Warrior Up With Deb To Transcend The Matrix – Ep#5 

 March 31, 2021

By  Scott Bartle

We are officially reaching the end of the first quarter of the year!
As we move into conversation in regards to the crazy, insane energy that’s been going on in the world, we continue to hold ourselves in high vibration!

Caller #1: Terri
Asked about Ley Lines that have been covered up by temples and such and how it affects the earth grid.

Deb explained that the Ley Lines of the earth are like the acupuncture energy meridians in our bodies. What has happened over centuries is there are very significant Ley Lines that have been hi-jacked by cabal organizations by placing temples, churches, statues, etc. on specific locations.
We are supposed to have higher Light vibration coming in from the sun and the magnetic field of the earth, but the meridians in our bodies have been jammed just as the Ley Lines have—as above, so below.

Terri asked if the temples, statues, etc. are removed, will that help us?
Deb received info that the temples could be re-constructed in the proper way. The Pyramids weren’t exactly built improperly, it’s that the energy has been inverted. In fact public access has been shut down in the pyramids because the dark forces don’t want people coming in bringing higher frequencies. This is keeping Mother Earth from moving forward. Also chem trails are doing the same by releasing high levels of harmful toxins, which is filtering us from the transformational alchemy we receive from the sun.
This is very important information. The timeline that is losing its direction and creating missteps is the one that the temples will not be reconstructed on. The temples being reconstructed are the timeline where the Masonic endeavors that were supposed to be about laying a foundation for temples of Light, and have been manipulated…and now in this next timeline that is starting to anchor and evolve. The structures that are on the Ley Lines are going to reconvene the temples in a way that create and hold the sacred space and energy using a spectrum of mathematics and color to hold the human form which has been distorted by the dark forces…just as the vaccines have. The designed assaults against humanity is to deteriorate the algorithm so we cannot hold or maintain the form of Light waves in our DNA that we are meant to.

Terri then talked about her frustration with her husband of 30 years…that she is working hard on raising her vibration and he is dragging her down….she doesn’t know what to do. And that she doesn’t like to “give up on people.”

Deb asked, “Why would you think that if you made a choice for your highest good, and after 30 years, it would be “giving up” on someone?
If you’re engaging with a choice based on you loving Thyself and recognizing Thyself through a vibration of Love, and intending to make a choice based on your highest good…and you’ve really tried…why would you think this was giving up on someone? Or is it that you’ve given up on yourself and you’re just used to that now?”

Terri could see how that could be. She said she used to be really hard on herself—thought there was something wrong with her. Now as she’s becoming more enlightened, the situation with her husband is getting harder.

Deb suggested she needed more grounding—she’s not in her body. She explained that dark force energies have been doing their best to blast us out of our bodies to keep us from engaging with our heart and Soul energy. She then had activation energy coming in around feeling deep heartache. This also has to do with stopping yourself from speaking your truth when you are bursting with pain. It’s about being honest with ourselves. And to remember that Terri, and all of us, are beautiful beings of Light that deserve to have that reflected back to us.

People that aren’t awake are choosing the coping mechanism of not wanting to believe and to process that the government and the MSM have been an enemy of the people. Because then everything has to be recalibrated in their thought processes and it’s very challenging to go very deep with this work. It’s not honored in our society—what IS honored is being in the “success” of the enslavement matrix.

So we are holding space for a new paradigm shift where this kind of conversation is no longer considered “woo-woo”, but is the new norm.

Caller #2: Brandi
She called because she had listened to a previous show where she connected to Deb’s story about being a “POW”. Said that she had been really doing some clearing and deep work on herself…learned and started practicing Reiki…and yet is still feeling stuck. Wanting to know what direction to go to. Also added that she has been sober for 26 years and by all rights should have died many times, but knows God saved her and kept her sober for a reason!

Deb’s POW story: in 2008, after years of doing very deep transformational work on herself, she reached a point where nothing was working on every level of her life—she was totally stuck and none of her “tools” were working. She reached out to a dear friend and had a huge clearing session. She went to the beach to process and her guides showed up with balloons and having a party to celebrate that she had been released from being a POW of intense infiltration!

Deb offered that millions of people feel the same way! It’s like being in the ocean and when you get knocked down by a wave, you lose your direction and can’t tell if you are upside down or sideways—that’s the distortion from the dark forces. At this juncture, there’s a construct that the evil empire is REAL! The distortion keeps us from being able to decipher what our purpose is. So we must learn to recognize and be able to clear or transmute infiltration. (See Clear Your Field 101 & 102)

Proactive engagement is about transformation…about taking stock and identifying evil revealing itself. To know that whenever things just aren’t working out, to follow a new GPS route to get on track to clear the path where you are going. This is NOT about choosing a career, it’s about what God wants us to do. It’s God’s will and our will aligning into our heart’s desire. We must be in service to Thyself first.


We’re In A Spiritual War Transitioning From A Deceptive & Evil Reality To A New Timeline Of True Freedom, God & Love. You Must Engage & Activate All Aspects Of Being A Powerful Warrior Of Light To Successfully Make This Transition Of The Great Divide. You are being “called” to engage in ways that you may never have engaged and now is the time to roll up your sleeves and proactively engage with your journey of Awakening as if your life depends on it – why? Because it does! You Are At Choice Point – Choose Wisely

We are in a Spiritual War of dark vs light, love vs. hate, good vs. not good; a battle of God vs. Evil that wants to take control of our soul. It sounds intense because it IS! You at At Choice Point at this Great Divide of the Great Awakening, to constantly make choices about who you are and how you are willing to move forward. Warrior Up with Deb to Transcend the Matrix is hosted by award winning producer and multi-dimensional spiritual teacher, Deborah Pietsch.

We will be “tuning in” about things in general, as well as having people call in to be “in the Hot Seat” or to share in the dialogue. We will also be engaging in “things” at the energetic level as well.

You are being “called” to engage in ways that you may never have engaged in your life and the macrocosm of our country, the United States and the rest of the world. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and proactively engage with your journey of Awakening as if your life depends on it – why? Because it does! You Are At Choice Point, Choose Wisely!

Scott Bartle

Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.

Scott Bartle

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