Coming Soon ~ Events, Summits, Retreats…!!!

Coming Soon

April 22, 2020
We will be announcing dates and details for the following list within the month of May 2020!

Would you like to receive more details about anything specific in this list of upcoming events and projects? Such as becoming a team member, being hired etc.  If so, then please complete the contact form below and check the specific areas of interest.

  • ​New Tool: Red Pill Remedy ~ Transmute and Dissolve Fear, Anxiety & Trepidation of an Unknown Future
  • ​Master Clearing Your Field 103 and 104 - getting into powerful commands
  • T​V Show​(s)
  • ​Global Media Leadership Summit
  • ​Humanitarian Leadership Summit
  • ​Humanitarian Project Funding Summit
  • ​Spiritual Retreats at our Mount Shasta Center as well as Soon to Be Announced other locations!
  • ​Festivals & Live Events
  • ​​I AM Awakening Academy - Ascension Course
  • ​Being Your Own Guru Activation Course​

Red Pill Remedy Tool Coming Soon

Red Pill Remedy Coming Soon

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