Clearing Your Field 101 ~ Begin Here!

Clearing Your Field 101 ~ Begin Here!


This is THE FOUNDATIONAL experiential tool for EVERYTHING Deb and Scott engage with. Deb engages you in breathing, identifying phrases, creating a relationship with your energy field and focuses on Chakras 1-4 (Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral / Creation and Root).  You will gain insight as well as learn how to clear these vital energy centers. It provides you with the foundational awareness and abilities to build upon in the progression of mastering becoming an Untouchable.

This is an mp3 Digital Download.


Essential Engagement. Words alone cannot stress the importance of understanding AND engaging with fortitude and power of this subject and teaching. Your life literally could be dependent upon whether you proactively engage with these teachings or not... Deb’s did for three solid years of "hell on earth" experiences. This experiential tool and Activation will provide you with the foundation information, words, energy engagement and chakras 1-4 clearings.  This is your foundational practice to begin your journey of becoming Masterful at Clearing Your Field, standing in your fortitude as an Activated and Empowered I AM Presence bering, as well as becoming an Untouchable.

You will learn about your energy field as it relates to “real estate” so to speak. You will learn how to begin INVOKING your Highest Good.  You will also learn terminology that will be used in subsequent progression of this and other tools. This Clearing Your Field Tool is a prerequisite for every webinar, class, retreat and private session that is offered by Deb or Scott.

This video is from the Waking Up With Deb website from 2015... Deb's been talking about infiltration since 2010. And teaching people how to Clear Their Fields since 2011.

More insight and Details About Clearing Your Field...

This is an EXPERIENTIAL TOOL - it's not a meditation - which means that the communication, phrases and words are intended to be learned via this "training wheels" tool.

There is Activation*** energy coming through so you should NOT be listening to this while driving. The best way to engage with this tool, is a quiet space by yourself (even in the bathroom if you have to!) as if you were going to meditate.  Your brain isn’t currently (most likely) not hardwired for this kind of information or Activation, so you’ll no only be forging new neuron pathways, but also infusing more Light in to head and body than normal.

Here's some of what you have to look forward to: 🙂

  • Begin to create relationship with Free Will and YOUR Free Will
  • Begin identifying with your I AM PRESENCE THRONE   
  • Presence the concept of permission based access-vital 
  • Work with the Sacred Violet Flame
  • Align with Prime Creator and your Higher Self, AS WELL AS “bridging insights & information” into THIS dimension to support your waking daily life.

***Be prepared to become drowsy and / or sleepy the first couple of times you work with this tool.  AND please see the information about “Understanding Experiential Tools & Activations” (link from here).

Below is an introductory audio to help you prepare for engaging with our Experiential Tools:

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Download Instructions

Please note: This mp3 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD must be downloaded to a computer first – it’s not an app that can be downloaded to a phone or an iPad. You will have 3 download “tries” before the file will expire and then you will not be able to access it again. So PLEASE download it to a computer only!!


Clearing Your Field 101 has two audios for this tool.
1. Full introduction of insight for your engagement AND the tool itself.
2. JUST the tool without the introduction

  • Verified Client says:

    I have been doing the clearing for a few days. As you already know and state on the end of the clearing… it creates such a sense of calm, I fall asleep. The first time I did it, I’m saw amazing symbology in ancient geometry, felt like I was levitating and was buzzing (my feet) when I finished. Now each time I have different effects and will start writing down what I see. Thank you for creating such a beautiful clearing!
    Blessings of light!

  • Robert E says:

    I have been working with Clearing Your Field 101 for about 5 weeks and am having great results. As I am doing the mediation i can feel the energy releasing in my energy field along with a sense of well being. I am sensing having more clarity, energy and a feeling of being more present in my day to day activities. I am very excited about experiencing the next step in the process of becoming Master of Clearing My Energy Filed, Clearing Your Field 102

  • Jan W says:

    I have been studying with Deb for some years now and have engaged with many of her Tools for Clearing Your Field. I have used the Clearing Your Field 101 for quite some time now and have incorporated this Tool into my daily routines of clearing negativity from my field. Through these teachings, I have become very aware of the negative, lower level energies attempting to infiltrate my field. This is a great beginner Tool for understanding words and phrases and methods for reaching a calm center point through your breath and visualizations. This Tool concentrates on Chakras 1-4. The more times I used this tool, the more effective it became as I began to understand the necessity for clearing my field on my road to becoming an Untouchable. I highly recommend this tool and it’s follow-on Clearing Your Field 102 as using both clears all your Chakras.

  • Marian says:

    After downloading and using this tool I realized how much denial I have been in regarding my life long addictions. If I am to move forward and transcend them I am going to have to let these go and forgive myself. I am seeking outside help. I am admitting (which is hard to do because of the shame) that I am an alcoholic and need help. Also I had a really cool dream afterwards. It was an aha moment in regards to choices. It’s too complicated to explain but I know it was from my higher self. Looking forward to all the goodness coming my way.

  • Brett says:

    @DebPietschTTM Deb, I just finished two weeks w/ Clearing 101. I’ve experienced growth. Two more weeks and then considering next steps. Thank you so much for publishing this. So sorely needed and at just the right time.

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