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  • 12:12 & 12:21 Holiday Joy & Prosperity Activation Webinars Live From Mt. Shasta Unified Field of Light

12:12 & 12:21 Holiday Joy & Prosperity Activation Webinars Live From Mt. Shasta Unified Field of Light


LIVE FROM OUR ACTIVATED MOUNT SHASTA UNIFIED FIELD SPIRITUAL RETREAT CENTER! This is a 2 Part Live Webinar Series 12:12 & 12:21 ~ 1.5 to 2 hours each of Live Engagement Activation, Insight, Wisdom & Transmuting that will powerfully assist you in engaging with this Expansion Zone in high vibration, joy & celebration as YOU engage as a BRIDGE OF LIGHT for HUMANITY’s EVOLUTION. Recording becomes a powerful Experiential Activation Tool to continue engaging your up-leveling. We are “springboarding” and “building” a foundation from the 11:11 Prosperity Activation Webinar. You can get that here if you’d like to “Bridge the Insights & Activations”


Activate Your Joy, Prosperity and the Sense of Magic That May Elude You Around the Holidays AND During the Great Divide of the Great Awakening 

Transmute Challenges, "Low Hanging Fruit" Heart-Ache & Coping Mechanisms  Enjoy the Holiday Season As It’s Meant To Be

We are entering into another Expansion Gateway or "Zone". Last month we started what's going to be an ongoing series of Expansion Gateway / Zone Activations. Each Activation webinar will build upon each other to create a continuous and powerful Transformational Journey. This 12:12 Expansion Gateway is focusing on RAISING your "Joy Factor"! Below are more details about the "holiday" aspect. The 12:21 is the Solstice - Winter for Norther Hemisphere and Summer for Southern Hemisphere. We are DEEPLY working on PROSPERITY and being at cause to create a Compression Point Breakthrough... That was the 11:11 Prosperity Activation webinar, focus point. We will be building on that, as we weave the insight, wisdom AND Activation together with the "Holiday Joy Activation"... Please read and absorb all of the details below...  This is going to be a "packed" experience!

Expansion Zone:

Part 1 ~ 12: 12 - Dec 12th     &    Part 2 ~  12:21 - Dec. 21st

2 Part Live Webinar Series 

Increases to $99 in 2022

Recording Becomes a Powerful Experiential Tool to Continue Clearing, Activating and Building Your Field of Light & Soul Evolution

The holiday season is meant to be a time of great joy and celebration of life. No matter what your religious or spiritual upbringing, current beliefs or traditions are or have been. This time of year has commonly been the “season” of getting together with friends and family, as well as the one time of the year that people really make the effort to get together and CELEBRATE LIFE all around the world.

  • Are you part of the "Great Divide" of the Great Awakening pertaining to family that you would normally spend holiday time with?

  • Are you finding it difficult to participate in the holiday spirit because of so much BS and challenges in the world?

  • Have you had "red pill" experiences that have left you feeling disillusioned about the holidays and some of the nefarious meanings behind them?

Being the Bridge of Light That Humanity Needs Right Now!

Some or all of that might be true in your reality, which is making it increasingly harder for many people to feel true Joy beyond the dense and dark aspects of life being revealed. BUT / AND KNOW THIS… THE WORLD AND HUMANITY NEEDS YOU TO BE JOYFUL AND ENGAGING IN YOUR HEART - JOYFULLY RIGHT NOW… and so does YOUR SOUL!

Repeat: The World and Humanity Needs You to Be in High Vibration Joy and Engaging In Your Heart JOYFULLY Right Now, and So Does Your Soul!


Because This "Time" of Year Is So Important for Expansion, Birthing, Re-birthing and Engaging with Gratitude and Joy... no matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are.... As we are moving through this Great Awakening Transition, everyone is at Choice Point to focus on so much, including BUILDING YOUR BRIDGE OF LIGHT with the New Earth Timeline with your heart’s desires and high vibration life experiences. 

This Expansion Zone, including the Solstice, is very important to you and to the world...  that there’s special music for this “season”, as well as lots of holiday parties, new clothes are purchased for this season. And then of course, there’s the gift giving and special, traditional meals, traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. There are many movies that are focused on this season AND Hollywood utilizes Christmas Day as a huge marketing focus for blockbuster movies to be released on. So there’s a LOT of tradition, focused energy and high expectations around this time of year to say the least!

