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Archangel Melchizedek & Deb Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation


Telepathic and channeled communication between Deb & Archangel Melchizedek delivers a cutting-edge series of experiential Activations, wisdom teachings and coded messages. Engage for 33 days to increase up-leveling. Use with Clearing Your Field.
This is an mp3 Digital Download.

This experiential tool is filled with so many “golden nuggets” of wisdom, as well as several powerful Activations, that you’ll want to listen to it over and over again just to integrate the details intellectually and spiritually.
The main context of this experiential tool is the Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation. This alone can quickly assist you in getting back on track with manifesting.  Additionally, it is intended to align you with the New Earth Grid Codes and provide you with insight that can assist you in making more sense of the events that are unfolding now in January 2018, anticipated to escalate and continue for several years.  My suggestion and Guidance is to utilize this tool everyday for 33 days as part of your spiritual / awakening / transcendence practice.

Here's a Short List of the Codes Messages and Several Activations Contained In this Experiential Too:

  • Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation
  • Order of Melchizedek Activation
  • “Hershey’s Kiss” metaphor regarding challenging mainstream events being revealed and how you can utilize these events as Initiations for YOUR transcendence.
  • Detailed Wisdom & Coded Message Activation
  • Igniting your New Earth Homeostasis vibration
  • Begin Activating your Creator within

Note from Deb:
This tool was done in Dec. 2015.  I've just gone to listen to the recording again after “shelving it” for 2 years along with all other public teachings, tools & shows. During that time, Scott and I put our life in Australia into a storage container, returned to the U.S. purchased a spiritual retreat center in Mt. Shasta. We are finally making this public, after “working very intensely behind the scenes”; Activating a Unified Field of Light for the New Earth... as well as things we can’t share just yet.

The information and details are so incredibly timely to what is now unfolding before our eyes - IF you have the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the stomach to take what is being revealed AND dismantled as part of the Deception Reality Matrix.

Excerpts from the "Insight & Teachings" aspect of the tool:

"Identifying with Sacred geometry and the
Sacredness of life the sacred ancient
teachings and knowingness will begin to open up -
it will have a place to open up in your third eye and in your field"

"First you must conclude honestly where you are.
These teachings and insights have no value until and unless..."

"You must be willing to identify any and all
blindspots internally and externally"…

Below is an introductory audio to help you prepare for engaging with our Experiential Tools:

Please abide by the New Earth Seal of Integrity. Please be conscious of the energetic signature of being out of integrity in sharing this with those who have not purchased it

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Download Instructions

NOTE: We recommend this mp3 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD be downloaded to a computer first before transferring to a smart phone or an iPad. Tools may be downloaded to SOME smart phones or iPads, but is a more advanced 'tech skill'. If in any doubt, please download to a computer only. See https://transcendthematrix.com/digital-downloads/ for more details.