Prosperity Program With Deb & Scott

Hello and Welcome to the private Warrior of Prosperity Portal 

We are committed to being Bridges of Light for Humanity’s return to the Grace of God’s Will and our Free Will of manifesting Abundance of all Resources, Monetary Value and the Flow of Wealth... including the Abundance of Love...

We got involved in this Prosperity Program at the end of April 2022.

This Prosperity Program is an AFFILIATE Partnership program so in order to move forward, you will need our AFFILIATE code to honor you as a “referral” to the program.

Since the program took off beyond the belief or readiness of the organization, they have paused the main application process and all presentations indefinitely until they:

  1. Work through more of the 6000+ applications they received in the last 2 months
  2. Begin the funding for Group 1
  3. Raise the entry level fees
  4. Work out communication details & systems

BUT you can become a MEMBER of this Prosperity Program. We can do small group calls to review the parameters of the program and then you can determine if you want to become a member for $99.

If you decide to become a member before they raise the entry level fee, then it assures you to be grandfathered in for $499 (inclusive the $99 membership fee) OR to get a 50% discount code when they re-open Application processing.

If you’d like to move forward with either a group call or already know you want to go for the $99 membership, then please register your information below.

Register Your Interest

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Ready for Membership? - See Below

Below are documents to save you time. They are copies of the various stages of the Online Membership Application registration. The online process is presently being worked on by their IT team (as @ Jun 22 2022), however it could be functional at any time.

Download and read through these ahead of registration.

WoW Signup Declaration

Personal History Declaration - 3Qs

Membership - Contract T&C's

Want To Make A Start on Full Registration - See Below

The form below can be used to receive a downloadable version of the Membership Application and the full Loan Application documentation. PLEASE NOTE, no applications are being accepted at this time, so this is only to become familiar with the process for when applications are accepted once more.

WoW Submission Tracker
This will typically be either Deborah Pietsch or Scott Bartle

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