Winning the Spiritual War Includes Health Strategies & Protocols That Keep You Healthy, Energetic Thru BioWeapon Deployment~Dr. Richard Bartlett Revealed Budesonide for C19 In April 2020 An Award Winning Bad Ass Doc | Shift Is Happening TV Host Deborah Pietsch | Ep. 45 

 May 14, 2024

By  Deborah

Dr. Bartlett became known as the “Father of Budesenide” in April 2020… saving many, many people’s lives with this already existing steroid inhaler. For this reason and many others, I refer to him also a badass Doc that is leaving no stone unturned!

SO, If you don’t yet know who Dr. Bartlett is or why you should know who he is, then this show is a must watch! Dr. Bartlett is widely recognized as the first physician in April 2020 to discover and develop a protocol for both early and late stages of Covid-19 with inhaled Budesonide. His protocol was later validated by two randomized control trials by Oxford University as 90% effective in preventing hospitalizations.

He sits on the board of several non-profits that have just (Feb. 2024) won lawsuits for Health Freedom and We The People… we break it down in the show! When I, Deborah Pietsch, got really sick after flying, sicker than I’ve been in 25 years (mostly breathing issue), and all of my natural protocols didn’t work, Dr. Bartlett is who I reached out to. He immediately got me set up with the meds I needed and texted every couple of hours checking on me.

We originally had met Dr. Bartlett during the June Clay Clark ReAwaken Event in Anaheim, where Scott interviewed Dr. Richard for the 1st time. That’s when we knew we wanted to continue to support this award winning physician as he provides protocols along with HOPE to many many people!

Join us as we do a deep dive into healing protocols, along with Dr. Bartlett responding to Howard Stern bashing him for his discovery, as Howard reveals his absolute ignorance, lack of compassion and obnoxious personality.

Dr. Bartlet saved 1000’s of lives being a Hospital ER Director and ER physician in West Texas for 30 years, but he also has saved 1000’s of lives as he is ALSO a Trauma ATLS Instructor of ER physicians. 2 governs of Texas have kept him on board with their health teams, far beyond the normal time that they’re supposed to!

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