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Spiritual War Bootcamp Webinar 102 ~ Live Event Recording


Spiritual War Bootcamp 102 is a 2 Part ~ 3 hour webinar conducted over 2 different days like a “mini virtual retreat”. Transmuting & Healing Soul Fragmentation, Clearing Disheartening Experiences, Trauma and Nefarious Energies and Activating Soul Remembrance. Your soul will begin to become less “contracted” as you increase your vibration AND Activate the energetic Field of Light for you to move INTO.
Strongly Recommended Prerequisites: Spiritual War Bootcamp 101 AND experiential tool, Clearing Your Field 101

Logistics for Bootcamp 102

Part 1~ Saturday, April 10th for approximately 1 hour ~ Experiential, Activations, Energetics

Part 2 ~ Sunday, April 11th for approx. 2 hours ~ Tuning In, Hot Seat, Powerful Clearing

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You missed out!

Spiritual War Bootcamp 101 is a PRE-REQUISITE for 102~See Below

The Battle for Your Soul ~ This is NOT a game!

you are at choice point every moment of the day 

As you probably know and understand, we are in a Spiritual War of Light vs. Dark, Good vs. Evil, Love vs. Hate of epic proportions. The results and evidence is no longer deniable. You can no longer use the word "insane" to describe the evil that is being revealed as reality all around us. I can almost promise you and / or guarantee you that this infiltration is affecting just about every aspect of your daily life

Part of the Nefarious Agenda is to "chip away"
at YOUR Heart and YOUR SOUL ~
So you Are NOT Seated in the throne of your soul
and Can then Easily be controlled, Manipulated & brainwashed
wake up, Engage, Heal Soul Fragmentation and Activate 

Your Heart and Your SOUL has been the target of this Spiritual War. The agenda of the globalists or "slave masters" as they refer to them as. Part of that agenda is to keep you in survival mode so you can't be in the vibration or balance necessary to co-create as a Glory of God Being of Light.

  1. The dark agenda has been to create one dis-heartening experience after another, as well as to INVERT every "normal, thriving, expansion of life force" aspect of life to be the opposite or upside.
  2. The agenda to RIG every aspect of the financial world to keep you enslaved by the LACK of financial abundance, unless you play in their dark world.
  3. The agenda to create multiple genders is even in this insidious agenda, because it gets into the thwarting of "co-creating" with Source ... the LIST is long.

The point is... whether you realize it or not, all of this has been eroding your SOUL's vibration and even creating fragmentation and "coping mechanisms" to survive.

What If..?

  • Your Soul has contracted - resulting in distortions and "feeling lost" for 1 example
  • Your Soul has become distorted - resulting in a sense of not knowing the full "realized" expression of your Soul's Destiny
  • Your Soul has been "captured" - resulting in feeling "flat lined" and even unstable
  • You are not experiencing the JOY, EXPANSION AND ELATION of being a Glory of God Being
  • You don't have a "conscious relationship with your SOUL from a place of SOUL REMEMBRANCE
  • Your relationship with your SOUL may be so distorted that you are barely even PRESENT in your beautiful and amazing physical vessel

All of the above is what was communicated to me by God on March 8th 2021 as I tuned-in to get the Guidance about this Spiritual War Bootcamp 102. Healing and Transmuting all Soul Fragmentation is a MUST to move forward with every aspect of your Soul's purpose for incarnating. Soul ReMembrance is a MUST in order for your Soul to be able to reveal to you who are beyond what you've "brought through" into this incarnation so far. We are in a BATTLE for our SOULS ... THAT is what is at the BASE of this Spiritual War!  

Spiritual War Bootcamp 102

  • Further prepares you for the Spiritual War by (Re)engaging your Soul 
  • Phase 1 Activates your Soul ReMembrance as to WHY you Incarnated into this physical experience
  • Powerfully Clears INFILTRATION from your Soul
  • Engages your soul and ignites your conscious relationship with your Soul
  • Empowers you to identify with aspects and issues that have created Soul Fragmenation from your life experiences
  • Transmutes DISTORTIONS from Soul Fragmentation 
  • Your Passport to Transcend The Matrix

"Mack Truck" Experience

This may be your "mack truck" wake up call to understand the vast, organized agenda of these practitioners and the lengths they have gone to anchor the dark force energies, to conjure dark force entities and to literally engage in heinous acts in order to interfere with YOUR LIGHT reaching maximum capacity AND interfering with your day to day experience.

This sounded insane years ago when I would talk about it, but finally, enough people have awakened or been "red pilled" enough to hold a "collective understanding" of some (not all yet) of what has been perpetrated upon humanity and Mother Earth.

This Infiltration, Satanic Ritual and Conjured Dark Force Energies, that many "black magic practitioners" are engaging with across the planet, I can almost guarantee or promise you, is interfering with your day to day life. You now have choices to make.

This also may be your wake up call to move from intellectually understanding something and 'Knowing about it' to DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT FOR YOUR LIFE, HUMANITY AND THE PLANET! I'm serious ... the more people that are willing to engage in learning how to clear and dismantle these energies from their lives, along with up-leveling / transcending from the experience of this Enslavement Matrix, the more possibility there is of ridding the planet of these entities and improving the global situation.

Defining the Evidence of Evil & Infiltration in Your Life and the Collective Experience 

How is this evil playing out in the macrocosm of the Collective (Reality) Experience you ask? Great Question!

