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  • One on One Tuning In, Coaching & Activation with Deborah Pietsch~Use Gift Code Below Make it FREE!

One on One Tuning In, Coaching & Activation with Deborah Pietsch~Use Gift Code Below Make it FREE!


Live 3 hours of “Hot Seat” One on One Tuning In, Coaching & Activation with Deborah Pietsch ~ Monthly Webinar Next One is Thursday, March 23, 2023 … PLEASE READ DETAILS BELOW!

Are you feeling stuck?

STILL not sure what your Life Purpose is?

Concerned about the future?

Frustrated that you’re surrounded by toxic people?

We're In This Together - Let's get in to the nitty gritty of YOUR challenges AND give you the opportunity to hear other people's very similar issues. Let's get your HOPE vibration at the very least, back on "your soul's trajectory track".

It’s my GIFT to those of you that come on LIVE for the webinar. The recordings of these 2-3 hour sessions WILL NOW be made available because they insights, healing, wisdom, information is very powerful for everyone... Returning HOPE to people that may be feeling a lack of hope and / or not doing well emotionally, physically, spiritually and emotionally! Particpants get to be a part of someone else's journey!

Gift Promo Code: FreshStart (shouldn't be case sensitive, but no spaces is important)

We did the first 3 hour session on December 28th for the 12:12-22 webinar people. It was a major success. This is part of “MY” Fresh Start Journey - to support you individually through a monthly one on one Tuning In, Coaching & Activation Webinar.

Action Steps to Register for upcoming Webinar:

  1. Copy Promo Code above
  2. Click purchase / "Go To Cart" button
  3. Go through signing in process
  4. Use promo code to zero out the $55
  5. You will automatically be registered via zoom and will begin receiving reminder notices
  6. If you don't receive your email notification within 24 hours, you can email us at: Support@TranscendTheMatrix.com

Mark your calendar and start focusing on what you want to clear, transmute, have insight about.. even if you're not one of the people that gets on the "Hot Seat" in those 3 hours, LOTS of Insights, Wisdom and Information will be Communicated and Shared.

With special permission from the 2/22/23 participants, I am able to share the recording from the 2/22/23 webinar with you.

Click image to launch video:

Much Love, Inspiration & Excitement!

Tuning In & Coaching Webinar with Deborah Pietsch