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Clearing Your Field 101 ~ Begin Here! Special Offer

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This is THE FOUNDATIONAL experiential tool for EVERYTHING Deb and Scott engage with. Deb engages you in breathing, identifying phrases, creating a relationship with your energy field and focuses on Chakras 1-4 (Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral / Creation and Root).  You will gain insight as well as learn how to clear these vital energy centers. It provides you with the foundational awareness and abilities to build upon in the progression of mastering becoming an Untouchable.

This is an mp3 Digital Download.

Tired of Challenges, Struggling Financially, Dreams Not Coming To Fruition & Not Being Happy?

Watch this short video for what might be Occurring

What IF... There Are Reasons For These Struggles You Can't Clearly See?

Yes, life has taken a challenging turn in 2020. Some have experienced many challenging twists in 2020. Many people are struggling or challenged because of these unexpected twists, AND the challenges did not just magically appear in 2020, there have been serious issues, deceptions and dark energies playing out for several decades; it's just all coming to a "visible collective consciousness head right now!"

Chances are though, that your day to day life hasn't been super easy, aligned with Grace & Ease, incredible abundance, magnificent health and loving relationships that have no issues for a while, right? Chances are, that it's been the opposite of that? Or at least several aspects of your life have continuous disappointment, dis-heartening and dis-empowering experiences. Or you're often blind-side by unexpected things happening around you and TO you?

What IF... The Cause has been
"out of your control"...? Until Now.

Welcome to the Designed Assault Against Humanity's Awakening:

Are you having experiences that leave you confused, bewildered and in a state of "WTF"?

  • People acting in totally illogical ways
  • Relationships blowing up unexpectedly 
  • Financial endeavors not coming to fruition that should have been a 'slam dunk'?
  • Unexpected health issues 

WHAT IF... I told you that there's a high probability there are reasons that are unknown to you, unseen by anyone and fall into the realm of "you don't know what you don't know" that are either CAUSING these challenges or at least exacerbating them?

WHAT IF... these experiences increased the more you "awakened" to so many of the truths AND the deceptions that have been being revealed in the last several years especially?

My name is Deborah Pietsch and I started noticing these kind of experiences back in 2005, which lead me on a very unexpected journey of discovery. After my powerful awakening in 1987, I excelled in so many ways and then everything turned to shit! Nothing I did after years of working with conscious, spiritual tools, would shift my day to experiences of one "fucked up situation after another"... until I had my next deep awakening in 2010. If you haven't watched the video above, then please watch it. I share how I went from being an award winning (Hollywood) producer to a cutting-edge, multi-dimensional spiritual teacher Masterfully recognizing and "clearing" entities, anomalies and uninvited energies in people's life. And then teaching my clients & students from around the world how to do this for themselves via experiential tools.

After 1000+ private sessions with profound, noticeable results, I have the evidence and confirmations I would want anyone I was going to listen to, engage with, or give my valuable attention or time to, to have.

Your Life Is Not a Game, When Your Energy Field "Isn't Clear"... Shit Happens!

Excuse the language, but your life is not a game and this is a serious matter that deserves serious conversation. I know how much life sucks when you can't make ends meet or have relationships that are filled with drama and trauma.

Your energy field is like your house or your car. Would you leave them unlocked if you knew there was predator people that wanted to steal what you have or just "mess with you" to create chaos or distraction? No.

You've been taught to lock your doors, windows and car, but have you been taught to do the same with your Energy field? Probably not. Your energy field consists of everything in life... think about this list:

  • Your house, apartment and property
  • Your car
  • Your friends
  • Your family
  • Your work associates / colleagues
  • Your place of work whether you are in an office or working from wherever you are
  • Your financial accounts, bank accounts
  • Your heart's desires, visions, dreams, projects
  • Your thoughts

If you're not used to thinking about your energy field, then this list is one of the most important lists for you to Activate into your thought process as you intend and desire changes and shifts

You cant see the air we breath ~ Neither can we see See Infiltration Energies

In the same way we can't "see" the air we breath, we know it's there, we know we're breathing it because we feel it.  We also know when there's crap in the air we're breathing, like dust or bugs, because we get EVIDENCE of that by coughing or feeling it when we breath in and out. We know we need to keep breathing oxygen to keep living. 

Most likely you weren't taught about infiltration energies, entities, anomalies or how people, and yes it's often the people we're closest to or HAVE to engage with because of a job situation, that can interfere in your field and well-being.

