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VIRTUAL Retreat 3 Days – Dates TBD


Originally conceived in 2013, these VIRTUAL 3 day Retreats are timely in 2020 amid the imposed lockdowns. Take 3 days out and be guided through your own healing and clearing of emotional muck, blocks and much more.

VIRTUAL Mt Shasta Retreat

Codes and frequencies broadcast live from our Mt Shasta Ascension Retreat Center. Engage VIRTUALLY by webinar from the comfort of your own home or sacred space. 

Our Virtual Retreats are not new... we first starting holding them in 2013 where people experience powerful transformation remotely. 

Learn more about what a Virtual Retreat is and how to prepare for one here.

Mount Shasta Virtual Retreat


To accommodate as many time zones as possible, we have determined that 7am PST time is the best to conduct each session. The timing will be as follows:

  1. Day 1 - 7am - duration minimum 1.5hrs
  2. Day 2 - 7am - duration minimum 1.5hrs
  3. Day 3 - 7am - duration minimum 1.5hrs

Deb has a tendency to go longer in some webinars than scheduled. You should be preparing to be alone in your sacred space following the sessions... avoiding technology, conversation, doingness... it is the time for integration of codes.

Video Testimonials from April 2021 Earth Day Retreat in Mt Shasta

We did a two part special in the Warrior Up With Deb to Transcend The Matrix Show on Deb's birthday with four participants from our April Earth Day Mt Shasta Retreat. See how their lives were forever changed...

RECOMMENDED Pr-Requisites / Prepare for your Retreat

This is a very, very powerful experience that MUST be taken seriously, especially in regards to the prerequisites. You are consciously dealing with and engaging with multi-dimensional energy – and most people do not engage with it responsibly! 

Clearing Your Field for 7 Days

The pre-requisite for this virtual retreat is the Experiential Tool "Clearing Your Field 101". This tool is a pre-requisite for several TTM events and offerings. Clearing Your Field 101 and 102 are THE foundational work, the bedrock of most of what Deb and Scott offer as their Great Awakening and Warrioring UP spiritual teaching, insights and Activations.

Complete I AM Integrity Retreat Agreement

Your participation is your acknowledgement of complete alignment with our unique and powerful “I AM Integrity Agreement." This is YOUR agreement with your SELF and with us. It details what and how you are choosing to engage with your Higher Self (& Guides), as well as your personal accountability to all aspects of your journey. It will be made available to you at the time of purchasing the course, retreat or webinar. Thank you in advance to honoring it in all ways!

Create Your Sacred Space

Please view the video entitled "3day Alchemical Retreat Preparation". There's no prescribed way to create your sacred space... it may be in your home cinema, garage, study, tree house or where ever you experience peace and quiet. 

Clearing Your Field 101 Calm Centerpoint