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Earth Day Mount Shasta Retreat - Combo

Earth Day Mount Shasta Retreat April 23-28th

Activate your journey by stepping into the powerful, highly charged, pristine energy of our Unified Field of Light at our Mount Shasta (A.R.C) Ascension Retreat Center. After 4 years ...

Mt Shasta Solstice Retreat 2021

Mount Shasta June Solstice Retreat June 16-24

More details coming soon... Reigster your interest below. Retreats in Mt ShastaMount Shasta is known for its highly active spiritual community and the power of the mountain. Much of it ...

God's Coating of Light Activation - DVD case

God’s Coating of Light Activation

God's "Coating of Light" Activation  Transformational, Experiential & Alchemy for Up-leveling. The attacks have been coming strong and hard for a long time from friends, family and even the ...

Spiritual War Bootcamp 102

Spiritual War Bootcamp Webinar 102 ~ Live Event Recording

​Logistics for Bootcamp 102 Part 1~ Saturday, April 10th for approximately 1 hour ~ Experiential, Activations, Energetics ​Part 2 ~ Sunday, April 11th for approx. 2 hours ~ Tuning ...

Webinar - Spiritual War Bootcamp 101

Spiritual War Bootcamp Webinar 101 ~ Live Event Recording

At this point it’s obvious we’re in a Spiritual War of Light vs. Dark of epic proportions. The effects of Infiltration, Satanic Ritual and Conjured Dark Force Energies that ...

The Red Pill Doesn’t Hurt… Much – Unisex recycled t-shirt

Searching for eco-conscious apparel? Look no further than this unisex recycled t-shirt. It’s made from 100% recycled fabric that’s never re-dyed, saving energy and water, while also reducing pollutants ...

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