It’s also an important time for many people to engage with Inner Self Reflection and to look at the past year from the perspectives of:

  1. What worked for you?
  2. What didn’t work for you?
  3. What needs improvement?
  4. What needs to be "let go of"?

... so that you can look forward to what you want and intend for the “new year”.

Action Steps For Preparing to Engage AND Engagement During Will Be...

Once you sign up, you'll receive several emails that will assist you in preparing for this powerful Expansion Time; including the gentle cleansing and essential oil suggestion described below.

Additionally, you will be given Actions Steps / Life work to engage with between Part 1 and Part 2 of this 2 part webinar experience.

Viewing The Replay

Once the webinar is completed, we will make some edits and host the recording on a page here at Transcend The Matrix. To access this page, you will receive an email after your purchase with login details. 

If you have already purchased something through Transcend The Matrix, your password will not be sent a second time. If you have forgotten your password, you can trigger a reset from the login page. Look under the "Home" menu for the login link.

The Replay will be accessible from a link beneath the "Webinars" menu on most pages of the site. Until the recording has been edited, it will show a "placeholder" image instead of the video.

The Challenges of this time of year:

With all of what the holiday season is meant to be and CAN be, it can also be the most challenging time of year as well. It's typical for people to be challenged by an array of issues... do any of the list of typical issues below resonate with you?

  • Family stuff comes up
  • Being alone, but wanting to be in a partnership that matches your heart, beliefs, physical and mental desires
  • Being with someone you are no longer a good match with and stuff comes up. Not being able to make the conscious, physical and financial break from a relationship that has grown in different directions
  • Not feeling good about oneself comes up. Not Loving ThySelf, or deeply cherishing who you are
  • Not having enough financial prosperity to engage with all of the gift giving you may want to do - Prosperity issues

That Was All Typical BEFORE COVID - Now There's A Lot More Challenges To Deal With!

Including The BIG ONE...

We all see it, most of us have experienced it and during this time of year, it’s “more in our face” than throughout the year…

What is it? 

It’s The Broken Hearts From The Great Divide of the Great Awakening

What Is The Great Divide of the Great Awakening?

It's what’s showing up as the dark agenda has taken shape, revealing our differences in our Beliefs, Willingness to do research, Free Will choices and even coerced choices that have divided families, tribes, friends, communities and even countries.

  • It’s Covid
  • It's family & friends that have gone different directions in decision making
  • It’s the vaccines or the "jab"
  • It's the realization that there are dark agendas playing out - having been "red pilled" or awake and seeing how others are still not awake 
  • It’s government that may be fraudulent
  • It's the understanding of just how deep the issues go
  • It’s January 6th
  • It's the fear and heartache of knowing how many people are suffering in the world
  • It's the human trafficking and pedophilia that's become a common conversation
  • It's the heartbreak of the pain that is being done and you can't do a lot about it yet
  • It's the evil being revealed in many or almost all aspects of our lives and infrastructure
  • It’s, It's It's all of this and so much more… 

Just reading that list may evoke a stirring in your heart or even emotion coming to the surface... it's there and it's real and we're going to focus on transmuting and shifting that...

The Great Divide of the Great Awakening must be healed in your heart so that you can move forward... and BE the Bridge of Light You Are Here to Be

How Will You Benefit and What Can You Expect From This 2 part Webinar? 

You will become a part of our ongoing Unified Field of Light that holds a powerful Field for your Intentions of healing, clearing, experiencing joy and claiming your God Given Right to Prosperity to flow with Grace & Ease!

We will be “Unpacking & Revealing” some of your "low hanging fruit" of emotional challenges... 

Then Transmuting them at the Core and...

Then ReCalibrating You To New Codes & Frequencies via Activation and your pro-active engagement of Releasing, Healing and Your Strong Intentions of Creating a New Experience and Reality For YourSelf and The World 

~The Power of the Unified Field of Light is REAL ~

As we always do, we become your "Partner of Light", holding the space for your Highest Good, Highest Truth and Divine Alignment. When you pro-actively engage with this Unified Field of Light, you have a greater capacity to experiences shifts, transformations, birthing ideas and consciousness, as well as knowing that we are holding a safe and sacred space, AND from the comfort of your own home, which, hopefully you have a safe, sacred space you can engage "from" and "in"?

We are also building from the 11:11 Prosperity Activation ~ We've included below some powerful testimonials from people that engaged with the 11:11 Prosperity Activation Webinar, "Creating a Compression Point Breakthrough"!! That 11:11 Prosperity Activation recorded webinar is available via this link or by going to the menu "Webinars" on the Transcend The Matrix website. You'll need to pay for it if you haven't yet. It's powerful.

