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Emergency Clearing Your Field


This mp3 digital download, is a cutting-edge EXPERIENTIAL TOOL powerfully and lovingly presented by Scott Bartle. Ideal for when you just NEED to ‘kick some A$$’.

This is an mp3 Digital Download.

This tool is not a replacement for the Clearing Your Field 101 and 102, it's an additional, kick ass version for those "hard to reach places" or toxic flare ups that occur from time to time. Use this tool as a final command to eject external energies, reflect back projections, transmute other’s energies and claim your own field.

Do you have low self-esteem and allow low vibration energies into your own field? Are people “still in your head”… occupying space and energy from you? Are there people around you that act erratically and illogically…“draining” you of your Life Force with their drama, expectations and distraction?

For when you just want to "kick A$$"

This tool is for those times that you need to just pull out the big guns of your warrior or warrioress and “kick a$$” from something challenging or unsettling that you’ve experienced.

Scott Bartle powerfully guides you through this Clearing process for situations such as… being in a conversation with someone that leaves you feeling “bad or yucky”, or family that judge your every move… even if you don’t talk to them on a regular basis.

[Duration: 5min 17s]

  • Includes explanation about your field
  • Understand how control your field
  • Commands to powerfully clear your field
  • To the point... for when time is short
  • Packed with analogies for simplicity
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Download Instructions

NOTE: We recommend this mp3 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD be downloaded to a computer first before transferring to a smart phone or an iPad. Tools may be downloaded to SOME smart phones or iPads, but is a more advanced 'tech skill'. If in any doubt, please download to a computer only. See https://transcendthematrix.com/digital-downloads/ for more details.