Archangel Melchizedek & Deb Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation

Archangel Melchizedek & Deb Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation


Telepathic and channeled communication between Deb & Archangel Melchizedek delivers a cutting-edge series of experiential Activations, wisdom teachings and coded messages. Engage for 33 days to increase up-leveling. Use with Clearing Your Field.
This is an mp3 Digital Download.

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This experiential tool is filled with so many “golden nuggets” of wisdom, as well as several powerful Activations, that you’ll want to listen to it over and over again just to integrate the details intellectually and spiritually.
The main context of this experiential tool is the Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation. This alone can quickly assist you in getting back on track with manifesting.  Additionally, it is intended to align you with the New Earth Grid Codes and provide you with insight that can assist you in making more sense of the events that are unfolding now in January 2018, anticipated to escalate and continue for several years.  My suggestion and Guidance is to utilize this tool everyday for 33 days as part of your spiritual / awakening / transcendence practice.

Here's a Short List of the Codes Messages and Several Activations Contained In this Experiential Too:

  • Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation
  • Order of Melchizedek Activation
  • “Hershey’s Kiss” metaphor regarding challenging mainstream events being revealed and how you can utilize these events as Initiations for YOUR transcendence.
  • Detailed Wisdom & Coded Message Activation
  • Igniting your New Earth Homeostasis vibration
  • Begin Activating your Creator within

Note from Deb:
This tool was done in Dec. 2015.  I've just gone to listen to the recording again after “shelving it” for 2 years along with all other public teachings, tools & shows. During that time, Scott and I put our life in Australia into a storage container, returned to the U.S. purchased a spiritual retreat center in Mt. Shasta. We are finally making this public, after “working very intensely behind the scenes”; Activating a Unified Field of Light for the New Earth... as well as things we can’t share just yet.

The information and details are so incredibly timely to what is now unfolding before our eyes - IF you have the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the stomach to take what is being revealed AND dismantled as part of the Deception Reality Matrix.

Below is an introductory audio to help you prepare for engaging with our Experiential Tools:

Please abide by the New Earth Seal of Integrity. Please be conscious of the energetic signature of being out of integrity in sharing this with those who have not purchased it

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Please note: This mp3 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD must be downloaded to a computer first – it’s not an app that can be downloaded to a phone or an iPad. You will have 3 download “tries” before the file will expire and then you will not be able to access it again. So PLEASE download it to a computer only!!

  • Helen says:

    The first time I listened to and watched this communication between Deb Pietsch & Archangel Melchizedek I was literally gobsmacked. I could instantly feel the energy and effect of the words and positive impact that the communication was having on my whole being. I felt transported, timeless and transformed, and I knew that something important was happening to me.

    This effect happens every time I listen to this recording. This is one of the most amazing tools I’ve ever used on the journey of consistent/continuous ‘up-levelling’ and endeavouring to tap into my Highest Divine Good and Truth.

    I highly recommend this tool, and feel sure it will become a favourite of yours as well.

  • Donald J says:

    Deb and Scott, “Thank You for this platform. The process of stimulating my awareness leading to a formulation of my intent through the Melchizadek Flower of Life Activation is such a valuable tool. This in itself is a freedom, instilling confidence, creating a positive Revaluation of Myself and a new perspective of what I AM’ seeing and feeling. For two years now I have been engaging with the Master Clearing Tool and the Melchizadek Flower of Life Activation… WOW… as I engage it constantly occurs to me that each event being played out now in real time may be one of the “unforeseen cataclysmic events to be revealed”. From my point of view these tools are essential instructions on how to transmute and transcend the blind spots and “project the Flower of Life into these events”. The information is bringing the “choice point” into the awareness of the masses. It seems like everyone that I encounter lately is faced with some kind of major choice point whether it’s health, job, home, family, financial… It makes me realize how life is a series of breakdowns and breakthroughs, working in circles, each one connected to the next (The Flower of Life). On the micro level we experience many of the same breakdowns and breakthroughs each in our own way which connects to the collective macro level of larger breakdowns and breakthroughs that we experience together as One Universal Mind. As we each transmute and transcend our individual breakdowns into breakthroughs it puts us ever closer to that collective breakthrough that we seek as one I AM’ Presence. I’m grateful for the Master Clearing Tool and the Melchizadek Flower of Life Activation and for the guidance to reveal and clear certain blind spots and hidden coping mechanisms that I was not even aware of. I appreciate all of the efforts from the Transcend the Matrix team to unify this planet and move us forward into uncharted territory. I would say that since I have been engaging with these tools I have gained much more confidence in knowing how I fit and how to conduct myself in order to elevate to a higher vibration. I intend to continue to watch and listen as events unfold … while infusing the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life through my heart. I FEEL UPLEVELED!” With Love, Light and Gratitude,