We've moved from "Conspiracy Theory" to "Conspiracy Evidence" in which:

  • The "Establishment" of politicians
  • Governments
  • Globalists
  • Big tech and corporations

have waged a war against "We The People" that finally is undeniable. For many years, I've been referring to this as the Designed Assault Against Humanity and Humanity's Awakening... witness the horrors of the sex and human trafficking being revealed on an almost daily basis. 

How..? both in the big picture of the world events, the Collective Consciousness and Unified Field, as well as the day to day activity of your life.

The journey that you’re engaging in within the Great Awakening and the Great Awakening Transition is shifting from a timeline (reality) that is wrought with evil, lack and greed to a higher vibration timeline that is anchored in Source, love, abundance of resources and expanded awakening of consciousness.

BUT you cannot make that SHIFT if you can't HOLD the LIGHT WITHIN you necessary to be in alignment with this Betterment of Humanity Timeline... so...

You Are At Choice Point
You and Everyone On the Planet

Why a spiritual War bootcamp Series? 

This Spiritual War is not like anything we’ve ever experienced on the planet, at least in this lifetime. The nefarious agendas and the incredibly effective way these demonic beings and entities have implemented their plan is chilling. We are at the 12th hour to turn this back around for Freedom, Love of God and Love of Country so your heart’s desires and dreams can flourish…

This Spiritual War Bootcamp Series is designed to assist you in fully embracing and becoming all aspects of your Highest Good Soul Destiny Purpose - the reason you incarnated here at this time.

The bootcamp series lays the foundation of where we are RIGHT now in this Collective Experience and most likely where YOU ARE in this collective experience.

In order to TRANSCEND these experiences of darkness, the feelings of being lost and unsure of your purpose and direction, as well as the distortions, distractions and experiences of having the "rug being pulled out from underneath you, you must engage in activities, awarenesses, tools and teachings that you probably haven’t delved deeply in to yet.

These “LOOP”experiences, also known as “Ground Hog Day Experiences” are normal nefarious agendas and evil trickery of the dark force energies, infiltration and entities within the Enslavement Matrix. Your ability to recognize these AND to powerful transmute, as well as CLEAR them from your day to day experiences is an imperative part of up-leveling and becoming a Warrior of Light.

You now must think like a soldier, a warrior and engage all aspects of tools and new learnings / teachings in order to up-level and Activate to the point of "no return" and thereby Transcend this Enslavement Matrix. The only out is UP - raising your vibration AND learning how to powerfully command and thwart these nefarious energies. 

It all sounds crazy and even insane, but finally there's so much evidence of this evil playing out in all aspects of the collective experience and maybe even your own life, that maybe you are willing to delve into an area that you weren't open to maybe even 6 months ago?

Becoming Empowered As A Powerful Warrior Of Light

This is why I spent the better part of 2009, 2010 and some of 2011 in isolation, being "taught" by God and my Guides of Light about this dark force energy, the conjured entities of infiltration and the "reality" of this Enslavement Matrix, so I could spend the next decade becoming MASTERFUL as recognizing these aspects of darkness; to transmute them, clear them, cast them out and then not only "lead people as a bridge" to their "up-leveled" experience, which includes communication with God, their Higher Self and their Guides of Light, but to also TEACH you how to do this all yourself!!!! REMEMBER you to YOUR Higher Self Engagement and your Soul that will see you through this journey

This is not spiritual talk rhetoric.
This is a serious diving in to your strategy to Activate a profound shift in your life

If You Are Willing to Do the Work,
You WILL Experience Profound Transformation

Right Now It Begins 

Your Passport to Transcend the matrix - Getting Answers, assistance, activations And Connecting Dots That Will Change Your Life Forever

Note From deb and my commitment
to You, humanity, god & beyond!

The information about Infiltration within the Spiritual War is part of the foundational teachings I have engaged with since going public and coming out of the "multi-dimensional / telepathic communicator closet": in 2010. That is when I officially I made the switch from working in Hollywood as an award winning producer, owner of a boutique internet and marketing agency to a cutting-edge multi-dimensional spiritual teacher.

I created the first experiential tool, “Master Clearing Your Field” in 2012. After engaging in over 1000 private sessions with clients who experienced profound results of transformation, this information and the tools associated with it remains to be the foundation of the teachings and spiritual work I do and present to humanity as an asset of ascension of the Great Awakening. 

I am absolutely committed to supporting humanity in going beyond just "being awake"; being awake is JUST THE BEGINNING. Going the distance is the key... the journey of making that telepathic connection with your Higher Self AND then revealing our Soul's Destiny and reason for Incarnating is far far greater of an alchemical journey than most have had the opportunity to experience so far.

My commitment to you is that I will always be transparent (unless it's something of confidentiality) and living by a HIGH level of Integrity, and I will always remain steadfast in my anchoring of LIGHT and LOVE upon this planet and in your life.

Much Much Love to You All Ways and Always!


Spiritual War Bootcamp 101 &
Clearing Your Field 101

YOUR integrity to your SELF is important at this point as 101 lays the foundation for you to Strategize and Execute your Passport to Transcend The Matrix!

I also strongly recommend engaging in Clearing Your Field 101 and Clearing Your Field 102 before and after engaging with Bootcamp 101 and 102.

Webinar - Spiritual War Bootcamp 101
Webinar Dates

Spiritual War Bootcamp 102 will be held via TWO webinars:
Webinar #1 Apr 10 2021 – 1pm (USA Pacific)
Webinar #2 Apr 11 2021 – 1pm (USA Pacific)

You should receive TWO separate confirmation emails with your unique Zoom webinar link once your order has been completed. Card processors process payments differently, please allow some time for your order to complete.