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  • 11:11 Prosperity Unified Field Activation Webinar ~ To Create Compression Point Breakthrough

11:11 Prosperity Unified Field Activation Webinar ~ To Create Compression Point Breakthrough


2 hours of live, interactive & experiential webinar with Deborah Pietsch and Scott Bartle. Activating you with 11:11 Codes and immersed in our powerful Unified Field of Light. The recording is a powerful Activation Tool that will assist you in continuing to Up-Level for quite a while!!! UPDATE: Price Increases to $77 Friday, Dec. 10th @ 8pm PST


Activating Your 11:11 Prosperity Codes
To Create A Compression Point Breakthrough For You and for Humanity

Many people are seeing the powerful codes 1:11 and 11:11 this year -
Are you one of them? It's probably a sign to ENGAGE & Activate!

God and my Guides - the Hosts of Heaven and Guardians of the Planet LightBeings - have asked me to put the (Clarion) call out to gather everyone from the Patriots to the Lightworkers and everyone in between! So we can collectively Build the Bridge of Free Will AND God’s Will for Humanity to THRIVE... 

How? by Powerfully Activating You and this Unified Field of Light for Prosperity. I have not gotten the guidance to do something specific for 11:11 since 2015 or even 2014... We are reaching a precipice in order for us, humanity, to IGNITE a Compression Point Breakthrough!      Now is the Time!

  • It’s Time… For You to have your 11:11 DNA and Light codes for Prosperity be Activated.
  • It’s Time… For the 11:11 Unified Field of Light for Humanity’s Prosperity to be Activated and for you to be a part of that Unified Field.
  • It’s Time... To blast open the Flood Gates of Prosperity for Humanity… That Will Then Instigate the Abundance Dominoes for All Resources For Humanity to Thrive to Be Released.

We MUST Level the Playing Field from the “rigged” financial system and the many, many ways the “controllers” manipulate our reality to create the LACK vibration and experiences. We must CALL INTO our reality for Humanity’s Vault of Prosperity to be RELEASED!!  

We Must Proclaim Prosperity as God’s Will for us, vs. being enslaved by the financial debt, means and lack that is currently playing out in so many ways.

Just like anything you desire, you want or you need, 
you have to engage with the intentions of manifesting it

Prosperity and Abundance is no exception

And not only is it no exception, the actions, beingness and energetic engagement is actually NEEDED MORE FOR PROSPERITY than most other elements of this reality.

Why? Because there are so many aspects to this reality that DO NOT want you to have it or BE it!  You need to think about it. You need to research it. You need to work with the energy of it. You need to keep your vibration around that desired intention clear and clean. And being a part of a Unified Field with others that are "Calling in Prosperity" is very very powerful.

Why? Why must we work on engaging with Prosperity more? Because there are a lot of elements of our reality that do not want humanity to thrive, to evolve, to prosper… instead they want to keep humanity down and controllable in any way they can. 

That can be very difficult when there are quite a few ways that are used to block you from the natural flow of “currency”... 

If you’ve been experiencing that “groundhog day loop” for weeks, months or years, you’re not alone. The Matrix is a real energetic construct and reality that most humans are “stuck in” right now. 




It’s Time:

To Pro-Actively & Consciously Build the BRIDGE of Free Will & God’s Will 

It’s Time:

For Humanity Unify to Level the Playing Field from the Enslavement Matrix to the Betterment of Humanity Timeline

It’s Time:

For Patriots, Lightworkers and Everyone In Between, To Unite to Level the Playing Field for all of Humanity

It’s Time:

Alchemical Transformation Individually as Well as Collectively

It’s Time ~ To Transmute the Great Divide that Has Been Orchestrated and
Designed by the Controllers, Globalists, Satanists and Weak Leaders

Your commitment to your own Prosperity is needed for YOUR life AND for God’s Will to come roaring through for Humanity’s Prosperity Vault to come flooded into our reality!

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and engage in some very powerful energy plus clearing blocks and beliefs that are not serving you in your Highest Good, then register with joy and excitement as you begin the manifestation of transforming your Prosperity Consciousness, Beingness and Experience!

11:11 Compression Point Breakthrough & Prosperity Activation on 11-11-21

Are You Aware of Demonic Entities
In the World Now More Than You Were in 2019?

Would you like to become an empowered, powerful and Activated Ninja Demon Slayer, that can hold the space for and manifest your heart's desires? Coming Soon ... Ninja Demon Slayer Training!