life depends on it – why? Because it does! You Are At Choice Point, Choose Wisely!

Scott Bartle

Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.

Scott Bartle

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