Warrior Up With Deb To Transcend The Matrix – Ep#7 

 April 7, 2021

By  Scott Bartle

What we are meant to be experiencing, but has been thwarted, is much like the caterpillar suddenly deciding to build a cocoon around itself and engage in its transformation to a beautiful butterfly!

What are we spending our time engaging in? Where do we draw the line between spending too much time gathering intel online and really taking a look at our “stuff”—at the shadow aspects of ourselves that we spend an incredible amount of energy keeping hidden below the surface. It’s important at this time as we Warrior Up to identify and transmute these shadows that hold us back.

Caller #1: Donnis (from Monday’s show)
Wanted to thank Deb for being witness for her transformation, it was very powerful. In Mondays’ show, Deb was guided to ask Donnis if she liked gospel music, and Donnis said certain songs trigger intense feelings, so she’s tried to stay away from it because she didn’t understand why. Deb had described her 40 years with her family as having her life “usurped.” So she decided to take a trip allowing herself to be completely guided how far she drove and made turns. She ended up in front of a church where she went in and met a nice woman who invited her to come back later to hear a gospel music group. She then gave her two CDs with gospel music on them saying, “I was told to give these to you.” Amazing!
She also did the Clearing Your Field 101 audio, and for the first time in probably 40 years she dreamed, and she dreamed about angels—and she had been asking to have a better understanding of them. Also, was holding her favorite crystal and she was crying and heard “Those are not your tears, those are not their tears, those are my tears that you are feeling and processing.”
Deb asked if it was difficult listening to the music?
Yes it’s been intense, tears come and there’s no stopping it. But it’s a healing moment of expansion and clearing her energy field. People don’t often understand this when it comes over her. Often felt like she was being sabotaged, which fueled her to move forward on her journey.

Caller #2: Tonya
She called to find out more about the shadow energies.

So much of what has been going on is the amount of trauma that has been perpetrated against humanity and the collective consciousness has caused soul fragmentation we may not even be aware of.

Shadows are, if you have a fear of public speaking, or not smart enough to talk much or have low self esteem. (Deb had already gotten this info for Tonya) Tonya then said that she has someone who she needs to speak up to, but is afraid to because though he claims to be a Lightworker, he has evil energy. Deb said, “Time to go through a “self subscribed initiation!” This is where where you have a situation right in front of you that you need to face, by mustering the outcome that you want by Warrioring Up.

Deb checked in with Tonya’s higher self. Said that this person does dabble in black magic. Her highest good is to approach him with a “savvy wisdom” to get your money back from him. Sugar coat it. Be gracious, but stand your ground that it’s just not resonating with you. Scott added that he was getting the chills and the “yawns” that he gets when he’s powering up and transmuting energy. He described that there is a collective energy from those here tonight that will be with her when the time comes.
Deb asked her to take the next 5 days to do the God ’s Coating of Light, see yourself having the conversation with him and see yourself getting the refund. We as a collective will hold the space for you, by creating the possibility for you. Engage with the self that you are in the alchemical transformation that proclaims getting the refund with grace and ease.
Tonya said that she now feels supported,…and she sounded less timid.

Deb explained this is alchemical transformation. What we’re doing with this show is we are going activate and support your inside work so you can stand in that Warrior energy. And also have the love and compassion while still standing in your power. It’s an inside job and then you will see the outside world revealing the evidence of that.

Since we talked about the “shadows” in this show, Scott closed the show by showing a film called The Shadow Effect movie that Deb worked on. (Someone in the chat said it’s available in Prime video.)

Homework: Start asking while you meditate or tune in “show me, guide me what shadows are in my highest good to be aware of.”


We’re In A Spiritual War Transitioning From A Deceptive & Evil Reality To A New Timeline Of True Freedom, God & Love. You Must Engage & Activate All Aspects Of Being A Powerful Warrior Of Light To Successfully Make This Transition Of The Great Divide. You are being “called” to engage in ways that you may never have engaged and now is the time to roll up your sleeves and proactively engage with your journey of Awakening as if your life depends on it – why? Because it does! You Are At Choice Point – Choose Wisely

We are in a Spiritual War of dark vs light, love vs. hate, good vs. not good; a battle of God vs. Evil that wants to take control of our soul. It sounds intense because it IS! You at At Choice Point at this Great Divide of the Great Awakening, to constantly make choices about who you are and how you are willing to move forward. Warrior Up with Deb to Transcend the Matrix is hosted by award winning producer and multi-dimensional spiritual teacher, Deborah Pietsch.

We will be “tuning in” about things in general, as well as having people call in to be “in the Hot Seat” or to share in the dialogue. We will also be engaging in “things” at the energetic level as well.

You are being “called” to engage in ways that you may never have engaged in your life and the macrocosm of our country, the United States and the rest of the world. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and proactively engage with your journey of Awakening as if your life depends on it – why? Because it does! You Are At Choice Point, Choose Wisely!

Scott Bartle

Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.

Scott Bartle

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