Infiltration ~ Knowing What to Look For

Would you like to know what to even look for and how to recognize when someone is being used to interfere in your life? Wouldn't it be empowering to know what to look for AND then know how to Masterfully Clear the energy out of your field, and the yucky affect it has in your physical body, emotional well-being, continuous thoughts and much more?

WHATI IF... that can get into your energy field? You wouldn't know what to look for as evidence and you wouldn't know or trust how it would "feel" if these things were present, would you?

Life Has Not Been A Level Playing Field... 

It's Time to Change That!

When I first started learning about infiltration energies via my telepathic communication with God and my Beings of Light Guides, I could hardly believe what I was being told. But coupled with the evidence and confirmations of what I was experiencing and what was showing up in my life, it provided me with the trust to keep forging forward with the details coming through. 

Since about 2011 I knew without a shadow of doubt that most of humanity is not living or existing in a level playing field. Since then I've compared and likened this to being in a game of baseball (or cricket) but in actuality we're in a game of football being tackled by non-physical beings, entities and anomalies that have a consciousness of wanting to create chaos, distortion, pain and even suffering in your daily life. We have been engaged in an unseen Enslavement Matrix that we are Awakening from.

What was made very clear to me back in 2010 is this: the MORE YOU AWAKEN, the MORE YOU RAISE YOUR VIBRATION, and "raise your head above the Enslavement Matrix", the more you get noticed by these (unseen) energies. That's when the infiltration increases, the "whack-a-mole" of wreaking havoc with your daily life via illogical and unexplained distortions and distractions of financial stress, relationship challenges, job, career and project issues and yes, health and well-being. This may not be an easy "nut" to swallow. I know, it wasn't for me. It was scary and it pissed me off... really pissed me off! But I became empowered through the years as I was taught what to do about it and the results, evidence and confirmations continued to show up in my life and then the lives of my clients & students!

As you start to take this in, there are a few things I'd like to bring to the conversation at this point...

This is not about being a victim to these energies or information; quite the contrary. It's about knowledge, solutions and becoming Masterful as a Warrior of Light so you become, among other aspects of Awakening, an Untouchable.

  1. In case you're in disbelief, think back to the end of the year 2019. As you were engaging with the holidays, did you ever think that most of the world would go into some sort of "lockdown" with schools and businesses closing all over the world?
  2. Did you ever think you would be required to wear a mask to go into a grocery store for eggs?
  3. Did you ever think you'd see U.S. cities experiencing riots that were being called peaceful protests?

If you answered "NO" to any of these, then my invitation is to keep reading. 

The Light Is Being Shined on Nefarious People with Agendas that Are Not Aligned with Freedoms or Based in Love

In addition to unexpected lockdowns, riots and masks, finally people are awakening to the nefarious rituals, ceremonies and activities that many of the political leaders AND corporate heads seem to be involved in behind closed doors. These so called authorities exist in and perpetrate a dark world that is NOT for the expansion of God, of Love, of Light, of Peace, of Prosperity & Well Being for all beings.

What evidence of these dark agendas are possibly showing up in your life?

Are you joyfully experiencing harmonious, beautiful loving relationships that continue to flourish?

Are you experiencing wealth and abundance to engage all of your heart's desires, projects, life dreams?

Are you healthy & expressive in all aspects of your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional beingness? 

Busting Up a Few Myths...

  • Myth #1:  It Wasn't Meant to Be.. Have you had things fall apart or not come to fruition that you truly wanted to happen, that were true heart's desires; a relationship, a car, a job, a project... but when it didn't happen, you comforted yourself by reverting to, "I guess it wasn't meant to be". WHAT IF... there was outside interference that created distortion energy, or a distraction to shift you off base or simple blocked the energy of alignment?
  • Myth #2: If I engage with dark energies, that's what I'll attract... WRONG!  We have been told that in certain spiritual teachings for a long time, but the truth of that MYTH is this... you are meant to become powerful beyond measure from the inside out; to MASTERFULLY Clear these energies, entities, anomalies and people from your life. These low vibration, uninvited elements (and yes some are very powerful) have to know "who is the Captain of  your ship"!
  • Myth #3 It Must Be a Lesson I Needed to Learn: Imagine a challenge occurs in the midst of putting something important in to place, or the people who came into play for the experience turned out to be "wrong" for the situation so it didn't move forward. You comfort yourself by thinking or explaining to others that it must have been (yet another) lesson you needed to learn.

