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  • Earth Day Mount Shasta Retreat April 23-28th

Earth Day Mount Shasta Retreat April 23-28th


Come to the Vortex of our Mount Shasta Ascension Retreat Center to engage with the highly charged Activated energies of our retreat center. Focus will be on clearing the way for Communicating and engaging with your Higher Self

  • 3 Day Retreat

  • 5 day retreat

Earth Day Retreat in Mt Shasta - 3 days

  • 4 Days / 3 Nights
  • Stay at our Mt Shasta Ascension Retreat Center (A.R.C)
  • Healthy meals (2x daily)
  • Shared room accommodation

If you've seen Deb live online... wait until you meet her...

Earth Day Mount Shasta Retreat - 3 Nights

Activate your journey by stepping into the powerful, highly charged, pristine energy of our Unified Field of Light at our Mount Shasta (A.R.C) Ascension Retreat Center. After 4 years of preparation, we are finally opening the doors to the public for this advanced spiritual and awakening work.

We have done incredible amounts of energetic clearings and Activations to uplevel this very special location. This retreat will be engaging simultaneously with the virtual retreat members. Everyone will be engaging in the same activities, just some will be physically in Mount Shasta and others will be engaging from their Sacred Space virtually.

Retreat Details:

The focus of this retreat will be for preparing the way for Communication with your Higher Self, God and your Guides of Light. The journey for this is a combination of:

  • Becoming much more grounded and PRESENT in your physical vessel so you can create the bridge with your Higher Self
  • Continued acclimation through a deep alchemical journey of transformation in order to be able to hold more light in all aspects of your physical body, mental, emotional and spiritual “bodies” or aspects of your “whole body experience”
  • Recognizing, healing and transmuting more aspects of your “stuff” that needs to be cleared as you dismantle from the old paradigm

You missed out!

The intention with your journey is to continuously be “up-leveling” your experiences and increasing your vibration to BECOME a vibrational match for your Higher Self to be able to engage with. There is too much static, noise and interference for that to occur without the proactive focus and right environment. By creating sacred space or going to a Sacred Space Location and engaging with a committed time away from the normal scope of your day to day activities and “noise”. 

The reason I chose Earth Day weekend is because we’re going to focus on the grounding with Grid 369 simultaneously while you integrate the Activations and alchemical journey of transformation. You will be presented with a series of insights, wisdom and questions for you to engage with over the 3 days and 3 nights. So regardless of whether you are joining us live at our Mount Shasta Retreat Center or your own sacred space as part of the virtual retreat, you will be doing the same things.

We will begin each day with Clearing, Tuning In and Activations. although the power or our A.R.C. portal could be what engages your journey the most. You will be spending time alone processing insights, information and energetic integration as well.


It will never be this low again

Opening The Unified Field "Doors" Special

This is a super special introductory retreat and rate for a small group of people as we “begin to open our retreat doors”! If the number of attendees that we’ve set the limit to is reached, then the “Wait List” will appear until we make determinations about capacity and room availability etc. This price will be for room sharing.

Retreat includes 3 nights of lodging and 2 meals per day. Airport Pick Ups and Returns are going to be coordinated as a group prior to most flights being booked.

Please see the LOGISTICS details here to begin to formulate your travel plans. Mount Shasta is not an easy place to fly in and out of, in that the 2 closest airports are either 1 hour away to the south and 1.75 hours away to the north. It’s well worth the trek though!!

Retreats in Mt Shasta

Mount Shasta is known for its highly active spiritual community and the power of the mountain. Much of it has temporarily been tampered with by individuals practicing black magic, as well as shenanigans that military engages in to keep the advanced higher vibrational anomalies to a minimum.

Our 5 acre retreat center has been cleared of nefarious energies, entities and kept pristine since 2017. Our property is highly Activated as a portal and Unified Field of Light. It’s a bit woo-woo but people have real and extraordinary experiences there even without doing specific energy work, Activations, teachings etc. Once you throw in the teachings, intentions and energetic Activations, experiences go to a heightened experience with many confirmations and evidence of “you can’t make this shit up”!! LOL This is a common expression that we hear OFTEN!

Take a look at the video to get a visual of some of the property.

Sample Feedback Of Deb's History Of Profound Transformation

Jan W - Florida

“You were teaching me whilst I was asleep”

Thank you for your time and care and effort during our retreat. The last channelling session really blew me away. It was so generous of you to offer a further 24 hours work in the unified field and I felt like  got a real benefit from it.

When I was sleeping that night I woke to go to the toilet and when I woke, I realised you were in the middle of teaching me or giving me instruction about something ( I think it may have been energy moving/clearing/shifting/transmuting or something like that - details are hazy).

So funny to have you there teaching me. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

Rachel L
- Retreat Client 2014

“You were teaching me whilst I was asleep”

I just wanted to share with you the amazing experience I had last night. I think it was a dream but the experience was so vivid and real that I don't know whether it was a dream. I was in a realm that was very familiar to me - felt like home, so peaceful and yet very energetic with waves, lights, colors - soo beautiful. I saw many light beings around me and then I saw you -you were the only one in a human form. I didn't have a recollection of my body. You said: Now is the time! We are going to ask because time has come!! Then I started getting a lot of information, codes that highly resonated with me but I have no recollection of what was said. I also felt love, joy, playfulness. When I woke up I noticed I was seeing shapes, waves of different colors - and I still see them. This is awesome! I have no idea of what I am experiencing but man it is beautiful. I love it. As I am writing the email I see shapes - like glyphs that come and go but I see them with my eyes open!!!

I couldn't wait till Monday!!!I I wanted to share it with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Vaska K
- Winnipeg, Canada
Jan W - Florida
Purchase Options

Available in VIRTUAL and physical in person retreat in Mount Shasta California.