What Is The Enslavement Matrix

Introduction To the FUQedUPness

Intro~Shining Light on FUQedUPness~Current Earth State of Affairs

This audio is from 2015, published finally in 2016 after we had walked away from public presentation for a while, which included purchasing our spiritual retreat center in Mount Shasta, CA and moving back from Australia to the States… it was a very life busy time!

It is from our original 9 Foundational Categories. This is still very pertinent now in 2020, especially for some of the categories that pertain to current events as of April 2020.

Video - More on the FUQedUPness

In this September 2015 video, Deb highlights the “FUQedUPness” she refers to as the “Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening” along with the insight that we’ve been existing on an unexpected alternate timeline since JFK’s murder and the 9/11 event. This alternate timeline consists of a very dark agenda that’s been anchored and playing out for over 100 years… THIS has resulted in tremendous “FUQedUPness” on the planet; across the world.

This “FUQedUPness” makes no rational or logical sense unless you know and understand the Hidden Agendas and the Hidden Hand the global leaders, celebs and other “people with spheres of influence have been engaging with under the surface and behind closed doors.


Understanding The Enslavement Matrix

Enslavement Matrix Revealed

When you're playing a game - especially a sport... you need to know what game you're playing. If you think you're playing baseball, but what's going on around you - especially in the non-physical / able to see these energies - really is a game of football and you're getting tackled, like having the rug pulled out from under you financially or emotionally (for starters)... then you're not going to "win" easily... This video begins to open up the understanding of "what game we've been sequestered into"... mostly from acts of "abrogation of your / our FREE WILL"

Why The Law Of Attraction Is Not Working

In your daily experience, are you experiencing any of this:
~Lack of financial abundance
~Lack of Grace & Ease
~Challenges with projects aligning and coming together
~Truly feeling the Glory of God on a daily basis that creates a high vibration of love from the inside out
~Not fulfilling heart’s desires… and the list goes on and on and on… ????

Excerpt from this video: We don’t see the air that we breathe, so I am going to liken that to there is a lot of non-physical energies that have been, let’s say, manifested and conjured into our reality, that are quite honestly not here to serve us in our Highest Good.

Reasons Why Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws Haven't Worked

Natural Progression Of Our Awakening Stunted

The Stunting of Our Natural Progression of Awakening

Deb begins to discuss the deliberate perpetration from the agenda of the PTB - the Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening that has us STUCK in a Suspended Animation - not allowing for the natural growth of the soul’s evolution and the natural expansion of awakening that millions of souls incarnated here in this timeline / time space continuum, to experience and to BRING FORTH into a new reality… it’s been hijacked… and connecting the dots of understanding the energies, the alchemy necessary for this SHIFT to occur, is an imperative aspect of awareness should you be wondering why your life may not have moved forward much or even seemed to move backwards since 9/11…

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