If you recognize these or anything I've shared so far as possible truths for you, then you'll want to engage with learning more and especially with learning how to Clear Your Field. THIS is only the tip of the iceberg... I promise you!

The Importance of Learning About Infiltration, How to Clear It CANNOT Be Underestimated!

The "system of enslavement that you were born in to"  ~ the electromagnetic energy field of the Enslavement Matrix - the birth certificates, the blood rituals, the social security numbers and much more, lie in stark contrast to Sovereignty and Free Will.  Becoming unbridled from the fray of the dark agenda is critical.

All of my tools are created to assist you in elevating from the Enslavement Matrix to BE a fully Activated Glory of God, Being of Light, engaging in your Highest Good, Heart's Desires with all aspects of your life revealing and / or showing and / or reflecting back to you the evidence and confirmation of that TRUTH ... THAT is the journey that this tool engages you in and begins the Activation process for

We are meant to be Sovereign Beings of Light that "know ThySelf" as Glory of God powerful Beings engaging in Free Will. ARE YOU experiencing that?

Become an Untouchable

I started doing private sessions with people in 2011. I made my first "Clearing Your Field" tool in 2012. It has been a prerequisite EXPERIENTIAL TOOL for clients to work with for 7 days prior to their session. This information and teaching became the foundation of my personal work and my spiritual teachings all the way back then, far before anyone was talking about dark energies, satanic rituals and nefarious agendas. I was being prepared and preparing for what's now 'not nearly as fringe as it was back then'!

For years it's been a challenging subject. To start with; it isn't sexy, it isn't fun, it isn't "easy" to explain, but once you start to learn about it, recognize if for yourself, clear it, your world opens up to new possibilities and new probabilities so you CAN create new realities.

The experiential tool, "Clearing Your Field 101" is your starting point... 

My life back then was incredibly challenging. I was getting blindsided left and right, with almost every important relationship had unexplained issues, projects fell apart and my finances were so blocked that I went from being a thriving producer, business owner, always manifesting amazing clients to literally "nothing working" and shopping for food at the Dollar Store. I could NOT believe what I was experiencing... I felt like I had been dropped via a parachute into an unknown land; all of these challenges were foreign to the way I had been manifesting life for 15-20 years prior. 

In 2013 EVERYTHING started to really shift... a beautiful loving relationship with my spiritual partner, Scott Bartle began. We became owners of a 5 acre spiritual retreat center in California, we laid the foundation for huge global humanitarian projects to be launched, and more recently I started a book on the way to being published.... and much more. I AM your evidence of this spiritual work, working!

It's imperative to becoming an Empowered, Activated Warrior of Light!

There Is HOPE! Become the Captain of Your Ship!

When you start thinking about your life, your energy field, in the same way you think about your house, property, car and technology, then it takes on an entirely new meaning and perspective. Sometimes change isn't easy or embraced with excitement and enthusiasm. I ask people... do you want to keep experiencing the same or are you ready to do something different and do what it takes to create serious, profound shifts and breakthroughs in your life?  

WHAT IF... you could learn how to Clear Your Field so that these energies would no longer be able to screw around with you and your daily life experiences?

WHAT IF... you could shift* your thoughts, feelings and emotions to become empowered again or become empowered beyond anything you have yet to experience in our life? *Shifting: up=leveling your joy and happiness?

WHAT IF... you could do this via DIGITAL DOWNLOADABLE TOOLS & WEBINARS that have a proven track record of profoundly assisting people to transform their lives? 

Here Is Your Starting Point to Dramatically SHIFT
and TRANSFORM Your Life!

 Clearing Your Field 101

I can almost guarantee you have NOT worked with anything like the Experiential Tools I create. These tools are a little bit challenging to explain because they ARE experiential. It's like trying to explain to someone what water feels like in the palm of your hand! You can't quite know until you 'experience' it!

Experiential Tools are like having training wheels when we are learning how to ride a bike. You get to experience the sensation of being on the bike, learning how to balance, how to turn, how to pedal all with the safety of training wheels that assist in keeping you from falling over while you experientially learn and engage with this new experience.

