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Red Pill Remedy Series ~ Fear of an Unknown Future


Experiential Tool to assist you in identifying fears so you can move forward with your up-leveling, ascension, creating a reality that is aligned with your heart’s desires, your Free Will and God’s Will. You will utilize this experiential tool many times for ongoing deeper work to TRANSMUTE fears, DISSOLVE trepidation and Activate new energy to powerfully assist you in shifting your experience from the inside out. This is an mp3 Digital Download.

Fear is being used as a weapon against humanity. The challenges are real - everything from lack of financial abundance or wealth to match YOUR value, your intentions, including being in alignment with God’s Will of the free flow of “currency”. Fear is just as, if not more debilitating than most other issues we’re facing during this Great Awakening Transition or the flip side of that is The War on Humanity and Designed Assault Against Humanity.

Fear of moving forward for the fear of doing the wrong thing is just as dis-empowering as other fears. 

There’s also a discernment and learning curve to be able to identity your fear(s) vs. someone else’s fears being projected on to you and then the 3rd issue is the fear being used by non-physical entities / conjure demonic forces that capitalize on your fear and utilize to add more “to the mix” to create literal PARALYSIS. This is Deb writing this, I know because I went that it for YEARS! I know how confusing it can me and how utterly debilitating it can be, especially when your normal “make up” or normal “beingness” doesn’t include fear usually.

This experiential tool is a step in the right direction to begin to:

  • Become empowered from the inside out - even if you never really were
  • Resolve and Dissolve unknown emotional wounds and issues that are creating “triggers’ of fear
  • Take your power back to up-level and make real strides in moving forward
  • Transmute fears at the origin
    Much More

Once again, if you’re not familiar with working with my experiential tools, you will most likely be pleasantly surprised by how powerful they and what possibilities open for you as you continue with the ongoing spiritual work - your SOUL is calling for as well as opening up space, energy and the ability of God’s Will to come through. Because God’s Will can’t come through nearly as easily when FEAR is present - acts as a “Blocker”.

So let’s get to it… we’re in partnership with this! Let’s do this!

NOTE: This tool has not been edited completely - purchase is available now. Access will be granted as soon as the tool is edited.

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NOTE: We recommend this mp3 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD be downloaded to a computer first before transferring to a smart phone or an iPad. Tools may be downloaded to SOME smart phones or iPads, but is a more advanced 'tech skill'. If in any doubt, please download to a computer only. See https://transcendthematrix.com/digital-downloads/ for more details.