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Spiritual War Bootcamp Webinar 101 ~ Live Event Recording


Deb covered a tremendous amount of ground in this 3.5 hour webinar. The first 2 hours focused on taking full assessment of where we are in the current reality so that you can strategize moving forward. The 2nd part of 1.5 hours was Deb doing live “hot seat” tuning ins, transmuting energy and Activating. We don’t think anyone else is covering this kind of information AND engaging in the energetics necessary to Transcend The Matrix.

At this point it’s obvious we’re in a Spiritual War of Light vs. Dark of epic proportions. The effects of Infiltration, Satanic Ritual and Conjured Dark Force Energies that many others are engaging with across the planet, I can almost guarantee are interfering with your day to day life… both in the big picture of the world events, as well as the day to day activity of your life.

What exactly does that mean? 

It doesn’t matter what your spiritual, religious or otherwise beliefs are, if you’re in this reality, you’re being affected by this war playing out. The Light is a reflection of God, Love, Prosperity, Expansion and the Dark is a reflection of Evil, Satanic, Fear, Lack and Contraction. 

The Subject of Infiltration...

It's Not Fun !

...It’s Not Sexy !

...It’s Not Easy !

Deborah Pietsch - Transcend The Matrix

The subject of INFILTRATION especially wasn’t popular in November 2010 when I put out my first newsletter to thousands of existing clients, proposing that 9/11 was possibly tied into a mass satanic ritual and that infiltration was probably affecting their life. I had sooo many people unsubscribe it was shocking! I was surrounded by cutting-edge healers, truth seekers and conscious awakening people.. and yet many of them did NOT want to hear about it. That was a wowzer! But it did not stop me.

You Are At Choice Point - You and Everyone On the Planet

Why and how? 

It is my belief and knowingness that EVERY aspect of our global infrastructure has been compromised by the nefarious intentions, dark force energies, physical beings acting without a moral compass and even non-physical entities conjured to do the bidding of the one’s conjuring them.

What You May Not Yet Know

As you awaken from the distortions and distractions of the Matrix, as you increase your vibration through aspects of becoming aware of the facades put in front of you to keep you asleep and as you increase your Light and see through the real-eyes-ation that YOU are a Glory of God Being of Light… as you blossom through this evolutionary process likened to the caterpillar >> butterfly experience, you are seen and recognized as “poking your head” out of the construct of this Matrix and the Spiritual War that is ensuing to enslave your soul in order to turn this planet into an official Enslavement Matrix.

Infiltration in You Life As a Tool of the Dark Forces 

Think back through your life… seriously… think back to perhaps three situations in which you had something happen in a relationship (friend or otherwise), or a job you totally wanted, or a project that you were very close to creating - and something happened so ‘out of left field’ and it all came to a screeching halt. Most of the time, we revert to explaining it away with thoughts of “it wasn’t meant to be” or “I must have something to learn from this”.

What If..?

  • You actually were a target of a spiritual attack to thwart your joy, to thwart your prosperity, to pull the rug out from underneath you tethered or enslaved within the Matrix.
  • You think you’re playing a game of baseball in life but in actuality you’re in a game of tackle football with a nefarious invisible enemy that can wreak havoc with everything from your bank account, to your most cherished relationships to your health and your well-being?

How You Move Through This Great Awakening Transition

You and everyone is at choice point. It is no accident that you have come into alignment with this information. There’s a high probability that you have either been praying, hoping or wishing that you could get answers as to why your life is so challenging. If you look back to your life since the 9/11 event, how much co-creation, success in loving relationships, projects, prosperity and expansion of your joy have you had? It’s been 19 years… does your life reflect what you know in your heart of hearts could be possible if you were living out your passions and dreams in those years unthwarted?

Getting Answers and Connecting Dots That Will Change Your Life Forever

The information about Infiltration within the Spiritual War is part of the foundational teachings I have engaged with since 2011, when I made the switch from working in Hollywood as an award winning producer, owner of a boutique internet and marketing agency to a cutting-edge multi-dimensional spiritual teacher. I created the first experiential tool, “Master Clearing Your Field” in 2012. After engaging in over 1000 private sessions with clients who experienced profound results of transformation, this information and the tools associated with it remains to be the foundation of the teachings and spiritual work I do.

As I have gotten back into media projects and gearing up to launch several large humanitarian projects, all business associates also engage with this information and activity of learning to clear their field. It’s THAT imperative and that powerful!

Two Hours That Could Change Your Life Forever.

You CAN Transform Your Life From This Information. The webinar is packed full of insight, information and wisdom and visuals to assist you understanding the dots that are being connecting

What you will begin to learn is:

  • How these energies work
  • Understanding how these people and energies are able to get into your life and your energy field
  • Why you have to learn about AND create a relationship with your energy field, as if it’s your home, car or property
  • What these (conscious) energies look for - the power of your light is like moths being attracted to a light bulb
  • Learn how your Free Will is Being Comprised Every Single Day by the people engaging in dark force rituals
  • Learn what to look for as the Empowered Conscious Objective Observer of your life, of your experience
  • What to begin to look for in all aspects of life
  • Begin to discern between infiltration vs. your own issues of self judgement for example or lack of self-love
  • How to recognize people around you being used as vessels for dark force energies
  • Associate issues with things in your life as technology issues that can be associated
  • Begin the Alchemical Transformation to Up-level to move towards Transcending the Matrix

Becoming Empowered as a Powerful Warrior of Light

This Spiritual War is not like anything we’ve ever experienced on the planet, at least in this lifetime. The nefarious agendas and the incredibly effective way these demonic beings and entities have implemented their plan is chilling. We are at the 12th hour to turn this back around for Freedom, Love of God and Love of Country so your heart’s desires and dreams can flourish…

Your results after engaging with this webinar will be a direct reflection of your willingness to roll up your sleeves and dive in!

Hope To See You There!!!

Much Love,


  • Spiritual War Bootcamp 102


  • Scheduled duration 120 minutes - actual duration 3.5 hrs.
  • Conducted via Zoom Webinar platform: Desktop or Mobile App for visuals
  • Telephone & VOIP access for phone only participation without visuals
  • Q&A Approximately 30 minutes
Webinar - Spiritual War Bootcamp 101
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