  1. 1
    Activations*: I bring through high vibration energies that are called "Activations" this energy has a proven track record to create an array of profound shifts.
  2. 2
    Calling In Your "Highest Good": Only one example of working with new "verbiage" that assists in elevating your thoughts and beingness as a new energetic foundation is Activated. 
  3. 3
    Establish a Relationship with Your Free Will and Sovereignty: Become the "Captain of your ship"
Clearing Your Field 101 Calm Centerpoint

*Activation energy has a proven track record to create an array of profound shifts. It TRANSMUTE blocks, Activates openings in thought processes and even Activates DNA codes and more... 

Mastery starts with 101 

Clearing Your Field 101 is the perfect start to mastering Clearing Your Field. Like all forms of mastery, it can be broken down into a process.

Clearing Your Field 101 focuses on your lower or base chakras (energy centers). Chakras are a part of the Sacred Ancient Wisdom that is powerful, but unfortunately has mostly been downplayed by the control handlers of the Enslavement Matrix.

These energy centers store information and energy, like a computer hard drive, typically relating to survival, primal, or core issues. For example, your root chakra holds energy around finances, survival and is our connection to "ground our energy" into reality. Have you ever had a back ache when you've been stressed about money and survival? If you're not aware of this insight, then perhaps this could be one of those powerful breakthroughs, "ah-ha's" that begins to shift your awareness.

Here's another one... during the pandemic situation, remember when it was difficult to get toilet paper? Well think about this for a moment... the area of your body the needs toilet paper IS the first chakra ... WHAT IF... we had a collective conscious experience of survival and it played out in the physical realm as a "toilet paper shortage"?

Utilize for 2-4 weeks Daily: As you engage with all Experiential Tools on a regular basis, you WILL experience shifts, breakthroughs, up-leveling and much more! Everything builds on each other.

You MUST Use Discernment In Anything You Engage With...

Jan W - Florida

“This is a great beginner Tool. ”

"Through these teachings, I have become very aware of the negative, lower level energies attempting to infiltrate my field. This is a great beginner Tool for understanding words and phrases and methods for reaching a calm center point through your breath and visualizations.

I highly recommend this tool and it’s follow-on Clearing Your Field 102 as using both clears all your Chakras."

Jan W
- Florida, USA

"I realized how much I have been in denial"

After downloading and using this tool I realized how much denial I have been in regarding my life long addictions. If I am to move forward and transcend them I am going to have to let these go and forgive myself. I am seeking outside help. I am admitting (which is hard to do because of the shame) that I am an alcoholic and need help. Also I had a really cool dream afterwards. It was an aha moment in regards to choices. It’s too complicated to explain but I know it was from my higher self. Looking forward to all the goodness coming my way.

- Private Session Client

“It creates such a sense of calm"

I have been doing the clearing for a few days. As you already know and state on the end of the clearing… it creates such a sense of calm, I fall asleep. The first time I did it, I'm saw amazing symbology in ancient geometry, felt like I was levitating and was buzzing (my feet) when I finished. Now each time I have different effects and will start writing down what I see. Thank you for creating such a beautiful clearing!
Blessings of light!

Verified Customer - KG
- Clearing Your Field Student

Transform Your Life ~ Get Clearing Your Field 101

This Experiential Tool and Activation will provide you with the ability to profoundly transform and shift your life. With Deb masterfully guiding you through the Intentions, the communications with your Higher Self; teaching you experientially AND Activating and Clearing the different areas of your body and energy field. All of which are imperative aspects of laying the foundation for you to become masterful at Clearing Your Field and profoundly transforming your life. 

Clearing Your Field 101 Calm Centerpoint
Seal of Integrity

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More Feedback From People Clearing Their Fields

Brett - testimonial

“Sorely needed and at just the right time."

“Deb, I just finished two weeks w/ Clearing 101. I’ve experienced growth. Two more weeks and then considering next steps. Thank you so much for publishing this. So sorely needed and at just the right time.”

- via Twitter

“More clarity from Clearing My Field"

“I have been working with Clearing Your Field 101 for about 5 weeks and am having great results. I can feel the energy releasing in my energy field along with a sense of well being. I am sensing having more clarity, energy and a feeling of being more present in my day to day activities. 

I am very excited about experiencing the next step in the process of becoming Master of Clearing My Energy Filed, Clearing Your Field 102"

Robert E
- Great Awakening Participant
Deborah Pietsch

Creator of Clearing Your Field 101

About Deborah Pietsch

Award-winning Hollywood producer turned cutting-edge multi-dimensional spiritual teacher. Bridging awakening information, insights and wisdom to assist individuals, as well as the collective of humanity as we shift and up-level through the Great Awakening Transition. This journey for Deb has been 33+ years which has created a proven track record with confirmation and evidence that her experiential tools, webinars, sessions, media programs and retreats are powerful turning points in people's lives. Working with Deb (& Scott) also brings you into a very potent Activated Unified Field of Light and God that powerful affects their clients, students & teams experiences of healing, transmuting, transformation, manifesting and co-creating! 

