WOW Win on Wealth With Deb & Scott

Hello and Welcome to the private WOW Win On Wealth Warrior of Prosperity Submission Application!!

We are committed to being Bridges of Light for Humanity’s return to the Grace of God’s Will and our Free Will of manifesting Abundance of all Resources, Monetary Value and the Flow of Wealth. 

There will be many more elements added to this group as we continue to grow, expand and spread our wings of wealth! Please stay up on new elements, systems and even documents that will potentially need to be reviewed. I / we look forward to being engaged with you in this amazing journey and evolution of Humanity in to Great Heights as Bridges of Light, Love & Prosperity!! 

In order to obtain an application to participate in the WOW - Win On Wealth Loan Process - You must register first to get "lodged" into our system. Once you register below, you will received a WOW loan application that has a "unique" identification number associated with your name. This will assist us in tracking "who's who and what's what"

You will receive an email with 2 attached documents:
~A blank Application
~An application that has red letter instructions box by box in the filable PDF

The email you receive with the application will also have a link to a recorded zoom call from May 3, 2022 that specifically goes over submission details, protocols, system AND how you will need to get us your completed application so we can review it, as well as add the cropped images of the required identity documents, into the PDF.
Once we give it our "it's complete blessing", then you will be given the address to send the application to, as well as a few final details.

The email address to send your questions to and / or your application to for review is:

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