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Laying A Foundation for the transition

Below are just a few of the videos and articles that will assist you in preparation for the 2021 retreats, tools and webinars. As of right now, these are all from prior to 2016.

What is the Great Awakening?

Deb first referenced "The Great Awakening" and used it in a show opening back in 2012. Today, The Great Awakening is referenced by many as more truth is made accessible to the population. Waking up to the truth, on a global scale, is said to be the Great Awakening.

But it's more than that. Learning the truth is refreshing, particularly once you realize you've been duped, but what do you do about it? How do you deal with the trauma inflicted on innocents, your own self and much more. Click here to read more articles, videos and audios.

DE Welcome Note Deb TTM Hijacked Great Awakening April 2018
Transcend The Matrix Scott Bartle Deb Pietsch I AM LOVE

The Importance of God - I AM That I AM

Reading further down this page, you'll realize the importance of God in your life, and for humanity. What is being revealed is a Spiritual War. Embracing God in your life is critical.

Many have said that life on planet earth is just a big experiment where humans experience 'lessons' to toughen them up... this is all well and good when the 'experiment' is based on a level playing field... It ISN'T. 

Learn more about Divine Intervention and your role in it. Click here for more audios and videos.

What is the Enslavement Matrix?

Sounds drastic right? Until you wrap your head around the magnitude of deception and realize how pervasive 'the system' really is, you may shake your head in disbelief.

We use the analogy of the movie "The Matrix" regularly to help explain. If you haven't seen the movie, the population are led to believe they are free, but instead are held in a computer simulated reality where there's no escape.

Check out the articles, videos and audios here for further explanation on the Enslavement Matrix.

Enslavement Matrix Revealed
After Jack Kennedy Reality Shifted

Our Reality Trajectory was altered.

Macrocosm Matrix rain

Where are you in the crazy journey?

Contingency Plan

Time for a contingency plan.

Entities Clearing Your Field

What is Infiltration & Interference?

You've probably heard about demonic possession... whilst extreme, it's not unreal. But what if I told you that non-physical entities could be interfering in your life without you even knowing about it... nor raising the suspicion of your family, friends or colleague enough to have them call for an exorcism? 

Infiltration is real, even if we can't see it. These audios and videos will help explain some of the recognizable traits of interference. Click here

Solutions & Tools

Knowing about Infiltration & Interference is one thing... dealing with it effectively is another. Deborah Pietsch has developed Experiential Tools to help you to Clear Your Field.

Linked here is a series of posts, videos and an audio to illustrate some of the various solutions and tools available to help Transcend The Matrix. 

For products available, check out our Shop for Experiential Tools, Webinars, Sessions and Retreats. 

Solutions & Tools
Transcend The Matrix - Experiential Tools

What Are Experiential Tools & Activations?

If you tried to explain to someone who'd never held water in their hands what it felt like, what the sensation of wetness was, you'd probably have a hard time. They'd want to EXPERIENCE feeling water in their hands. 

Experiential Tools so to are meant to be FELT, there's energy flowing, alchemical change taking place and people actually feel sensations as they engage with an Experiential Tool... check out these videos and audios to learn more

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Solutions & Tools to help you Transcend The Matrix