Clearing Your Field for Nighttime Intentions & Activity

Clearing Your Field for Nighttime Intentions & Activity


This mp3 digital download presented by Deb Pietsch, is a cutting-edge EXPERIENTIAL TOOL and beginner-phase Activation of your Mer”KA”ba; to assist you coming back into this dimension after a night of sleeping.


Even during sleep we can engage with, and be engaged with by energies that are not in our Highest Good; these energies can (easily) “follow us” back into this dimension and affect our daily lives… see the “Clearing Your Field Morning Engagement Tool”

This is the process that Deb & Scott began utilizing before going to sleep as more and more “dream experiences” began revealing many details. Deborah Pietsch guides you with this tool as you prepare for sleep or as you fall asleep.

[Duration 9min 57s]

set the intention for your nighttime experience to be utilized for:

... Lessons, Guidance, Healing, and even Initiations.

While our physical body rests during sleep, usually there’s a LOT more going on multi-dimensionally than most of us “remember” in this dimension…A Lot! This is a time in which we can be very, very active multi-dimensionally AND also be interfered with.

We can also be quite “productive” during this sleep time, when we choose to properly engage with our Higher Selves, Guides, Intentions and STILL being on our I AM Presence “throne”.

This Experiential Tool has you engage in:

  • Clearing your field
  • Staying on your I AM PRESENCE THRONE while you’re traversing dimensions AND
  • Exercising your Free Will
  • Aligning with Prime Creator and your Higher Self, AS WELL AS “bridging insights & information” into THIS dimension to support your waking daily life.
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Please note: This mp3 digital download must be downloaded to a computer first – it’s not an app that can be downloaded to a phone or an iPad. You will have 3 download “tries” before the file will expire and then you will not be able to access it again. So PLEASE download it to a computer only!!

  • Jonathan says:

    This is an excellent tool I’ve been using for years before bed that helps me sleep better. This helps clear your mental, physical, and spiritual self from the ending day and sets your intentions for evening sleep in our multi-dimensional realities. When we sleep it is a time that unseen negative energies can creep in and infiltrate. This tool helps protect and clear you, and then sets positive intentions. Deb leads you into sleep mode with her gentle and calming voice. “And so it is”. Recommend!

    • Deborah says:

      Yup and so many people / majority of people don’t realize how much activity is going on during the body rest time, good and NOT good… regardless of whether you remember it or not. So it’s very important to take charge of your energy field and intentions during that time too!

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