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  • Clearing Your Field ~ Morning Engagement & Mer”KA”ba Activation

Clearing Your Field ~ Morning Engagement & Mer”KA”ba Activation


This mp3 Digital Download presented by Deb Pietsch, is a cutting-edge EXPERIENTIAL TOOL and beginner-phase Activation of your Mer”KA”ba; to assist you coming back into this dimension after a night of sleeping.

When we are asleep we are not in the same conscious reality or dimension than when we are during our “waking” time. We are not usually in the same “programs” of this time-space-continuum either.

Unfortunately this is a time that “other” energies can “play around” in your energy field, as well as affect your daily activity in THIS dimension.

When we are not sitting / being on our I AM Presence Throne – we leave ourselves wide open for a multitude of interference and infiltration.

Deb guides you through the journey to:

  • Re-establish your energies back into this time-space-continuum and dimension
  • Reconnecting and grounding your physical vessel and
  • Activating your MerKAba
  • Setting the trajectory of your day ahead of you with your Activated MerKAba

As well as consciously calling forth the Beingness of your I AM Presence as you Act intentionally to clear your field for the day ahead of you.

This is also to begin the energy calibration of your field as you start getting used to engaging with your Mer”KA”ba.

[Duration 11min 47s]

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NOTE: We recommend this mp3 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD be downloaded to a computer first before transferring to a smart phone or an iPad. Tools may be downloaded to SOME smart phones or iPads, but is a more advanced 'tech skill'. If in any doubt, please download to a computer only. See https://transcendthematrix.com/digital-downloads/ for more details.