Light Force Brigade ~All Hands On Deck To Become a Powerful Team of Light!

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It's Time to Unify, Organize, Strategize and Execute a New Plan, A New Reality For Humanity

So That's What We're Doing!

We Will Never Go Back to the OLD Normal...

Too Much Deception, Darkness & Dark Agenda, Right?

We Want and Intend LIGHT, God, Freedom, Sovereignty and LOVE!

Thank you so much for coming here to this page specifically. This represents our commitment to being a leading force of SOLUTIONS for humanity's evolution and that encompasses A LOT!

Light Force Brigade

More Background & Details

Scott and I held our first organizing meeting on Friday, November 12th, 2021. The team we are holding space for, organizing and working with is called "Light Force Brigade" because we are a Force of Light not be reckoned with!

Your participation is an invitation, as well as a Call from God and the Beings of Light, including Jesus, that are working in higher realms, or Heaven as some refer to it. These beings are committed to supporting our evolution as we move through and beyond the dark forces that are trying to take humanity's soul out of the game. 

That is NOT going to happen! Because WE ARE THE ONES WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR AND FINALLY ENOUGH OF HUMANITY IS AWAKE THAT WE CAN SHIFT "THIS REALITY"... but it's going to take every single one of us bringing forth our Light, Our Love, Our Fortitude as Warriors of Light aligned with God's Will to SHIFT this current situation. It's not up to someone else... everyone is being given moments of "Choice Point" to choose how they are going to move forward in this incredibly challenging time of the Great Awakening Transition. 

Please JOIN us in the pragmatic details necessary to keep things going AND in the spiritual development that we stand for and BE, as well! We Look Forward to meeting you!

This page will grow into a portal, but for now, it contains the following elements:

  1. The zoom recording from our meeting on November 12th 2021. We had about 95 people live during the webinar style meeting and double that number of people registered.
  2. Also below is a critical entry point of our ability to organize; it is a submission form that we created to assist you and US especially, in determining who is coming on board and what all of the skills and passions you bring to the table and more importantly to the "Unified Field of Light" we are Activating and establishing.
"Brigade" definition ~ Warriors of Light!
  1. A military unit consisting of a variable number of combat battalions or regiments.
  2. A US Army administrative and tactical unit composed of a headquarters unit, at least one unit of infantry or armor or both, and designated support units. A brigade can be commanded by a brigadier general or by a colonel.
  3. A group of persons organized for a specific purpose.

We will be building a specific email list just for the people that are coming into this Light Force Brigade and Team! We will also schedule our next call for early December as we are getting organized for engaging you!

Meeting #1 ~ Nov 12 2021

Please watch / listen to the Introduction / first zoom meeting from November 12th first and then complete the submission form. The reason being is that you may find yourself wanting to re-do or revise your submission form once you listen to all of what we are encouraging you to engage with, in the way of your assets for humanity's evolution.

Meeting #2 ~ Dec 22 2021

Meeting #3 ~ Dec 29 2021

Light Force Brigade Registration - Participation Agreement

Linked below is the Participation, Non Disclosure and Non Circumvention Agreement. Click on the text to view full size. (Best viewed on a computer).

Light Force Brigade NDA Signup

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