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Since 2013... (Long before Lockdowns) 3 day - 3 night VIRTUAL Retreats Create Your Sacred Space for 3 Days of Guided Retreat[...]
VIRTUAL Mt Shasta Solstice Retreat Jun 19 - 21 2021Codes and frequencies broadcast live from our Mt Shasta Ascension Retreat[...]
God's "Coating of Light" Activation  Transformational, Experiential & Alchemy for Up-leveling. The attacks have been coming strong and hard for[...]
​Logistics for Bootcamp 102 Part 1~ Saturday, April 10th for approximately 1 hour ~ Experiential, Activations, Energetics ​Part 2 ~[...]
At this point it’s obvious we’re in a Spiritual War of Light vs. Dark of epic proportions. The effects of[...]
Searching for eco-conscious apparel? Look no further than this unisex recycled t-shirt. It's made from 100% recycled fabric that's never[...]
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