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Digital Downloads on iPhone

Below are screenshots showing the stages of downloading an Experiential Tool to your iPhone. This was done on an iPhone 7 with software version 13.2

The starting point for the screenshots below is a completed order on an iPhone. Be sure to select the DOWNLOAD link instead of the PRODUCT link... otherwise you will be taken back to the product page you just completed your order from.

TTM Digital Download Screenshot-1

Your iPhone will likely ask if you would like to download the audio mp3 file to your phone. Select 'Download' to continue.

TTM Digital Download Screenshot-2

Beside the 'Address' bar, should show the download icon with a progress bar indicating your iPhone is downloading the file to your phone.

TTM Digital Download Screenshot-3

Once downloaded to your phone, the download icon should show something that looks like a speech bubble beneath it with the filename of the mp3 audio, with a magnifying glass next to it. Click either the filename or the magnifying glass to go to the downloaded file on your phone.

TTM Digital Download Screenshot-4

The above image shows the media player on your phone and the filename of the mp3 audio at the top of the screen. Play and Pause controls should be visible. The icon at the bottom left, a square with an arrow pointing upwards out of the square is the 'Sharing' icon. Click that to move the file or share the file to a different device - please note the New Earth Seal of Integrity before sharing with anyone who hasn't purchased the tool. 

TTM Digital Download Screenshot-5

The above image shows the downloaded mp3 audio file in the 'Downloads' folder. 

TTM Digital Download Screenshot-6

The above image shows the 'Downloads' folder in the iPhone's 'Files' Application. 

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