Got Questions?

See below for some answers to some of the most frequent questions:

What are experiential tools?

  1. Experiential tools can be anything that has you engage as an “engager” by having your own experience as opposed to only being “talked to or at”. These tools are experiential, as well as our media is experiential because I/we are igniting frequencies through the information shared regardless of whether it sounds like an Activation or not.
  2. See the full article about Experiential tools here.

What Are Activations?

  1. ***Video(s) coming soon for this subject *** The energy that comes through the Activations is very high vibration LIGHT. This energy works very powerfully to accelerate, ignite AND transmute whatever the focal point of the Activation is.
  2. Read more about Activations here.

How do I engage with an Activation?

  1. ***Video(s) coming soon for this subject *** The most, most important way to engage with the energy is to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD!
  2. You have the ability to have “an experience” which can range from tingling sensations in various part of your body - especially when energy is being transmuted, ignited and / or shifting. Also feeling energy leaving your body, emotional triggers transmuted, emotional charges from wounds or painful experiences transmuted, healing (and I never use that word, but there’s no other way to describe some of the effects) of ailments, transmuting of challenging memories all the way to igniting alignments with abundance, up-leveled relationships, partnerships and family members.
  3. Read more about Activations here.

How do I know the work is in my highest good?

Every Every Every aspect of what Scott and I engage with in our lives and everything we do with clients and students is ALL WAYS / ALWAYS verbalized and made present with invoking “The Highest Divine Good and Highest Divine Truth”. Are you invoking that in your daily life? If not... start! It’s incredibly powerful and intentional. We include it in EVERYTHING we be and do!

How do I download the digital tools?

We prepared a page with screenshots to help guide you through downloading your digital Experiential Tools to your device. We recommend downloading to a computer unless you are somewhat 'Tech Savvy'. Once you have downloaded to a computer, then you can transfer to a mobile phone, iPod or iPad etc. See further details here

What is the “Waking Up With Deb” website?

  • Waking Up with Deb was the name of the sight and all of the videos Scott and I created back in Sept > December 2015 when we got the guidance in July 2015 “to get the show on the road”... BUT then different change of events occured, including getting the guidance in about April 2016 to “get your asses back to Mt. Shasta” and everything was put on hold while we purchased the spiritual retreat center.
  • We moved into the spiritual retreat center house in Mt. Shasta in October 2016... and then experienced a huge amount of push back from the energies that did want us in / on that property, which I won’t get into here, but needless to say, the challenges created tremendous financial challenges as well as the necessity of engaging a lot of time, energy and effort to Clear the Energy of the entire property before we even felt comfortable in re-launching any of the shows, new website etc. So much had shifted in that time period that “Waking Up With Deb” now felt less cutting-edge. For a long time, both Scott and I have referred to the Great Awakening as Transcending the Matrix… so it just felt right to change it all up and re-launch with a new brand... which is very aligned with us, because as we’ve seen the evidence of our own Transcendence, we’ve also gotten quite a bit of communication from our Guides confirming this in different ways. But that doesn’t mean “we’ve arrived” at a final destination. We still are up-leveling in many ways - like being able to manifest “miracles”, walk through walls and of course flying with a craft! 
  • Read the full backstory here.

How do I comment on something?

You can leave a comment on any page with a Comment box at the bottom. Look for comments by others and there should be a field to add your own. If there a many comments, it may take a while to load.

How do I ask A question about a Tool or Private Session?

You can type a question in as a 'Review' on each product... we'll get it and answer. Likely the question will benefit others, so don't be shy. Alternatively, you can send us a Support Request here.

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