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JFK - Deborah Pietsch

Deb relates background information on how and why JFK unexpectedly began communicating with her in 2013, as well as outlining the powerful, potent energetic imprint via messages he brings forth. Jack’s messages and the energy Deb has been prepared to bring forth are so potent he believes that most people are physically, mentally and spiritually unprepared for the energetic transmission - based on evidence of private experiences. Additionally, that most people are also not prepared for the messages of how our society was taken off the trajectory of spiritual destiny together with the disclosure of inappropriate veiled conspiracies and organizations at work to keep us enslaved in a Duality Reality.

After JFK Our Trajectory Was Altered

During this video (below with transcript): Deb shares a direct transmission communication from Jack Kennedy… here are some of the key elements:

Excerpt From video:
So what I would like to share with you is one of the first PUBLIC messages that he is bringing forth, I am bringing forth, regarding the situation with his assassination. So I first of all would like you to presence, if you were alive at the time that he was here on the Earth, then I would just like you to presence where you were, how you were experiencing life.

After Jack Kennedy Reality Shifted

JFK Transmission ~ Getting Back On Track

JFK Transmission ~ Your Reality Shifted After My Assassination ~ Getting Back On Track

This audio is from 2015, published finally in 2016 after we had walked away from public presentation for a while, which included purchasing our spiritual retreat center in Mount Shasta, CA and moving back from Australia to the States… it was a very life busy time!

It is from our original 9 Foundational Categories. This is still very pertinent now in 2020, especially for some of the categories that pertain to current events as of April 2020.

Prepare For JFK Transmissions

Join host, award-winning producer, Activator and telepathic communicator, Deborah Pietsch as she relaunches her iTV show, “Wake Up… Shift Is Happening!” after going dark 3 years ago. Those years were spent working ‘behind the scenes’ to figure out how and why humanity’s Great Awakening went into such a downward spiral. Strategizing multi-dimensionally with the Beings of Light that are supporting humanity in our evolution, she now breaks her silence to share the discoveries, solutions, tools and a Contingency Plan to transcend and ascend from the Enslavement Matrix.

JFK Gladiator Show

A New Multi-Dimensional Game Plan

Contingency Plan

Video & Transcript Below ~ Both of these videos were recorded in September 2015! What is amazing and awesome to me is to go back and review these after not engaging with them in years and see how spot on the information was and STILL IS!

The Godwave Contingency Plan began in early 2012 after Valentine’s Day is when I received the full detailed communication about the necessity of a new “timeline”.  I honestly had no idea what that really meant or what that would look like back then... (I have a video of myself bringing through the communication from an old Kodak hand held video because this was before cell phones with cameras!)

Why & When JFK Started Communicating With Deb

Deb begins to reveal the series of events, Communications from Guides, Activations and the portal that opened that served as the conduit for conscious, clear communications to begin from Jack Kennedy, JFK. As she shares about these experiences, you, the viewer / engager, are asked to check in with your own beliefs / beliefs about the probability of this type of communication being possible… knowing that this one belief will determine many things in your life, including the shaping of your life experiences…

Jack Kennedy Began Communicating With Deb in August 2013 Learn Why & For What Reason
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