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Seal of Integrity - Free Gift

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This Experiential Tool is meant to be engaged with while you are lying down or at least sitting in stillness.

PLEASE do not engage with this while you’re driving a vehicle because... there’s potent Activation energy coming through for the entire 26 minutes, not JUST during the ​actual Activation at the end.

Heads Up... when I start to bring the Activation energy through, it sounds weird... my mouth moves very fast and the energy is very high vibration… it is very common to experience tingly sensations even for “new comers” to this kind of cutting-edge spiritual work / energy. If you don’t feel anything right away, that’s fine too... there is no “right way” to have your experience... it’s personal to you!

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Audio Transcript for Seal of Integrity Teaching Tool - Click Here

​​Thank you for engaging with this teaching tool, communication, insight, information and Activation in regards to The New Earth Seal of Integrity.  This is Deb, Deborah Pietsch of ‘Waking up with Deb’ and also ‘Wake Up Shift is Happening TV show’.

The importance of this information is that you are being brought into Alignment with the vibrational match of New Earth Integrity Principles and Foundations.

And the information and insight as well as the Activation here is intended for the purpose for you as you become more of the Master of your Energy Field as well as your Being-ness and your intention of engaging with the transformation that is occurring upon Mother Earth at this time.

It is now early September 2015 and we, I do believe are going to begin to see significant changes, transformations, Earth changes and all sorts of different things that most people wouldn’t expect to experience in one lifetime.

An accumulation of transformations that are being integrated into this New Earth Reality having to do with the Grid and the Vibrational Grid of this New Earth Reality timeline.  And the importance of this information there’s about ten different aspects to fold into this.

Your own relationship with integrity especially as it begins with Integrity with Yourself.  

As we lay the foundation for this New Earth Reality, it is imperative for each person to engage from a different set of willingness and aspects of Being-ness in order to be able to anchor the vibration and the vibratory field necessary in order to stay engaged with a new status quo of Being-ness that is necessary to continue to engage; well, first to Up-Level, then two, to continue to engage with this New Earth Reality.  Because so much of the experience of this old paradigm has been of deception and destruction as well as a very planned out Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening; the hijacking of the Great Awakening as well as the disruption of Universal Laws and FreeWill, it is imperative for each and every person to engage proactively within their Being-ness starting with their relationship within themselves to be willing to engage with the foundation and the principles that are a vibrational match for the New Earth Reality and the New Earth Timeline.

This teaching and Activation is designed to contribute to your well-being and also to create a simpatico relationship within yourself, first and foremost with the integrity necessary to move forward with an Alchemical Transformation and to be in detailed alignment, moment to moment, indebted to your own system and no-one else’s.  Now this is an internal Alchemical Transformation.  

Oh okay, indebted indentured, because what is coming through is about indentured.  You are not to be a slave to anyone.  This is your own Mastery and so this is important for you to engage that no-one is to be making or choosing or affecting your own Being-ness.  This is your FIELD, this is your relationship within yourself.

And that there are no indentured slaves; you are the Master of your reality and your internal well-being.  You are moving into Mastery of the Ascension process and how you engage with your own mastery internally, is absolutely imperative for your Ascension journey.  This is why you are coming into alignment with the vibration of this information otherwise it wouldn’t even have come into or accumulated or had an anchoring in your Field.

The importance of this information is that you maintain a relationship of Integrity within yourself, not only for your own well-being, but for the well-being of others and the integrity that is to come into alignment with your association with others as well as the integrity of association with the Celestial Being and body of Mother Earth and the other Sentient Beings upon this planet and the others that will be revealed to you through the process of “Disclosure”.

This will begin to be referred to as something else in the near future, but for now you will understand ‘disclosure’ as the disclosing of other beings upon your planet and other worldly experiences that have been experienced and accumulated by those that have not shared this so far, so much.  

So the importance of this Seal of Integrity is that you take it on board and you integrate it into every fiber and cell of your own Being-ness, in your heart even, in your heart and the essence of being in integrity with your own true essence.

It begins within; this is the job of the ‘inside job’.  This is the relationship that you have with yourself, the willingness to be Loving Thyself and to be in Integrity with the Soul Matrix, the Soul Essence, the Being-ness that you incarnated in order to bring forth, your Being-ness that you incarnated to bring forth upon this planet.  That that has only been the tip of the iceberg of what you have so far been able to experience and that part of this has to do with the Lack of Integrity of your own Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, relationship of Loving Thyself.  Now we say this, I say this, not as a judgement of a lack of integrity but from a perspective of, ‘it is what it is’.  

There has been an accumulation of lack of integrity that has accumulated as a very powerful mass consciousness in and around all aspects of humanity’s experience.  

This is the opportunity for you and what is being presented here, is for you to shine a light, like a flash light of awareness on your own blind spots and what is being asked of you is to surrender to your own, within yourself and allow your ego to take a backseat while you as the conscious being that you are, calls forth that that you are, calls forth that which you are out of integrity with.

