Foundation To Transcend The Matrix 101~Special Offer~Webinar Only


Foundation To Transcend The Matrix 101~Special Offer~Webinar Only

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Discover How Your Abundance, Incarnation Destiny, Joy, Spiritual Partnerships, Well-Being AND Trust & Faith in God Has Been Hijacked by the Hidden Energetics of the Matrix Along With Immediate Solutions. 

This is the 1st Live Interactive Webinar that Deb and Scott have done in 4+ years! A lot has shifted and we’ve been up-leveled A LOT!  Now YOU get to benefit from our “behind the scenes” Activities, Activations, Teaching, Insights, Experiences and Wisdom! You won’t be the same person after this 3+ hour Level 1 webinar plus the 2 experiential tools, “Clearing Your Field 101 and 102” included in this INTRODUCTORY, “we’re coming back online” price!

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Live Webinar ~ We will disclose details, insights, examples and evidence of NEFARIOUS ENERGETICS mostly likely affecting every aspect of your (daily) life. Learn solutions for many every day issues, receive Activations throughout webinar that will further engage your visceral, alchemical experience from inside to out. 

Do you feel like many of your days, weeks, years are “GroundHog Day”?

If so, would you like to know why this is occurring as a collective experience and HOW YOU CAN IMMEDIATELY BEGIN TO SHIFT YOUR EXPERIENCE - i.e. your entire life?

Do you feel like everything you try, each new direction, still leads to major challenges and your hearts desires not aligning with Grace and Ease?

If so, would you like to know what the probable cause is and how you can powerfully and immediately begin to shift your life experiences?

For 2 decades, Deb had been telepathically communicating with Beings of Light that she refers to as Guides, but in actuality are Beings of Light Partners. In 2010, there was a change of events and Deb’s telepathic communication with her Being of Light Guides shifted to an entirely different type of communication that went into “Discovery” of how Humanity’s Great Awakening has / had been hijacked. Additionally, she’s an “Activator” bringing forth high vibration energetics, working with people’s individual holographic fields to re-calibrate and re-code for the new Betterment of Humanity Timeline and Unified Field of Light she and partner Scott have been working with for several years.

"Humanity's Free Will has been thwarted"

Deb has been provided with thousands of hours of communication that shed light on the hidden energetics of the current timeline / reality. One of the main subjects of focus is the events that took place on 9/11/01. This event was more than what has even been identified even by the “inside job” conversations. She has been given the details of how this event was the final “nail in the coffin” to shift us into an alternate timeline... a “down-trodden” reality that was not meant to be a part of our human collective experience. Through various means, humanity’s Free Will has been thwarted including effectively collapsing the Fields of Light that we are meant to be able to utilize like garden soil for our ability to Create Reality, align with aspects of Law of Attraction, Universal Law and much more.

In December 2013 Scott and Deb began their journey of spiritual partnership, as well as deep diving into very unique energetic and multi-dimensional experiences. Scott has been shown many aspects of this matrix and also has become masterful at recognizing the elements, as well as clearing the energies. He has a highly acute ability to “sniff out” and recognize the”off kilter” situations that often throw people into tailspins. As an Activated Divine Masculine male, Scott engages with compassion and heart that often isn’t combined with the wisdom and intelligence that he brings forth. 

Getting to the Heart of the Matter - YOU - Where Are YOU?

Most likely you are in the category of “you don’t know what you don’t know” when it comes to the hidden workings and energetics of the Designed Assault Against Humanity Matrix. This makes it pretty much impossible to shift your experience… THAT CAN ALL CHANGE RIGHT NOW!

Can You Relate to This?

  • Not aligned with the abundance of resources including money that will support your heart’s desires
  • Inability to move forward with your life’s mission
  • Just when something appears to be aligned to move forward, it gets blocked, stopped, commandeered
  • check
    Being “stuck” and in a “suspended animation” feeling confused about “what’s next”
  • check
    Years of dis-heartening experiences that has you feeling less hopeful than normal
  • check
    Not in a spiritually supportive, loving partnership
  • Can’t make sense of why you aren’t thriving, engaged with life your life’s purpose and even depressed
  • Relationships have become explosive and filled with drama and trauma 
  • check
    Feeling not comfortable “in your skin” 
  • check
    Illogical ways that things become “distorted”
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    Depressed and / or experiencing paralysis

If you resonate with any of this, then you really will be able to gain momentum from this cutting-edge webinar:

The Good News! Some of the details that will be covered are:

  • Hooks
  • Distractions
  • Distortions
  • Entities
  • Implants & Artificial Intelligence
  • Relationships
  • Monetary inversions
  • Inversions in general
  • The Suspended Animation of Groundhog Day

If you resonate with any of this, then you really will be able to gain momentum from this cutting-edge webinar. This collection of information and insights, along with the experiential tools, has never been brought forth in a publicly available webinar.

This webinar is filled with details that will mostly likely create many “ah-ha’s” for you as well as solutions and immediate relief as we shine light on the darkness that has manifested an un-level playing field for most of humanity, especially those that are “Code Carriers” and powerful Light Anchors”. 

You will begin to be able to “make heads or tails” of the details and people in your life that aren’t working along with solutions of how to deal with them.

You will begin to recognize the elements of the Hidden Nefarious Energetics of the Matrix so you can clear them, as well as bypass the choices that further keep you engaged and HOOK you back in.

You will be Activated in many ways, including transmuting layers of the veil that is keeping you in a state of confusion and “fog”, as well as creating distortions from your Higher Self access and communication.

You will most like have a tremendous heart opening along with your “ah-ha’s” that will increase your vibration and move you closer to being able to create and manifest again AND align more easily with your Higher Self Communication Codes

This webinar will be the beginning of “being set free” as well as your exit strategy plan to dismantle from AND Transcend the Matrix!!!

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