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Transformational Coaching With Scott


Experiencing a few “What the FUQ” moments? Need some grounded explanation? Book a coaching session with Scott and he’ll lay it out with car analogies, computer metaphors and help you make sense of the Enslavement Matrix.

Make Sense of the Matrix

What is the Matrix? Does the 'System' perplex you? Is it difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the Designed Assault Against Humanity? 

Do you get lost in spiritual jargon? Does your partner have a wildly different perspective than you? Do you have difficulty explaining to others how messed up things are in the world?

A Guided Tour down the rabbit hole

I've poked the bear, so to say. I've gone head to head with 'government' departments. I've experienced energetic attack. Over the past 10 years, I've experienced many aspects of the Enslavement Matrix. See more about my background here.

Join me for a concise tour down the rabbit hole to make sense of the Matrix.