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  • Mount Shasta June Solstice Retreat June 16-24

Mount Shasta June Solstice Retreat June 16-24

Held at our Mount Shasta Retreat Center with Mt Shasta in the ‘backyard’. Retreats vary from 1-10 days ranging from Warrior Up Retreats, Alchemical Transformation, Vision Quests to Mt Shasta Energy Vortex Retreats. Deb specializes in powerfully and lovingly “Kicking Your Ass” to fast track your transformation.

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Retreats in Mt Shasta

Mount Shasta is known for its highly active spiritual community and the power of the mountain. Much of it has temporarily been tampered with by individuals practicing black magic, as well as shenanigans that military engages in to keep the advanced higher vibrational anomalies to a minimum.

Our 5 acre retreat center has been cleared of nefarious energies, entities and kept pristine since 2017. Our property is highly Activated as a portal and Unified Field of Light. It’s a bit woo-woo but people have real and extraordinary experiences there even without doing specific energy work, Activations, teachings etc. Once you throw in the teachings, intentions and energetic Activations, experiences go to a heightened experience with many confirmations and evidence of “you can’t make this shit up”!! LOL This is a common expression that we hear OFTEN!

There are various types of retreats we will be offering in 2021. Take a look at the video to get a visual of some of the property.

We will be Activating our Warrior UP series starting with webinars first, plus our New Global Leader Summits.

Unique Aspects of Our Spiritual Retreats

Advanced Clearings

The foundation to clear communication with your Higher Self and Heavenly Hosts is a clear field. We conduct daily clearings at a minimum and continuously monitor the field.


Deb is renowned for her Activations. She brings through high vibration energy to trigger alchemical transformation. Learn more about Activations and how they turbo charge your transformation here

Personalized Guidance

Each participant will benefit from one on one mini sessions with Deb. Whether is receiving messages from your Higher Self, or Heavenly Hosts, you'll be sure to receive what is divinely guided in your journey.

A Glimpse Into The Magic Of Our Mount Shasta Retreat Center

Getting To Mt Shasta

Mt. Shasta is located 60 miles north of Redding, and 60 miles south of the Oregon border, along Interstate 5. Surrounded by pine-covered mountains in the valley, the snowy volcanic peak of Mt. Shasta towers 14,179 feet high above it. The city of Mt. Shasta is at 3500 feet elevation and slopes upwards. City limits cover in an area of 3.4 square miles. Mt Shasta is surrounded by the Shasta Trinity National Forest and the sphere of influence extends about 41 square miles.


  • Redding California - link
  • Medford Oregon - link

Medford airport, whilst further away (1.5hr drive), has more flights and in our experience has proved easier to fly into. Pooled transportation to and from airports can be an economical alternative to hiring a vehicle - please advise if you would be open to shared travel. 

Deborah Pietsch

“If you haven’t addressed the lingering “shadows” of years past, transmuted challenges, wounds and the times the rug was pulled out from underneath you, just to mention a few of the dis-heartening challenges of the Enslavement Matrix, then there is no way, no way, you can be the empowered and the powerful Being of Light you incarnated here to be. There is no way for you to really move from the old paradigm or the shift of the timeline and anchor your soul’s true destination."

Mount Shasta - Land of Lemuria

Mount Shasta itself soars to 14,000ft above sea level. Mostly topped year round in snow, it stands out across the landscape of northern California. It is home to folklore and legend about inner earth, Lemuria, St Germain and Adama.

Castle Lake Mt Shasta CA

Castle Lake Mount Shasta

Castle Lake is a magic location formed thousands of years ago by glaciers. Situated amongst pine trees, the 47 acre lake backs steep rock and the spires of Castle Crags State Park. 

Retreats in Mount Shasta often take time to visit the lake, be with mother nature and ground your energy. 

Mt Shasta waterfall

Waterfalls of Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta has many spectacular waterfalls close by. Pictured left is Mossbrae Falls, where water literally pours out of the earth over lush green foliage. 

A popular destination in Mount Shasta is the headwaters of the Sacramento River. People collect crystal clear water here for drinking and water ceremonies.

Mt Shasta California

Mount Shasta 

Mount Shasta Mountain is famous for many things, most notably the amazing lenticular clouds. These lenticular clouds are often seen quite a distance and discussed in UFO circles… you decide…

Sample Feedback Of Deb's History Of Profound Transformation

Jan W - Florida

“You were teaching me whilst I was asleep”

Thank you for your time and care and effort during our retreat. The last channelling session really blew me away. It was so generous of you to offer a further 24 hours work in the unified field and I felt like  got a real benefit from it.

When I was sleeping that night I woke to go to the toilet and when I woke, I realised you were in the middle of teaching me or giving me instruction about something ( I think it may have been energy moving/clearing/shifting/transmuting or something like that - details are hazy).

So funny to have you there teaching me. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

Rachel L
- Retreat Client 2014

“You were teaching me whilst I was asleep”

I just wanted to share with you the amazing experience I had last night. I think it was a dream but the experience was so vivid and real that I don't know whether it was a dream. I was in a realm that was very familiar to me - felt like home, so peaceful and yet very energetic with waves, lights, colors - soo beautiful. I saw many light beings around me and then I saw you -you were the only one in a human form. I didn't have a recollection of my body. You said: Now is the time! We are going to ask because time has come!! Then I started getting a lot of information, codes that highly resonated with me but I have no recollection of what was said. I also felt love, joy, playfulness. When I woke up I noticed I was seeing shapes, waves of different colors - and I still see them. This is awesome! I have no idea of what I am experiencing but man it is beautiful. I love it. As I am writing the email I see shapes - like glyphs that come and go but I see them with my eyes open!!!

I couldn't wait till Monday!!!I I wanted to share it with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Vaska K
- Winnipeg, Canada
Jan W - Florida

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