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Transcend The Matrix Introductory Webinar


This webinar was recorded LIVE Jan 23 2021. Participants engaged live with Deb for Q & A as well as “tuning in”. She included an Activation that is equally as potent in the recording. Register now and get a taste of Deb’s unique gifts.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter - YOU - Where Are YOU?
Can You Relate to Any or Maybe All of This?

  • Not aligned with the abundance of resources including money that will support your heart’s desires
  • Inability to move forward with your life’s mission
  • Just when something appears to be aligned to move forward, it gets blocked, stopped, commandeered
  • Being “stuck” and in a “suspended animation” feeling confused about “what’s next”
  • Years of dis-heartening experiences that has you feeling less hopeful than normal
  • Not in a spiritually supportive, loving partnership
  • Can’t make sense of why you aren’t thriving, engaged with life your life’s purpose and even depressed
  • Relationships have become explosive and filled with drama and trauma 
  • Feeling not comfortable “in your skin” 
  • Illogical ways that things become “distorted”
  • Depressed and / or experiencing paralysis

Live Webinar ~ GPS to Transcend the Matrix

Introduction to activations

Learn about and experience an Activation with Deb.


With Deb & Scott

Got questions? Ask away during our webinar. 

"Tuning In"

With Deb

Deb will 'tune in' and bring through a communication for webinar participants.

It's Time... to Clearly Identify Your Path to Transcend the Matrix and
Activate Your Path to Freedom, Sovereignty & Free Will

You can see the two realities, the timelines separating, of the dark vs. light, correct? 

How do you make sure YOU are aligned with the timeline that is the Age of Light and God vs. not that timeline?

We are at the 12th hour of Humanity anchoring Freedom, Sovereignty, Free Will and God vs. the Dark Force Entities, Agendas and People ruling this planet.. Seriously.

How you navigate your journey will be a direct determination of whether you are aligned, plus a vibrational match for the Age of God, Golden Age, Betterment of Humanity Timeline.

Understanding that we are immersed in a Spiritual War is one thing. Knowing how to identify what that seriously means and having all of the insight, tools and ability is another thing.

*December 2020 ~ We Are At The Compression Point / The Flash Point
YOU Are At Choice Point - Choose Wisely

Join us for This Free Introductory Webinar to Assist You in Navigating the Uncharted Territory of the Enslavement Matrix / Great Awakening Transition

Where to Begin? How to Engage?

Most likely you are in the category of “you don’t know what you don’t know” when it comes to the hidden workings and energetics of the Designed Assault Against Humanity / Enslavement Matrix.

This makes it pretty much impossible to shift your experience… THAT CAN ALL CHANGE RIGHT NOW!

We Are Finally Seeing that the Enslavement Matrix
is a Reality That Has Gained Incredible Traction

Live Webinar

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