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Mount Shasta Retreats

Mount Shasta is known for its highly active spiritual community and the power of the mountain. Much of it has temporarily been tampered with by individuals practicing black magic, as well as shenanigans that military engages in to keep the advanced higher vibrational anomalies to a minimum.

Our 5 acre retreat center has been cleared of nefarious energies, entities and kept pristine since 2017. Our property is highly Activated as a portal and Unified Field of Light.

Mount Shasta Retreat Center

Virtual Retreats

Long before 'Lockdowns' - Originally conceived in 2013, The 3 Day & 3 Night "Cocoon" Virtual Retreat is a unique, cutting-edge, experience and opportunity. You get to engage with the powerful transformational work that Deb creates from and within the comfort of your own home or chosen sacred space.  The rest of the work is done with you energetically multi-dimensionally. You can expect to have breakthroughs with insights, wisdom and knowingness popping into your thought process, as well as transmuting issues, blocks and trauma at the "point of origin"

Virtual Retreat

Since 2013... (Long before Lockdowns)

3 day - 3 night VIRTUAL Retreats

Create Your Sacred Space for 3 Days of Guided Retreat engagement

Scheduled Webinars & Retreats

Virtual Retreat broadcast live from our Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat Center

VIRTUAL Retreat 3 Days – Dates TBD
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