Yes It Will Be a Learning Curve 

Think about when you were committed to learning something new, like a new sport, a musical instrument, working on a computer or working out to stay in shape are perfect examples. You had to engage with the intention of learning something new, of reviewing instructions or directions and putting the time, energy and effort in to reaching your goals and intended outcome. This is going to be true for this new journey you're embarking upon.  

You will most likely be engaging with new ideas, new concepts, new information and insights. You will be experiencing breakthroughs as you engage with this energy work and learning curve. I know you've heard the definition of "insanity"... it's doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. If you wan to experience (profound) shifts in your daily life then your willingness to dive in will be matched with results and evidence.

Spirituality That is Non-Denominational or Religious

  • Do you have a powerful relationship with Free Will?
  • Do you have a relationship with truly being a Sovereign Being of Light?
  • Do you normally invoke into your life experience "align me with what's in my Highest Good"?
  • Do you have a pro-active loving relationship with ThySelf?

Regardless of your spiritual, religious or agnostic beliefs are, do any of these questions challenge your beliefs?

The spiritual teachings are based in non-denominational insight and wisdom. None of this is intended to or will challenge you to change your belief structure. You may as a result of doing this work, expand your relationship with Source - whatever that means for you - and a loving relationship with yourSelf, but that will be your Free Will choice. 

I Don't Have Time For One More "Thing" In My Life

First of all, are you willing and wanting to stay with the current status quo of your life or are you fed up of challenges and the lack of joy, passion and Grace & Ease you are NOT experiencing? Then make the time to change and shift it. It's a very common experience for people to begin feeling and seeing the shifts within the first week of engagement.

I've Tried Guided Meditations with No Results

Until you have experienced working with any of Deb's (or Scott's) Experiential Tools and / or experiencing Deb's Activation energy, or "tuning in", it's most likely you haven't had anything to correctly compare this, or any of their experiential tools to. 

Your NEW Realm

  • More harmonious Relationships.
  • A Conscious relationship with Free Will in every moment.
  • Identify with your I AM presence - & being on 'your throne'.
  • Know when you are being 'messed' with by others / other things.
  • Begin / expand communication with God and your Higher Self.

Leave Behind

  • Challenging relationships.
  • The acceptance of being 'trodden on' throughout your daily life.
  • Programmed thinking you aren't enough / anything.
  • The acceptance of everything being a lesson to make you stronger.
  • The necessity for others to communicate with God.
Clearing Your Field 101 Calm Centerpoint

Here's "What You Get"

  • Download the MP3 format audio tool to your computer (& SOME smartphones).
  • Includes a separate introduction to Clearing Your Field 101.
  • Engage with Clearing Your Field 101 at least once a day for three to four weeks.
  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed to listen.
  • Allow some time after engaging for further integration of energy.
  • Engage after a particularly stressful or frustrating experience as needed.
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Please abide by the TTM New Earth Seal of Integrity. Please be conscious of the energetic signature of being out of integrity in sharing this with those who have not purchased this or any of our tools and offerings. Creating a reality of INTEGRITY begins with each of us... choose wisely.

Deb & Scott

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to Clear My Field?

Are there any 'side effects'?

How soon before it works?

How long does it take to Clear My Field?

Can I Clear My Field whilst driving?

How long will my Field remain Clear?

P.S.: When you start working on Clearing Your Field, you are joining a growing number of beings taking charge of their own fields. The Restoration of Humanity is going to take awake and aware beings taking a stand for truth and integrity - real wayshowers!

Clearing Your Field is the foundation from which you build from.  Much Love & Appreciation, Deb & Scott.

Download Instructions

NOTE: We recommend this mp3 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD be downloaded to a computer first before transferring to a smart phone or an iPad. Tools may be downloaded to SOME smart phones or iPads, but is a more advanced 'tech skill'. If in any doubt, please download to a computer only. See https://transcendthematrix.com/digital-downloads/ for more details.


Clearing Your Field 101 has two audios for this tool.
1. Full introduction of insight for your engagement AND the tool itself.
2. JUST the tool without the introduction