  • lauramariep333 says:

    Deb’s unique communication with Archangel Melchizedek and her powerful energy transference makes this channeling a profound process with a timely message, no matter when or how often you utilize it.

    Each time I engage with it, I have experienced the deepening of my intuitive gifts and more effective use of sacred geometry. My first few meditations after fully engaging with this “tool for growth, yielded a significant bilocation experience that helped me complete events on one of my personal timelines.

    It has prepared me for this exact time now, regarding events that were spoken about in the channeling, and given me great confidence in my mission. I am truly grateful to Deb for this and many of her guided teachings – absolutely the gold standard in awakening activations!

  • I have found all of Deb’s activations to be incredibly powerful and this one is no exception. It does help if you know a little bit about the chakra energy system and sacred geometry, but by no means do you need to be an expert. Deb’s activations help you understand on a deeper spiritual level than trying to figure things out with the mind. Relax and allow Loving Spirit to work on your behalf.

  • Azhar H says:

    Thank you so much for creating this tool that has heightened my senses and brought more information and understanding to events and environments around my life. It is a clear and concise teaching illustrated by Deb with reference to sacred geometry. A thought provoking guided meditation that gives huge insight as a being of light and techniques such as utilising the flower of life. I felt connected and so spiritually vibrant when downloading all the information and following the valuable guidance.

    It has become my best tool to cleanse and reset my thoughts to becoming more mindful of what needs to be done and the work that is required as taught by Melchizedek channeling through Deb Pietsch.

    I really recommend this to everyone to use and experience the precise focus of guidance and teachings that is hard to find anywhere else.

    • Deborah says:

      You’re welcome AND thank YOU for the insight you’ve shared and feedback you’ve delivered. I’m blessed to be a clear gateway / conduit for these amazing messages, insights and Activations! See you in the Great Awakening Global Community!

  • Roxxy / UK says:

    I have had many guided meditations by Deb including clearing the field and calling back my energy. I am so grateful for this Melchizedek activation tool to add to my meditations and it has helped me feel so relaxed and calm when I use it. It is always so soothing to hear Deb explain the importance of the guidance and information from Melchizedek and listening to her take you on the journey to apply the instructions. This tool uses the Chakra and Flower of Life to amplify the meditation and you really feel the energy from source channeling through Deb. I really recommend this offering to anyone to experience the power of this excellent guided tool.

    • Deborah says:

      Thank you Roxxy for the review! You are so committed to your journey and have shared some very powerful experiences with us! The up-leveling continues as long as we stay pro-active with our awakening journey and relationship with God! The Heart Chakra being the gateway for the “As Above So Below” to come into alignment.

  • Ash P / UK says:

    A big thank you to Deborah And Scott for this website and this tool in particular. The message contained in this activation is apt for these times of change (even though it was recorded in 2015). The flower of life heart chakra activation is a tool which should be utilised by all to up-level and go on a spiritual journey deep within. A Must Do activation as we shift to operating out of our heart chakra. I recommend this tool for anyone wanting to start on or already on a spiritual journey.

  • Su P / UK says:

    Wow what an amazing activation. I would highly recommend. I instantly felt the connection and vibration with this activation and felt instant calm.
    Reminding me of my relationship with myself as important and I shouldn’t forget this. I’m sure everyone will take something different from it, but for me it was reassuring and I could feel that something was definitely occurring within my field.
    Deb and Scott, thank you so much for this amazing tool.

    Su P ❤

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