We The People Task Force Project

We The People Task Force Project

Message from Deb

... It's Time... To Engage To Unify and To Organize

We are in uncharted waters, uncharted territory which calls for engagement and action like we've never done as a collective in the United States or globally before. Consider yourself BEING CALLED.

We The People Task Force Project

It's Time... to go beyond de-coding,
It's Time to go beyond "intel" from someone else telling you what's going on.
It's Time for you to engage in what reality is being created.
It's Time to engage in ways you may have never thought you'd be "called" to engage.
It's Time to UNIFY, to ORGANIZE, to STRATEGIZE like you're in the long game and like you're life depends on it... because it does!
It's Time... to Establish a Unified Field of Patriots, Awakened Beings, Lightworkers and people who care and are committed to Truth, Authentic Freedom, Sovereignty and Peace & Love. People like yourself that are ready to Unify, Organize, Engage, Strategize and Execute a Long Term game plan.

That is one of my roles and what we're doing here. Another role I am here to do is to "Activate" the new leaders and together, Scott and I are here to provide tools, insight and wisdom to support people and new leaders to stepping into their authentic power.

We are also here to establish Humanitarian Projects and give you the opportunity to bring forth YOUR vision(s) and projects too.

We are in the midst of the Great Awakening Transition. We're in the GREAT DIVIDE BREAKDOWN. You and everyone is at Choice Point

One thing that is certainly happening through this Great Awakening is that new leaders are emerging and must emerge. People who never thought they would be at the forefront of a national movement, let alone a global movement. This is a movement of Truth, Freedom, Peace, Love and Taking our Power back before that’s no longer an option.

We ARE at the 12th hour and everyone is at Choice Point as to how and when they’re going to engage. BUT the new leaders stepping forward must be armed in a different way than ever before. They must be armed with the knowledge that they are going into a battle in a spiritual war we've never been accustomed or truly taught how to deal with. We The People have been duped through evil's trickery and deception. AND the new leaders must be Activated to be able to powerfully stand in absolute fortitude no matter what. It's going to require gaining insight, information and understanding in to energetics, vibration, multi-dimensional aspects, demonic entity clearing, alchemical transformation, and training to "hold the LIGHT" like you may have never been engaged with before.

I AM / we are here to support, Activate and groom leaders for the times we are in right now.

Are you ready to engage?

One thing is certain It’s Time...
We Must Unify and We Must Organize!

We The People Task Force - An Opportunity to Step In and Step Up!

We are soon going to be announcing a series of projects and ways for you to get involved. Ways to plug in your energy and intentions that will make a significant impact on the current "un-normal status quo" AND is deeply entrenched in anchoring the New Earth Reality and Betterment of Humanity Timeline.

Do you have relationships with other groups or do you know of other communities we should be bridging with? Let us know below everything you want us to know. Your information is completely private and will never be shared.

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We The People Task Force Project
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