How Can Clearing Your Field Transform Your Life?

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If Your Field Isn't Clear... Shit Happens!

Forgive the language... but this is not a game. When your field is not clear, weird stuff happens.  The internet stops working, just when you need it. Traffic backs up when it doesn't normally. People snap at you, act strangely or do something 'out of the ordinary'. Things go 'bump in the night'...

You can't explain it. You're often left confused uttering the words "WTF just happened?" It's illogical. You might even try to rationalize it by saying "that kind of stuff happens to me all the time".

Your 'Field' can be likened to a computer, there's an operating system and programs that determine how you function. Our operating system is shaped by the environment around us. As we grow older, experiences, challenges and emotional trauma can convert into programs. As with a computer... hackers, "Russian Bots" and more can corrupt data... and "Shit Happens"

Your Field is an electromagnetic store of information. It's what make you YOU. The good news... is we each have control over our own fields, whether we know it or not.

Just like a computer, your field is subject to


People with heart Pacemakers have to be careful around electromagnetic energy sources. Photographic film equipment can't be exposed to X-rays, and we are told to turn off our mobile phones on aircraft to avoid interference with the plane's navigation systems. These are all forms of interference we are familiar with, but how does that relate to our own personal fields?

Keep in mind: none of the above forms of interference are visible, you can't see the interference directly, but each have real world manifestations of their existence.

Imagine your field as your navigation system. You program a destination in life, you set goals, you make choices, whether for a career, financial milestones, holidays, relationships etc. Now imagine how your life goals - "the destination" - can be affected by external interference... electromagnetic energy carrying different information than what you programmed your 'navigation system' with. 

Life hasn't been a level playing field

In the same way we can't see our Fields, we can't see what's affecting it... but we'll feel it. It's like you are in a game of baseball, but get tackled energetically as if playing football. Can you relate to being 'tackled' unexpectedly in relationships, with family or colleagues?

It's not all Rainbows and unicorns - Nefarious agendas are common

As much as we might think 'positive thoughts' and 'love & light' will conquer all... in the unseen realms, the electromagnetic field, mastery is critical.

Mastery of your own personal field can be likened to being the Captain of your own vessel / ship. Your body is the vessel your soul, energetic essence or beingness, occupies. When you are the Captain of your ship, YOU are the dominant energetic essence within your body. 

The Captain gives the orders - if you are not acting as the Captain of your own vessel, no one (or no thing) will take notice of your orders.

Clearing Your Field is like the Captain of a ship giving orders to 'repel boarders' or directing pirates to 'walk the plank'. When you Clear Your Field properly, you remove all the energetic foreigners out of your field. Focusing only on 'Rainbows & Unicorns' effectively is your consent for energetic foreigner to remain in your field to do as they wish. 

What aspects of your life are impacted by interference?

What challenges have you experienced in your life that didn't make sense, were unexplainable or came out of 'left field'? Have you been blindsided by colleagues at work? Have family members turned on you at a moment's notice? Have you achieved your life's purpose or do things keep getting in the way?

Are unseen factors influencing your relationships?

Are your interactions with others harmonious?

Is some 'thing' impeding your financial goals?

Not every challenging situation is a LESSON designed to make you stronger.

  • Look at the evidence. If life is a level playing field and there's no nefarious external influence, conjured or otherwise, challenges could be explained as life lessons. Alternatively, is the explanation conscious or unconscious energetic influence projected on your field?
  • What is in your highest good? Do you question each challenging situation in your life, or do you blindly accept good and bad alike? A challenge may be a lesson, it may also be caused by malicious intent, manifest into physicality... "Thoughts become things."
  • How would you know? When your Field is Clear, free from interference, you clear the path for multidimensional communication. There's a reason radio telescopes ban all forms of electromagnetic radiation within hundreds of miles.  

The Importance of  Clearing Your Field cannot be underestimated

A clear field not only opens the doorway to clear communication with God & your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and more, it makes it easier to see the influence of external interference when it occurs. Have you become numb to constant interference, no matter how subtle it may be?