And the reason I am speaking it slowly is because we’re actually Invoking that, if you choose at this time, that you invoke with your Higher Self and that you begin to call forth as a Conscious, Willing Being of Light, for any of the shadow aspects that lie within you, wherever you are out of Integrity, with your Highest Good, wherever you are out of Integrity with your own Self-Worth.  Wherever you are out of Integrity with Loving Thyself, that we will begin this journey, first and foremost laying the foundation for all of the aspects of where you are out of integrity, lacking integrity, for your own self-worth, loving yourself, being honest with yourself and even the accumulation of shadow aspects of self where there may be shame, where there may be blame, resentments, judgements, all of that and this is going to and what I’m speaking may actually need to have, you may need to be creating a new perspective with integrity.

Most people don’t have a relationship with integrity from the perspective of “Oh, I could be in a lack of integrity with my own self, if I have judgements, if I’m holding myself in a less than Loving Thyself wholeheartedly in the essence of your Being-ness’ you may not realize until this moment allow for this to sink in as a possibility.

You may not realize in this moment, that you have had a lack of integrity of self-love, honoring thyself, loving thyself and affiliating yourself with the integrity of all of the self-honoring; knowing thyself, this is where knowing thyself comes into play.  

It is important to have all of this aligned in integrity, with integrity and a big part of this is actually shining a light on all of the filters, all of the coping mechanisms, all of the ways that we have or you have accumulated a lack of integrity that is keeping you separate from the soul essence, your soul matrix, the true essence of the Glory of God Being that you have come to shine upon Mother Earth in this incarnation, through this incarnation.

This is just one level of lack of integrity and this is only just one level of the Seal of Integrity.

For as you begin to allow yourself to engage a relationship with knowing thyself and going to a much deeper resonance of your true essence. That at this time. If you have any emotion, any remembrance any experiences that you have coming to the fore front, anything that you have stuffed down, any feelings that we have been calling forth, that we are lovingly shining a light upon all of those vibrational aspects that are not in alignment with loving thyself.

As you take a couple of deep breathes and allow that life force energy to filter through all of your lungs and into your diaphragm and expanding throughout your torso, your heart charka, breathing in the love and breathing out the resentments, the fears, the challenges of staying in alignment with loving thyself, breathing in the love from Mother Earth, breathing out any of the blame that you are placed upon others for aspects of your journey.

Breathing in love, breathing out fears that you are not enough, that’s a big one.  Where may there be fears hiding out within your emotional body that you are not enough?  Allowing it to surface.

As we begin to Transmute now the intention of the Activation that will be coming forth is the transmuting of these aspects shadows of lack of Loving Thyself that show up as Lack of Integrity from being in alignment with the true essence of your Soul Matrix as a God Being of Light.

Being able and being willing and being in alignment with I AM That I AM.  

So each time you listen to this, that you are being given the opportunity to dive in to another level of willingness, another level of shining a light on the blind spot of your essence of Being-ness and to call forth any more of the shadow aspects where there has not been an integrity of Loving Thyself, Honoring Thyself and Knowing Thyself. We are working with the trinity of Alchemical Transformation: I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM Gratitude.

Now breathing again as you allow this all to surface, there are going to be experiences, very high probable, that you will have experiences, probability that will reveal more to you than even in this moment. It is your opportunity and job, to be CONSCIOUS about what is being revealed to you, how it is being revealed to you and when it is being revealed to you. There could be experiences where your dream experience is going to show you details, you are going to have a waking experience with somebody that mirrors back to you or shows you where you have been less than loving thyself, honoring thyself or knowing thyself. It is your opportunity to engage with each and every experience that you have from this moment forward.  

With the thought in mind ‘what can you learn from that experience? And or quite simply sometimes there are people or situations where there are projections that are going on that don’t have anything to do with what you have going on.  It is not always a mirroring, it is your opportunity to BE the conscious objective observer of your experience to find and to discover through the keys of your own discovery, if there is a golden nugget for you in each situation that is being brought forth.

Now with the Seal of Integrity, what is being discussed at this time is the basic level. This is Integrity of Self, there are other levels of integrity.  First and foremost it is important to have integrity within self, so as you bring forth these experiences, shadow and anything that is ready to be transmuted.  I am going to ask you to open your heart to your own self-love vibration and you may feel or think ‘what, does that look like?’ So what I am going to ask you to do is envision, visualize a flower beginning to be conjured from your heart chakra and the flower is a representation of your own self-love and it is a beautiful flower that represents the essence of who you are.  And as that flower grows it can only grow from the perspective of self-love and it’s not a perspective, it is a Being-ness, it’s a vibratory Being-ness of loving thyself.

It is a vibrational Being-ness of loving thyself and through that vibration we are calling forth all any of these shadows where there has been a lack of integrity and we now going to begin to transmute those energies at the origins.  Calling forth with your Higher Self for anything that is meant to be revealed to you as a learning insight or tool for it to be revealed to you and everything else that does not need to be known or accumulated in your awareness, that it is being transmuted so that you do come into alignment with integrity within self.

