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Mt Shasta Retreats – Register Your Interest


Do you want to experience the profound transformation & Activations from Deb, Scott and our potent vortex, but can’t make it to Mount Shasta? LIVE from Mount Shasta to Your Home or Sacred Space…We have gotten the Guidance to expand this retreat to a VIRTUAL Retreat focus (in addition to still having people physically at the property). This is your opportunity.

The energies, Tuning In and Activations will be focused on the virtual engagers. I received details recently about the codes, the amount of Light that is going to come through the Activations for worldwide StarSeed experiences and anchoring. You can listen to the audio below as well.

Physical Experience Option! Come to the Vortex of our Mount Shasta Ascension Retreat Center to engage with the highly charged Activated energies at our retreat center while engaging with the spiritual teachings, insights & wisdom from Deb, Scott and Source / God. There are several variables for sleeping logistics plus 3 or 5 day options. Once you secure your spot with the base price of $888, the final price will be based on your desire for options such as shared vs. single room, mountain view room or camping. You will make those final determinations via a call with Deb and Scott. Everything is based on availability and your bottom line needs and heart’s desires! Please note that the $888 is the base rate for the 3 day retreat, camping and 2 meals per day.