You'll also begin to recognize imposters. How many channeled messages have read feeling like they were a load of crap? Clearing Your Field will start activating your own internal "BS meter" - you'll be able to recognize what is real and what isn't. "It's an inside job" - Deb. 

Clearing your field is now in your hands

You may be aware of people who will Clear Your Field for you - 'Outsourcing' your clearing is short sighted. It might achieve a quick fix, kind of like a sugar hit for 'energy', but Clearing Your Field is a 24/7 awareness... yes, even when you are asleep!

You have the power over your own field... it's yours. Don't give that power away, whether by conscious choice or through ignorance. 

Take back your power and begin to Clear Your Field - Yourself. Take responsibility for your own energy field... what comes in, and what goes out. 

Like building a house - Start with the foundation

Enter: clearing your field 101

Clearing Your Field 101 is the perfect start to mastering Clearing Your Field. Like all forms of mastery, it can be broken down into a process.

Clearing Your Field 101 focuses on your lower or base chakras (energy centers). These energy centers store information, like a computer hard drive, typically relating to survival, primal, or core issues. They are also your grounding connection. 

  1. 1
    Create a relationship with your field: begin by visualizing your field as your own 'real estate'.
  2. 2
    Invoke your Highest Good: It's the starting point for rejecting what's not for your benefit.
  3. 3
    Identify with your Free Will and the concept of permission based access to your field.  
Clearing Your Field 101. Chakras Transcend Matrix Deb Pietsch Scott Bartle

Clearing Your Field with Deb Includes an Activation - What is an Activation?

Deb brings through high vibration energy that targets specific aspects within people. The high vibration energy can transmute programs, kind of like how noise cancelling headphones eliminate background noise by nullifying the sign wave. In this way, it can be used to target interference and eliminate it.

Depending on what the focus point is, Deb's Activation energy can remove blockages that prevent people from fulfilling their life's purpose. With the blockages removed, it's like a catapult flinging you forward in your trajectory. People have reported experiencing phenomenal transformations. 

  • Deb brings through high vibration energy to activate codes within you.
  • Activations have made 'gruff grown men cry' - not for the mamsy pamsy.
  • Activations are delivered powerfully with unconditional love.
  • Activations trigger a transformative process quickly and effectively.
  • Activations target the origin to permanently affect change.
  • Activations are not 'therapy'.

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

Jan W - Florida

“This is a great beginner Tool. ”

"Through these teachings, I have become very aware of the negative, lower level energies attempting to infiltrate my field. This is a great beginner Tool for understanding words and phrases and methods for reaching a calm center point through your breath and visualizations.

I highly recommend this tool and it’s follow-on Clearing Your Field 102 as using both clears all your Chakras."

Jan W
- Florida, USA

"I realized how much I have been in denial"

After downloading and using this tool I realized how much denial I have been in regarding my life long addictions. If I am to move forward and transcend them I am going to have to let these go and forgive myself. I am seeking outside help. I am admitting (which is hard to do because of the shame) that I am an alcoholic and need help. Also I had a really cool dream afterwards. It was an aha moment in regards to choices. It’s too complicated to explain but I know it was from my higher self. Looking forward to all the goodness coming my way.

- Private Session Client

“It creates such a sense of calm"

I have been doing the clearing for a few days. As you already know and state on the end of the clearing… it creates such a sense of calm, I fall asleep. The first time I did it, I'm saw amazing symbology in ancient geometry, felt like I was levitating and was buzzing (my feet) when I finished. Now each time I have different effects and will start writing down what I see. Thank you for creating such a beautiful clearing!
Blessings of light!

Verified Customer - KG
- Clearing Your Field Student

Get Clearing Your Field 101

This Experiential Tool and Activation will provide you with the foundational information, words, energy engagement and clearing of chakras 1-4 to kickstart your journey towards mastering Clearing Your Field.