Open your heart and receive through me a Love of God as you align, we are bridging, as you align with the vibration of loving thyself and the intention of being in integrity with your soul essence, the true essence of your soul matrix.


And also as you align with your Higher Self that the intention that you are setting forth is for all of your Being-ness to be in alignment with Integrity within yourself.


It begins with your heart, as well as with your mind, and the knowingness and the willingness for what is in your Highest Good to be revealed through you and to you, so that you can further transmute and discard.

I am Activating the true essence of:    I AM That I AM to be revealed to you.

An accumulation of heart and soul vibration and bridging. It cannot occur when there is a separation and a lack of integrity.

These are now the Teachings of Yeshua, Mary and Deb.

Calling forth the essence of integrity to come forth in full force to be revealed through me, this is you speaking, I am allowing from my Highest Good only and my Highest Divine Truth to be revealed wherever I am not a vibrational match with the Highest Integrity of Loving Thyself, Honouring Thyself and knowing thyself.

I AM That, I AM.

I AM That, I AM.

First phase is now complete in this series of Activations.

Feedback & Reviews

​This FREE gift was launched in Apr 2020. Please come back here after 7 days of using the tool to leave a review. 

  • Jan W says:

    I have been working with Deb and Scott for quite a few years now. After all this time and the work put in, both personally and thru activations/sessions with Deb, I was pretty confident that I was on top of my Integrity with Self game. I downloaded this tool today and almost immediately became overwhelmed with the knowingness that I am NOT on top of being in Integrity with Self. Throughout the discussion that Deb has on this tool, more and more issues became apparent to me. I do have shadow aspects having to do with shame, blame and judgment. Lots of judgment of Self. Funny how even without speaking out loud, our thoughts about ourselves are revealed. I realize that I will want and need to spend a lot of time with this tool to release and forgive lots of past issues. Easy to say but will take a lot of work. I broke into tears when Deb started talking about shadow aspects and gave examples. It was a very emotional experience and certainly an eye-opening experience. I look forward to using this tool as I heal, forgive, and truly begin to Love ThySelf, take control of my own wellbeing, and just continue on this great ascension journey of enlightenment.

  • Jude / Aus says:

    This is a great tool for helping you to delve into those aspects we ignore or hide from. I had a really big dream after listening to this, which reinforced one big shadow aspect to do with my family of origin. If you want to do the work, start here, its worth the effort

    • Deborah says:

      Ohhhh Jude, thank you for the feedback! That is awesome that you had this experience AND very very normal… the tools are so powerful. It’s great to received the review and feedback with people that are new to my / our work. Keep us posted and hope to see you in the Community!

  • Aliceray G says:

    Thank you so much for the gift

  • Lucia says:

    I have worked with Deb’s field clearing tool and didn’t expect for so much to come up with me, but almost immediately, and for the entire week I am contacted by ex boyfriends that I had unresolved issues with me. I feel like I did a good job being graceful with everyone and moved them all towards forgiving me and forgiving myself for doing the same thing over and over again!! I kept hearing Deb’s voice in my head. I’m staying in my integrity to myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Deb and Scott. you guys rock. love love love Lucia

    • ScottyB says:

      Wow Lucia. That’s pretty awesome… and yet not uncommon. Deb worked with someone directly in LA in 2018 shooting reality show footage, who was contacted by two ex partners – one within 10 min of her on camera session, the other within 2 hours. Glad the tool helped you.

  • Marian says:

    After downloading and using this tool I realized how much denial I have been in regarding my life long addictions. If I am to move forward and transcend them I am going to have to let these go and forgive myself. I am seeking outside help. I am admitting (which is hard to do because of the shame) that I am an alcoholic and need help. Also I had a really cool dream afterwards. It was an aha moment in regards to choices. It’s too complicated to explain but I know it was from my higher self. Looking forward to all the goodness coming my way.

    • Deborah says:

      YES! How awesome for you! I’m not surprised because this has happened so much via the private sessions and in the webinars and retreats… BUT EVERY SINGLE TIME someone experiences anything from an ah-ha to a deep revelation to healing something at the origin and shares that truth, I get very excited and feel so blessed and humbled. Thank you so much for being willing to share in a public forum so vulnerably your truth… I’m here and can support with the addiction if that resonates. Good for you… you can do this! So much Love to you! Deb

  • Vicki F says:

    Yes I feel my energies clearing somewhat.. certainly ready to move on to Clearing Your Field 101 !!

  • Jessica says:

    Thank you for this. I am an empath and lowered my frequency to help someone. They took a lot from me and I was struggling to get back. This helped so much and came at the perfect time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Kasha says:

    I just wanted to share this experience. This is my first time to listen to this audio. I have to confess I was only really half listening. Then before you even did the energy work I noticed energies detaching themselves from me. I was shocked. Shadows I didn’t know were there, energies that no longer served me were, and again I use the word detaching as it best describes what was happening. Deepest gratitude to you.

  • >