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Joins us in prayer, activating the light and high vibration music to counter the demonic influences of the Super Bowl Half Time Show. 

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Show Guests & Co Hosts

Deborah Pietsch - God Wins Super Super Bowl 2022
Scott Bartle God Wins Super Bowl 2022
Mike Adams
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Joshua Reid
Leigh Dundas
Christie Hutcherson
Robert & Jaime - Transcend The Matrix
Michael Jaco - Transcend the Matrix
Nick Alvear - Transcend The Matrix

Superbowl 2022 Counter Protocol of Light Event - Feb 13 2022

It’s Time… 

For Humanity to go on the OFFENSE with all of the Evil that is perpetrated against Humanity, the animals and Mother Earth.

Regardless of whether you know this yet or not, the Super Bowl Half Time Performance has been a Satanic Ritual Ceremony since at least 1991. One of the largest public televised display of this kind of ceremony. The Olympics Opening Ceremony being the largest public Satanic Ceremony. It’s also one of the biggest weeks for human and sex trafficking.

Why should you care?

Because this ceremony is used, to anchor incredible amounts of powerful dark arts, black magic and occult in the way of spells and curses that are interfering with:

  • Your Free Will
  • Your Daily Life
  • Our Collective Free Will
  • God’s Will
  • Our ability to manifest God’s Divine Plan and this is just the beginning of a long list

It’s Time…

For Humanity to go on the OFFENSE in regards to all of the evil that has infiltrated most or all aspects of our infrastructure globally.  

Enter “God Wins Super Bowl 2022” Live Broadcast being produced by Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle of Warriors of Light and Transcend The This is live broadcast event is going to be an expanded version of what we produced in 2015 as a Counter Protocol of Light Live Broadcast. You can watch that event here. We got the Guidance to do this 10 days before the 2015 Super Bowl and with God’s Divine Alignment, we put together an amazing team of “decoders” and “symbolism” experts. We unpacked all sorts of information during the time of the game.  Then during the half time show, we engaged in PRAYER, INVOKING JESUS AND GOD, TRANSMUTING ENERGIES and ACTIVATING LIGHT to “COUNTER” the darkness. 

What do we have in store for this event 7 years later? A LOT!

Our line up leaders, influencers, experts in the occult and ex-witches and warlocks is already “off the chart” amazing. 

We are not listing any names yet, but will begin to reveal the people engaged with us for the Live Broadcast, during the week of January 28th. 

We will have Expert Round-tables and Panels

  • A Special Tribute
  • Deep Dive Education into Symbolism
  • Connecting the Dots of Trafficking and the US Border battle
  • Connecting the Dots of How the Transgender Agenda is all part of the demonic agenda
  • Examples and facts of schools that are now openly engaging in black magic and occult teachings, as well as teaching about Satan
  • How Covid and the jab are all part of the evil agenda 
  • During the Half Time Show - Prayer, Transmuting Energies and Activating Light to “Counter” the dark energies conjured during the ritual / show
  • Post Half Time Show - Decoding the symbolism and the ceremony itself
  • Solutions & Tools will be offered for some of the challenges that will be revealed
Huron Ohio God Wins Super Bowl billboard

Special Thanks to Banners 4 Freedom - helping spread the word... see billboard in Ohio. Click through to their website to support their efforts. 

Banners 4 Freedom logo

We’re going to pull the “onion layers” back, CONNECT A LOT OF DOTS about what is being revealed in the collective reality experience and your daily life challenges & problems. We are also going to do a deep dive into how we got to this point. AND the TRANSITION of the Great Awakening that we are in... There's Good News as well as the challenging elements of all of this evil.

If you feel squeamish about this subject, then please step into a higher calling to transmute any and all fears or concerns. We are here to become MASTERFUL at engaging in all aspects of this incarnation and that includes learning how to powerfully cast out these demonic energies, as well as Activating being and becoming a powerful Warrior of Light. 

Please join us for this event. 

It’s just the beginning of Humanity “turning the tide” to be on the OFFENSE of all of the black magic and dark alchemy being used to interfere with our reality vs. being a victim to this evil or unwilling to look or even being in the “you don’t know what you don’t know” category. All of what is going on right now, has been planned for a very a long time, and is worked on day and night by millions of people that are committed to the demise of humanity. 

They hate humanity, they hate Jesus and they hate God, and have been manipulating and interfering with God’s Will for a very very long time. We are just finally blatantly seeing the effects of this “Demise of Humanity” or “Designed Assault Against Humanity” in ways it can no longer be denied. 

The word “EVIL” has never been in the lexicon of our conversations like it is now, daily, from all walks of life.

It’s Time…

We Are In This Together and We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

Your engagement with us, as we hold and Activate the LIGHT and COLLECTIVELY CAST Out the Evil is a Clarion Call.

It’s Time… 

For You and all us to become powerful Demon Slayers…

All registration information will be made available the week of January 23rd.

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