Warrior Up With Deb To Transcend The Matrix – Ep#6 

 April 5, 2021

By  Scott Bartle

We have crossed a threshold where energies, experiences and challenges are going to intensify. The window of choosing the timeline that you want to create your reality is really starting to close—especially by the summer solstice. Now more than ever, it is very important to engage with conscious choices…it’s CHOICEPOINT!

We often talk about infiltration on this show, and we may also be challenged with the inversions, the trickery of keeping us stagnant…stuck. If these entities find a way to get us into fear or survival mode or to be less passionate about our hearts desires—then they’ve done their job. The more we become awake, it’s very important to say, NO MORE! I am now moving back into the presence of power and to the energy of Love.

We have to stabilize Love on the planet!

Let’s talk about the word “Love.” It gets thrown around a lot, and can end up sounding “woo woo” or silly…or feeling empty or contrived. If we aren’t feeling a strong resonance of Love for ourselves, how can we express Love? As a Warrior, we now must ignite that flame of self Love in a powerful way! And that not make sense, as we equate warriors with fighting—and Love is rarely seen as the strong position. We are now activating the fortitude within ignited in authentic Love.

Feel the power wielded by these three words…
I Am Love.

Caller #1: Donnis

She was very emotional as soon as she started to speak, voicing that being empathic and intuitive that she has already been through some major shifts and is feeling something big coming. She mentioned difficulties with family, 40 years of marriage, and also coming out of living a religious life. She also mentioned having the Clearing Your Field 1 & 2 but when she tuned in, she couldn’t “get permission” to do #1, only #2.

Deb spoke about “asking permission” from someone else giving authority over her. Whereas a “sovereign being” means no-thing has authority or dominion over you—it’s about taking back our power. We should always be asking “What is in my Highest Divine Good?” She also spoke about there needing to be very stringent protocols to tune in, in order to get clear insight (and not dark imposters).

One of the challenges of coming from a religious background, is that rather than an expansion of energy, religion contracts energy. And religions often want to be the broker or control mechanism that wants you to be in servitude to a higher authority. There are billions of people on this planet existing, not thriving, with the programming inversion of this thought process that they have been indoctrinated with.

Deb tuned in and received that Donnis is being controlled by powerful dark force “mechanism” entities residing in her lower energy fields. Donnis agreed she has a knowing of these energies in her low back (L2) and down.

Deb equated L2 with the solar plexus being where the souls resides. So no surprise to Deb or Donnis why she was getting a “no” on using the Clearing Your Field 101 tools—because it is about clearing the lower 4 chakras!

Deb then asked Donnis if she likes gospel music, to which she answered that she likes it, but it often brings up a lot of emotions, so she avoids it. Deb then explained that by her listening to gospel music, it would expand her energy field where the entity or entities is a contraction energy. That to allow herself to really feel the emotions/vibration and allow Source to come through, this will dissipate the evil energy and she will become more powerful. That her heart will flower, the codes will be opened letting those entities know you are now captain of your ship!

Donnis became very emotional feeling shifts and “recalibrations” that were occurring.

Deb encouraged Donnis to go feel and allow the energies to bubble up and out. And as usual, since these shows are experiential and transformative, several other listeners said in the chat how much they resonated with this info and were feeling shifts as well.


We’re In A Spiritual War Transitioning From A Deceptive & Evil Reality To A New Timeline Of True Freedom, God & Love. You Must Engage & Activate All Aspects Of Being A Powerful Warrior Of Light To Successfully Make This Transition Of The Great Divide. You are being “called” to engage in ways that you may never have engaged and now is the time to roll up your sleeves and proactively engage with your journey of Awakening as if your life depends on it – why? Because it does! You Are At Choice Point – Choose Wisely

We are in a Spiritual War of dark vs light, love vs. hate, good vs. not good; a battle of God vs. Evil that wants to take control of our soul. It sounds intense because it IS! You at At Choice Point at this Great Divide of the Great Awakening, to constantly make choices about who you are and how you are willing to move forward. Warrior Up with Deb to Transcend the Matrix is hosted by award winning producer and multi-dimensional spiritual teacher, Deborah Pietsch.

We will be “tuning in” about things in general, as well as having people call in to be “in the Hot Seat” or to share in the dialogue. We will also be engaging in “things” at the energetic level as well.

You are being “called” to engage in ways that you may never have engaged in your life and the macrocosm of our country, the United States and the rest of the world. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and proactively engage with your journey of Awakening as if your life depends on it – why? Because it does! You Are At Choice Point, Choose Wisely!

Scott Bartle

Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.

Scott Bartle

  • My comment is more of a request for help. Raised being taught the way as a Christian, I always have known there is more. For awhile I sought it out. Had an OBE. Have since had an encounter of pure bliss from a dream/vision that was more real than this life. I know there’s more and I want it. Where do I get help?

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