How else will you benefit:?

Through the insights, wisdom and information that will be Communicated, aspects of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body will relax, as you open your heart and optimize your experience of bringing to the surface:

  • Heart-ache
  • Pain from experiences
  • Financial challenges
  • Woundedness
  • Triggers
  • Any of the obstacles that are YOUR “low hanging fruit” issues that are blocking you from experiencing joy and celebration
Holiday Joy & Prosperity Activation

We are going to build momentum in Part 1 of bringing your “stuff” to the surface so that it can be TRANSMUTED at the origin. We'll be transmuting the challenges based on “what goes up, must come down”, mentality, “what goes in, must come out”... and that includes "stuffed emotions" AND what you may be carrying for other people, or Humanity or the Planet HerSelf.

TRANSMUTING is the energetic action we’ll be engaging in to clear away the stuck energies that also cause and create “triggers” to show up in your day to day life.

We are going to focus on Activating different aspects of your HEART so that you ReCalibrate to a higher level of Joy, Happiness and desire to Celebrate Life and the Holiday Season. It’s vitally important for you and for the rest of us, that you’re holding a powerful field of Light and Love and Joy!

WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN ‘WAITING FOR’ and it is up to you and each of us to keep our vibration high, so that the Bridging of the New Earth Timeline can take shape. The 12:12 date is also recognize as a portal or gateway that people can engage with as Codes are Transmitted and Light is Activated. It’s a lot of deep transformation which is why we’re making this webinar Part 1 and Part 2. 

Supporting Your Physical Body & Essence In the Expansion Zone 
with Some Gentle Cleansing!

Bringing our physical bodies into the mix of what we are doing / engaging, releasing and Activation by doing some gentle cleansing. This will be especially helpful for the toxins emotionally, as well as physically AND energetically that you're going to be TRANSMUTING!! 

Gentle Cleansing suggestions include:

  • Activated Charcoal to assist with the drawing "out" the toxins
  • Conscious Choice Eating
  • Drinking a lot of water to support in "carrying" the released energy out of your body
  • Additional support with the essential oil "JOY" from Young Living Essential Oils. Or another brand that you may resonate with. 

You have 9 days from our Part 1 to Part 2 ~ It's up to you to utilize that "time and space" wisely while you're IN the Unified Field of Light's Expansion Zone 

Part 2 -  Held Tuesday, December 21st 

You'll Have 9 Days to Engage with Healing, Shifting Your Vibration, Engaging with the Action Steps From Part 1 to part 2 ~ To Activate Your Joy, Celebration of Life and the Holidays

It takes COURAGE right now to engage with life in a way that you intend to be Joyful, Thriving, loving ThySelf and a Powerful Field of Light for the world. You Can Do THIS ~ and We Are In This Together!

Part 2 is going to include Q & A with Deb and Scott, as well as YOU sharing about your experiences of engaging in the Action Steps Homework… with courage!

You will be BUILDING YOUR BRIDGE of the New Earth Timeline with your heart’s desires and high vibration life experiences

You will be receiving detailed Action Steps and “homework” to engage with between Part 1 and Part 2.

 You want results
We want results for you! 

We want evidence that you ARE increasing your Joy and Celebration of Life!  You Want Evidence Too!

Everyone Moving Forward must dismantle from all aspects of the “old paradigm” ~ elements that do not serve you... this is a major aspect of your "Journey of Evolution" through The Great Awakening Transition!
Engagement Details

These webinars will be hosted by Zoom.

After your purchase, you should receive a confirmation email from Zoom for each of the two webinars. This email is delivered by Zoom – please make sure the email address you provide is correct… it is the primary cause for non-delivery.

Additionally, you will receive a series of reminder emails for the webinars, sent by Zoom. They are delivered 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour from the webinar, so they depend on when you register. Again, please check your email address is correct during checkout.

The confirmation and reminder emails will have the unique joining link for the webinar. They are unique to you – please do not share them with others as they will not work.

If you do not receive the confirmation emails, please first check your spam folder (or Promotions folder within Gmail). You can contact us at support@transcendthematrix.com if nothing is received.

Viewing the Replay

​Once the webinar is completed, we will make some edits and host the recording on a page here at Transcend The Matrix. To access this page, you will receive an email after your purchase with login details.

If you have already purchased something through Transcend The Matrix, your password will not be sent a second time. If you have forgotten your password, you can trigger a reset from the login page. Look under the "Home" menu for the login link.