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Transcend The Matrix Red Pill Remedy Calm Scott Bartle Deb Pietsch

​This experiential tool is a Guided Experiential Experience with Activations as well as Transmuting of energies not serving Your Highest Good.  It’s totally unique to anything Deb has released to the public so far. Recalibrating your core codes and essence to a new Calm & Peaceful Center Point while teaching you how to engage this on your own.  It is a powerful part of your Foundational Transcending Toolkit.

As the layers of deception are revealed in the macrocosm of the world, your personal life, may experience the same revealing…this Recalibration tool and Activation will gently guide you to a new place of peace & calm while Activating and up-leveling your core center point. This tool will provide you with the ability to "weather the storm" of the necessary changes for the transition through the Great Awakening..

It is geared towards addressing the “upheaval” of the potentially unnerving experiences of daily life and the macrocosm Shifts that are occurring. So If you are experiencing anxiety, agitation, frustration or even rage about aspects of your personal life or the shadows (deceptions & hidden agendas to name a few) being revealed in the world, then this tool is for you. You cannot manifest and create reality when your Core is vibrating at a low vibration - no matter what “Self speak or talk you engage with”. Even viewing the unfolding world events with dismay, affects your ability to create. 

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