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What if you could stay In Your Own Sacred Space for 3 days / 3 Nights To Experience Powerful Breakthroughs And
Profound Transformation?

Originally conceived in 2013, The 3 Day & 3 Night "Cocoon" Virtual Retreat is a unique, cutting-edge, experience and opportunity. You get to engage with the powerful transformational work that Deb creates from and within the comfort of your own home or chosen sacred space.  The rest of the work is done with you energetically multi-dimensionally. You can expect to have breakthroughs with insights, wisdom and knowingness popping into your thought process, as well as transmuting issues, blocks and trauma at the "point of origin" 

  • Transmute blocks & trauma at "point of origin" while Activating new well-being thoughts & actions aligned with your Highest Good & Heart's Desires
  • Alchemical Transformation that "sticks"
  • Visceral experiences & shifts that assist you in clearing blocks and healing to move beyond your status quo

Experience Personal Transformation In The Comfort of Your Home or chosen sacred space

This is also a unique situation of engaging from the comfort of your home or chosen sacred space. There is live interaction on Day 1, 2 and the closing out of the 3rd day, which ends up being of the 4 day. Each of the one and half hour sessions will include teachings, information, insights, tuning-in, clearings and Activations. You will need to set aside  the designated 3 days and nights so you will not engage in any or very little external activity, “doingness” or heady / brainy activity; that includes going out to eat, being with other people etc. Your opportunity as you completely immerse yourself for these 3 days & 3 nights – is to completely engage with the teachings and the unique scenario that has proven to be authentic & highly effective to create noticeable transformation.

See the details below in the toggles to identify what each day will entail as you engage with Deb and / or Deb and Scott for approximately one and a half hours per day.

Breaking: We Interrupt your 'day to day Program' to create breakthroughs from Your Status Quo

You may be very surprised by how much you can shift your experience by shutting down your day to day routine. By creating your sacred space and focusing your INTENTION and ATTENTION on yourself during this time, you create an opening of immense possibilities that aren’t present otherwise!

Deb will call on a few of the participants that are open to being "in the hot seat"! This has become a well known experience! Being in Deb's Hot Seat is one on one insight, guidance and deep truth Deb brings through. Being on the Hot Seat is an opportunity of being totally vulnerable while creating profound breakthrough, but it's often not an easy personal "red pill" to swallow!

Virtual Retreat

If you’ve never done something like this before, then the suggestion is to approach this with an open mind and engage in it as if you were planning a camping trip or being “snowed in for a few days”. That's why, when I created these back in 2013 (and yes, utilizing Zoom back then!!!), I called them “Cocoon Retreats” because that’s really what you’re doing!

Think about that caterpillar that’s munching away on a leaf and it’s contemplating the innate knowingness that it needs to create a cocoon. Does it even realize that what it’s about to engage in, is a 100% DNA alchemical transformation in order to emerge as a butterfly? We often lose sight of how profound, how amazing and magical, the Glory of God really is, when the natural course of evolution, expansion and growth is supported, allowed and then even Activated!

Much more to be revealed in the teachings and through your own awareness that will be visible (no longer masked) through the multi-dimensional work & Activations you’ll be engaging in

Virtual Retreat Details

Virtual Retreat Prep BEFORE Day 1

Just like the example of preparing for a camping trip or being snowed in, you will want to prepare ahead of time, food shopping and clearing your calendar, See the video below "3day Alchemical Retreat Preparation" and you'll get a checklist once you enroll.

Also, there is a pre-requisite Experiential Tool to engage with for 7 days; please see the list of pre-requisites below.

Day 1 - Start

We will typically start in the morning based on the U.S. timezone of EST or PST. The Live session will last approximately one and a half hours.

If live interaction is offered then Deb will engage with that or those participants. There will be a major Clearing and an Activation plus pertinent information coming through

Day 2 - Insights & Teachings

We will typically start in the morning based on the U.S. timezone of EST or PST. The Live session will last approximately one and a half hours.

This session will call upon several of the participants that want to share their experiences and go into the teachings from that perspective. More Insights, teachings, transmuting energies and clearing will be done.

Day 3 - Integration

This will be a day on your own, engaging with the high probability that you're in an altered state of consciousness and awareness as you Integrate, Transmute, Clear and Activate more layers of the shifts and transformation you're experiencing.

Day 4 - Closure

After your 3rd day and night, you will come back into a group session. Deb will go through some more insights and teachings and then close out the energy field. Engagement with participants will be determined prior to scheduling of any virtual retreat.

Potential Results

Cocoon Retreat

  • Dismantle aspects of your current “reality” that you no longer resonate with
  • Transmute emotional energies that are lingering in your field that are no longer serving you
  • Activate the Unified Field of the new aspects of your New Reality
  • Activate Creation Codes of your I AM Presence that are lying dormant
  • Understand how to CREATE reality
  • Make serious adjustments & shifts in your current day to day reality experiences

Pre-Requisites / Prepare for your Retreat

Every virtual retreat will have prerequisites that you will be asked to engage with doing at least for the week prior to the start date of your virtual retreat. That’s part of the reason that several prices will be offered because you may already have the experiential tool that’s being offered so there’s no need to pay for is more than once! Thank you in advance for your integrity in advance for the way you engage with these experiential tools and the prerequisites.

Retreat Preparation

Watch the video "3day Alchemical Retreat Preparation" to begin to prepare your sacred space, clear your calendar, stock the fridge, get all your 'busy work' done... 

The idea is to be uninterrupted for the entire three days. You may want to let people know you are out of communication for that time so they don't get worried. 

Feedback Sampling from Virtual Retreat Engagers

Bouncing out of bed this morning...

Diana M - QLD, Australia

I just want to tell you that I did FEEEEL an energy shift yesterday too! (I've genuinely struggled to FEEL these shifts & experiences that many people talk about & I've wondered will I ever actually experience these things.  

As I was bouncing out of bed this morning.....hmmmm I felt quite a buzz, and observed in myself that I FEEEL really fricken HAPPY!  Ok, was it just because of the weekly webinar you might beasking yourselves?  Or was it because of the absolutely glorious weather here today?  Yeah maybe, but I usually don't yippee yi yay jump outta bed with such a skip in my step as I did yesterday & today!

As a beginner in true spiritual growth, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Many in our group were much more advanced, but Deb somehow was able to meet everyone’s needs equally and we were able to grow at our own pace. She actually does pull you all together as a team in a unified field and you will be surprised at how powerful the energy is that Deb brings through.

As a beginner in true spiritual growth...

Sandra L 

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