Where Are You In This Crazy Journey?

Where are you in This Crazy Journey?

Just Awakening...

You’re just beginning to Wake Up to the ‘knowingness’ that something is very wrong with our current reality. You’ve spent time surfing the internet seeing lot’s of people talking about the Deception Reality. You’ve had your own experiences of feeling like there’s “got to be more to this life, my life”, than your current reality. You don't really know about the Rabbit Holes or couldn't tell someone about 8 different Rabbit Hole subjects.  You’ve tried talking to people close to you, but they’re not really into what you’re discovering... you're feeling estranged from old friends and family.  You’re what we lovingly refer to as a “Newbie Newbie”...rest assured you're in good hands and with like hearted and mind people..

Taken The Red Pill…

You know what it means when someone references “going down the rabbit hole”. You’ve spent hours combing through the internet searching for definitive truth. You’ve discovered many “dots” that when connected, paint a very different picture than the “mainstream narrative” reports and wants you to believe. You’re aware of the nefarious dark agenda and want nothing to do with it. You may not have an established spiritual practice but are potentially open if it resonates with you. Oh yeah, and you’ve probably lost a few really good friends and family members that think you’ve gone off the deep end... sound familiar?
Welcome “RED-PILLer”!

Been Awake for 20+ Years but... 

Not only do you know what the Harmonic Convergence was, you were awake and celebrating it! You’ve witnessed through your own experiences the ability to manifest with grace and ease come and go… you’ve experienced the downward spiral of the dark shift that has blind-sided you and brought you to your knees in tears more times than you care to remember. You’re a pro at 'brushing off the dust' and getting back up… but it’s been like pushing a huge freaking boulder up hill everyday and you’re exhausted beyond words… I’m giving you a hug now ‘cuz with tears coming as I write this... me too… I’ve been there… since 1987… and have many spiritual warrior 'scars' to prove it… but alas, you’re here and I’m CERTAIN you will find something, if not many things here to support your ascension that has been held in a dark agenda "Suspended Animation” program (curse, spell, whatever you want to call it)! Not only have I cleared it, but I’ve transcended it and I can show you how to, too! I AM LOVE and So Are You!

Already A Wayshower...

You’re already aware, awake and have a spiritual practice. You've traveled down many Rabbit Holes. You’re out in the world doing many things; such as spiritual teacher, author, speaker, life coach or producing events for example. You’re in the flow of expressing your gifts and being a “way-shower”. You have a healthy following of people that rely on the information, insights and teachings you put out. BUT... you’re NOT telepathically communicating with your Guides with clarity and confirmations. And / or you're not thriving in all aspects of your life; which may include financially and / or in an amazing partnership that supports your heart and soul expansion in all ways! I’ve worked with some very powerful people and one of my roles is to further Activate those of you that are ready to move into Global Leadership, as well as Twin Flame / Divine Partnership... I AM... and you can too!

It's Spiritual B.S...

Are you sick of the WooWoo Spirituality thumpers? Do many 'New Age' concepts leave you scratching your head? Or worse, you get pissed off that some people are so gullible to think the 'woo woo bullshit' is going to get them ahead in life? Have you lumped religious teachings, control programs and potential sinister agendas in with spirituality and think it’s all a crock of New Age crap? Do the channeled messages of 'unicorns and fairy dust'  that are so widely churned out on the internet make you want to barf? My opinion is that some is absolutely valid… and some isn't. Worse, to lump it all together may not be serving you in your Highest Good. BTW... I’ll be honestly addressing the magnitude of infiltrated channeled messages that have continuously been churned out as truth… it’s mostly imposter B.S.!  We're In This Together and God IS the way, but if you stick around you'll see how unique my approach is.

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