God ~ I AM That I AM

Activating Your I AM That I AM

This audio is from 2015, published finally in 2016 after we had walked away from public presentation for a while, which included purchasing our spiritual retreat center in Mount Shasta, CA and moving back from Australia to the States… it was a very life busy time!

It is from our original 9 Foundational Categories. This is still very pertinent now in 2020, especially for some of the categories that pertain to current events as of April 2020.

Intro to Activating your I AM That I AM Codes & Beingness

Gateway To Loving Yourself

I AM Love

Deb recorded this video September 2015 (transcription below). It introduces her work with the vibrations of IAM Love, I AM Light, I AM Gratitude.. Codes that she Activates and Re-calibrates you to for the Contingency Plan of the Great Awakening. This has everything to do with the I AM presence including the spiritual and scientific context of the Alchemical Transformation of Activating your BEingness.

This is the Foundation of everything Deb has been taught telepathically by her Guides; as well as Activating the Trinity of the vibrational frequencies of I AM Love, I AM Light and I AM Gratitude; to align with I AM THAT I AM. More will be shared and discussed through the discourses from JFK and other Ascended Masters...

GodWave - Coming To Planet Earth 2015

This video below was recorded in September 2015, the Godwave Contingency Plan began in early 2012. I had no idea what this Divine Intervention Contingency Plan was going to look like, other than what I was being told, "It's unlike ANYTHING anyone has yet to experience on the planet". Looking back (now March 30, 2020); 4.5 years later, I can see why God and my Guides said this... OMG, seriously OMG!

Take a look at the timeline events:

I had already been engaging with the "Great Awakening" and "We're In This Together" in all of my videos, newsletters and shows since 2012; because of my communications with JFK, God & Guides... 


Don't Miss The Godwave

Don't Miss the GodWave Because You Were Asleep

What if you, unbeknownst to you, you were being affected by external energies and had created "survival" coping mechanisms in order to keep moving forward in this matrix, that you THEN weren't aware of or couldn't see or feel HIGH VIBRATION energies that we're here to support you?... THAT is why I'm stressing how important it is to be PROACTIVELY ENGAGING with these energies!

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