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2 Part Live Webinar Series 12:12 & 12:21 ~ 1.5 to 2 hours each of Live Engagement Activation, Insight, Wisdom & Transmuting that will powerfully assist you in engaging with the holiday season with high vibration, joy & celebration as you further engage as a BRIDGE for humanity's evolution. Recording becomes a powerful Experiential Activation Tool to continue building your Field of Light & Soul Evolution.  


2 hours of live, interactive & experiential webinar with Deborah Pietsch and Scott Bartle. Activating you with 11:11 Codes and immersed in our powerful Unified Field of Light. The recording is a powerful Activation Tool that will assist you in continuing to Up-Level for quite a while!!!  


Powerful Activation that covers "a lot of ground" including Activating a "Coating of God's Protective Light" around you, Activating your Heart Chamber to bring you "back online" after years of challenges, survival, fear & more AND Activates your Grounding to the New Earth Grid 3 6 9. This Live webinar turned into a powerful experiential tool is Part 1 of 3 to complete the Trinity Series of "I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Gratitude". Parts 2 & 3 to be announced Bonus Q & A Session 3 days after live Activation is also included in the package.


Spiritual War Bootcamp 102 is a 2 Part ~ 3 hour webinar conducted over 2 different days like a "mini virtual retreat". Transmuting & Healing Soul Fragmentation, Clearing Disheartening Experiences, Trauma and Nefarious Energies and Activating Soul Remembrance. Your soul will begin to become less "contracted" as you increase your vibration AND Activate the energetic Field of Light for you to move INTO. Strongly Recommended Prerequisites: Spiritual War Bootcamp 101 AND experiential tool, Clearing Your Field 101


Deb covered a tremendous amount of ground in this 3.5 hour webinar. The first 2 hours focused on taking full assessment of where we are in the current reality so that you can strategize moving forward. The 2nd part of 1.5 hours was Deb doing live “hot seat” tuning ins, transmuting energy and Activating. We don’t think anyone else is covering this kind of information AND engaging in the energetics necessary to Transcend The Matrix.


Spiritual War Bootcamp 101 & 102 Webinars Clearing Your Field 101 & 102 Experiential Tools

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