Clearing Your Field 101 Calm Centerpoint

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More feedback from People Clearing Their Fields

“Sorely needed and at just the right time."

“Deb, I just finished two weeks w/ Clearing 101. I’ve experienced growth. Two more weeks and then considering next steps. Thank you so much for publishing this. So sorely needed and at just the right time.”

- via Twitter

“More clarity from Clearing My Field"

“I have been working with Clearing Your Field 101 for about 5 weeks and am having great results. I can feel the energy releasing in my energy field along with a sense of well being. I am sensing having more clarity, energy and a feeling of being more present in my day to day activities. 

I am very excited about experiencing the next step in the process of becoming Master of Clearing My Energy Filed, Clearing Your Field 102"

Robert E
- Great Awakening Participant
Deborah Pietsch

Creator of Clearing Your Field Experiential tools

About the Author

Since 2005, Clearing Your Field is one of the foundational teachings of Deborah Pietsch. She is one of the true pioneers of Clearing Your Field - talking about it when it 'wasn't cool'.

Before any communication / prayers with God and her Guides, Deb will always Clear Her Field. She now teaches others how to clear their fields through a series of experiential digital downloads that act like 'training wheels'.

"I don't have the time to Clear my field"

Clearing Your Field might seem like a chore to begin with, however the Experiential Tools are intended to act like 'training wheels' until you can do it yourself. A large part of learning to Clear Your Field is to develop the confidence and knowingness of 'who you are'. Scott often says, unless you are the Captain on board, no one listens to you - become the Captain of your own vessel/body.

Consider also the time taken to unravel from situations impacted by interference. It's not just communication that gets distorted, your entire decision making process can be affected, resulting in going down an entirely different trajectory (or timeline if you like). Learn to Clear Your Field and ensure your choices are always in your own Highest Good. 

"But Meditations always put me to sleep"

Clearing Your Field tools are NOT meditations, they are experiential tools... which means you need to consciously engage with the information and energy Deb brings through. Whilst you may feel sleepy afterwards, that is most likely due to the integration and alchemical transformation you will undergo, kind of like rewiring your operating system with new information, which needs inactivity. 

Your NEW Realm vs What You'll leave behind

Clearing Your Field is a big step

Here's a section that you can use for many purposes. For example, you can use it to showcase how your solution is better than other solutions out there. Or, compare the problems your reader is facing right now with the great solutions they'll enjoy once they purchase.

Your NEW Realm

  • More harmonious Relationships.
  • A Conscious relationship with Free Will in every moment.
  • Identify with your I AM presence - & being on 'your throne'.
  • Know when you are being 'messed' with by others / other things.
  • Begin / expand communication with God and your Higher Self.

Leave Behind

  • Challenging relationships.
  • The acceptance of being 'trodden on' throughout your daily life.
  • Programmed thinking you aren't enough / anything.
  • The acceptance of everything being a lesson to make you stronger.
  • The necessity for others to communicate with God.
Clearing Your Field 101 Calm Centerpoint

How to engage with Clearing Your Field 101

  • Download the MP3 format audio tool to your computer (& SOME smartphones).
  • Includes an introduction to Clearing Your Field 101 with teachings.
  • Engage with Clearing Your Field 101 at least once a day for three to four weeks.
  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed to listen.
  • Allow some time after engaging for further integration of energy.
  • Engage after a particularly stressful or frustrating experience as needed.

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Please abide by the TTM New Earth Seal of Integrity. Please be conscious of the energetic signature of being out of integrity in sharing this with those who have not purchased this or any of our tools and offerings. Creating a reality of INTEGRITY begins with each of us... choose wisely.

Deb & Scott

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P.S.: When you start working on Clearing Your Field, you are joining a growing number of beings taking charge of their own fields. The Restoration of Humanity is going to take awake and aware beings taking a stand for truth and integrity - real wayshowers!

Clearing Your Field is the foundation from which you build from.  Much Love & Appreciation, Deb & Scott.

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